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Jennifer Lawrence Buys New $7 Million Bachelorette Pad!

Jennifer Lawrence Buys New $7 Million Bachelorette Pad!

Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly dropped more than $7 million on a brand new bachelorette pad for herself in Los Angeles!

The 24-year-old Hunger Games actress purchased a 5,550-square foot home that features its own home gym, a beautiful backyard pool, a gourmet kitchen, and even a koi pond, according to E! News.

The home features five bedrooms and has Hamptons-inspired charm. Sounds like a really great place to live!

Make sure to check out the latest candids of Jennifer out and about in a casual outfit with one of her girlfriends this week.

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  • forrest gump

    she didn’t, HER MANAGERS DID!!

  • millerz

    that’s also Jessica Simpson/Ellen Degeneres’ former Hidden Valley estate Beverly Hills home! Always loved it

  • VanityInsecurity

    I thought she didn’t EVER want to live in LA? Didn’t she say she could never see herself live there?

  • millerz Thats the pics of her house! good thing it’s in a private community & has its own gate. Keep away the creeps

  • Courtney

    What do you mean her managers did?

  • Courtney

    Very nice, almost too nice. But I’m glad she has her own place. I still think she’s awesome and down to earth. Glad this is a private home too, so all those stupid paparazzi won’t be around to bother her!

  • Courtney

    I’m sure she has her reasons for staying. She has a lot of friends that live in L.A., plus she works there. There may be some unpleasant aspects of living in L.A., but I think she puts up with them just to do her work there.

  • Alexandra

    where did she live before??

  • suzette

    Hollywood is really pushing this chick down people’s throats huh? Are people really fascinated with this woman?

  • millerz

    the area she’s living in Beverly Hills is Hidden Valley and it’s so peaceful and private. It feels nothing like LA. It’s close enough to the city for her for events and far enough away for peace and quiet. It’s like an escape.

  • I don’t have a name

    When did she say that? She has lived in LA, rented houses there etc..

  • LaCroix

    she did say that..I guess she has fit herself right into the Cali lifestyle..

  • TeamBella76

    Stop making crap up she’s been living in Cali for a long time ! She has so much money why the hell not ?

  • TeamBella76

    Why are you asking stupid questions ? We all are fans of certain celebs she happens to be mine and million other so what ? You don’t like her fine Hollywood pushes a lot of ppl it’s not a big deal !

  • TeamBella76

    She works hard good for her ! Everyone complaining about her she’s not hurting you ! Your giving yourself a hard attack go and do something you like instead of complaining it’s getting old !

  • Name

    Didn’t she say in that Barbara Walters interview that in 10 yrs., she saw herself not in LA, in a place with lots of land? Until that time, she knows she needs someplace to call home that is away from the LA craziness and is private and secure so she doesn’t have to worry about it when she’s away for months filming.

  • Courtney

    Considering that her new place in Beverly Hills is only 17-20 minutes away from Brentwood, gated and private…I don’t know. Anything you can tell me to dispel my notions about you know who?

  • carrie

    Rustic canyon ( i think)

  • FerCat

    Only noticed this now? She’s so far down our throats she’s about to come out the other end. :P

  • alex

    and so jennifer she’s changed……she’s not anymore the new “sweetheart of america”…..another girl captured by hollywood fashion…….all is lost?

  • Name

    Yes. You’ve said it yourself-not everything she does is linked to him. So why are you being like the tabs and doing that now? You know better than that, she deserves to be thought of better than that, especially from you.

    Who knows how long she’s been looking for a house, or working on this deal to buy the house once she found it? These things don’t happen overnight. She hates the paps, and found a place that’s relatively secluded in the hills where she can avoid them. There aren’t a lot of places in LA where you can do that and still be close to work. Would you rather she bought a place somewhere else with easier access so the paps could stalk her or move even farther away to avoid them, just so you wouldn’t think she was trying to stay near him?

    On the other hand, everything he does is linked to the little ones and the other woman. If he wanted to get away from them and be with her, he wouldn’t have bought his house where he did.

  • Courtney

    I wouldn’t say that. So she wants to buy herself a nice house? That’s not bad and it certainly isn’t a weird, grotesque one like some Hollywood houses are. It seems perfect for her to escape when she needs to. She herself has said she’s trying not to change to fit some glamorous image. I think she’s still down to earth, talented, and generally a nice and good woman.

  • Courtney

    You’re right. I am not in any way trying to sound like the tabloids, though. It was more nervousness on my part. I was just looking for reassurance. Plus, if she wanted to be closer to him, she would have probably bought a house in Brentwood or somewhere closer to Brentwood rather than where she is now. I don’t in any way want her to be constantly stalked by paparazzi, that’s the last thing I want. I just had a what-if moment. And she could have been negotiating for this house for a few months, maybe before the rumors of her and Chris started. Who knows how long it takes to secure a house like that? I want her happy and able to enjoy her privacy, believe me.

  • Patrick Downing

    You could not clink on the links. Saying she is shoved down your throat is a bizarrre expression.

  • Name

    I think the poster meant her managers bought the house for Lawrence, instead of picking it out herself.

  • Patrick Downing

    She could get a place around Taos or Santa Fe, New Mexico. People there are not celebrity-psycho and she could relax. Great natural beauty and art. She could get a bunch of land for a few hundred grand.

  • millerz

    I found a link of the house remodeled a bit!! It’s even more stunning!!!!! Love the kitchen better like this.

  • millerz
  • Joe Smith

    I think this is funny. Currently she lives with her parents. With her love life in high gear it’s understandable that she would want more privacy. Being just 24 she probably doesn’t realize that her parents will enjoy their new found privacy for the same reason.

  • Joe Smith

    The Hunger Games franchise has so far grossed $1.5B, and there are two more installments to go. Trust me, no one is paying good money to have this chick stuffed down their throats.