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Gerard Butler's 'London Has Fallen' Has Just Started Filming

Gerard Butler's 'London Has Fallen' Has Just Started Filming

Gerard Butler chats on the phone while arriving for a meeting on Saturday (November 8) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

In case you missed it, the 44-year-old Scottish actor’s mystery girlfriend has been identified as interior designer Morgan Brown, who owns Morgan Brown Designs.

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It was recently announced that Gerard‘s upcoming flick London Has Fallen has just started filming and is scheduled to hit theaters on October 2nd, 2015!

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler having a conversation on the phone before a meeting…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler london has fallen start filming 01
gerard butler london has fallen start filming 02
gerard butler london has fallen start filming 03
gerard butler london has fallen start filming 04
gerard butler london has fallen start filming 05
gerard butler london has fallen start filming 06
gerard butler london has fallen start filming 07
gerard butler london has fallen start filming 08
gerard butler london has fallen start filming 09
gerard butler london has fallen start filming 10
gerard butler london has fallen start filming 11
gerard butler london has fallen start filming 12
gerard butler london has fallen start filming 13
gerard butler london has fallen start filming 14
gerard butler london has fallen start filming 15

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  • LEW

    I figured he’d have a haircut by now. Not looking very secret service-ish here. But nice smile Butler!

  • mouth

    First for once. He looks better when he’s at work.

  • mouth

    I hate the pop ups with Disqus. Crap.

  • Ivete Pharaoh

    Linda e maravilhosas fotos adorei :* <3

  • JoleneW

    I do like the smile. GB looks happy.

  • Sonia

    Once again, Gerard Butler in a checked shirt equals very hot indeed! Looking really good, Mr Butler. And that gorgeous smile too.

  • Pamela S

    Gere Bear looks amazing and sexy. Glad LHF is now in action.

  • Anne
  • Nicole

    Cut and painted hair and beard. Handsome and happy Gerry! I love his smile!

  • Nicole
  • Anne it seems Morgan searched love on internet some years ago.

  • Anne

    so she looks to me just a simple girl like you and me. not a celebritys hunter.

  • Nicole

    Gerard Butler on women: The look is crucial!

    It ensures not only on the big screen, but in real life always for particularly sexy moments. Gerard Butler (44) is not one without reason the most sought after actors in Hollywood. And those who have not given up hope, to enchant the “The Ugly Truth” -Mimen even once, which should now particularly good care: namely Gerard has explained what he finds particularly attractive to women.

    Whether it is his female fans like it? The actor namely takes pride in providing the appearance. “I love it when a woman has a good sense of their own style, if – no matter how simple it is – you can just tell that she wears it well,” said the 44-year-old told InStyle about. Often he’ll go with a bad feeling about awards, but a smartly dressed woman can make it there all at once palatable: “You see a woman, dressed up, hair and makeup done, with a beautiful dress you see. so elegant and sexy. It’s great to play this game with the chic transformation. ”

    But the most important thing seems to be a shiny surface but then not to be: “The woman in the I fall looks great dressed up, but she is also a person who depend totally good in a pair of sandals, jeans and T-shirt can . That’s my girl. “Chic look, cool creatures – the searches Gerard Butler so.

  • CHOLITA (♒)

    buen domingo!..asi que mi amado gerard ya empieza a filmar su peli..londres se nos caeee!!. echen pajaaa!.risas! suerte.Que bonita camisa muy varonil como siempre.. parece que a el le gusta las compras por cuarto de docena es mas barato y sale a cuenta oh si!!…espero que le vaya bien…se viene su cumpleaños numero 45..falta poquito un besito te envio desde peru con mucho amor…chauuu!.

  • Offers Protection

    I’m not for sale. Not buying it.

    Tell the Grandpa Smurfs to let you live your own life, one of your choosing. Not dictated by what they want you to be, but allow you to be yourself. Never let anyone force you to use a tool to make you look relationship material, straight, or force an instant family on you with massive responsibilities you’re unprepared for to help clean up some past decisions or a reputation that they feel has lost its shelf-life. If those guys really cared for you they’d allow you to be yourself and live your life as you see fit, but not meet their expectations, just yours.

  • CHOLITA (♒)

    Que cosa !! que la sra.morgan hace lunas atras buscaba consorte!!.del genero masculino?.no creo…a mi me huele que es del otro bando..espero que mi gerard se haya dado cuenta porque si no tendra a lord morgan con botas y puro en la boca y le falta el mostacho…y dice que fuma poco casi nada,,eso no es cierto porque ella fuma mucho..claro se esconde..pero fuma…ay se parece al lord margo!!…….

  • Offers Protection

    Not going to help.

    Visual truth and damage already done. No one gets a second chance to make a first impression.

    Class and style can’t be bought but an education could have been. Using her son’s name to get recognized was uncool. It actually cancels out every single thing that could be made positive about her IMO.

    Like I said, I’m not for sale.

  • Guest

    I agree. Too late. Too much public groping and snogging, lack of clothing (which is worse now that we know there’s a kid in the picture), a blatant attempt to be identified, and now her own thread complete with link. Really low rent and tacky. No sale.

  • CHOLITA (♒)

    este nuevo sistema de jj es mas modernon pero es mas compli que el gusta..espero que las proximas versiones que salgan sean mas didacticas y coolisimas.

  • chelsea

    More spam. They’re FORCING him, I tell you!
    You’re funny.

  • Pamela S

    This was so funny last night…I was tweeting during the LSU/BAMA (I HATE ALABAMA) ESPN does have aliens in their line up..or at least at least a bunch of girls.

  • Lovey Smith

    Actually her profile looks troubling. Especially where she listed Children and want them now. I fear she might be looking at Mr. Butler more as a sperm donor / paycheck then a real love interest. I am hoping not.

  • Offers Protection

    Why are his pants slipping off? I suspect we should be grateful he’s decent beneath (blushes), but why no belt? He forgot it?
    Is he losing weight? Using again? Does she? She looks it by her rake-thin exterior. Not good.

    Is this a rush to a “meeting” to give us something to talk about other than the last thread?

    I don’t want to run the risk of pissing anyone off, but this one is rocks in his pockets. But we’ll most likely see this one come week’s end so I’ll run along back to my safe place, ignore it, and stay away from a site that used to be fun that is no longer, even with the new and improved format, because each of us have eyes. We can see what is real and organic, raw and sincere… this isn’t. No sale.

    And prehistoric “connections” from the dark ages of Hollywood can’t be valuable to anyone really. I wish Grandpa Smurf and Papa stand-in Smurf would just leave him be.

    That said, I’m grateful for a new thread that’s about him even if they feel some weird need to pimp this woman’s site again.

  • Gossipbasher

    Regular gals actually avoid dating sites for having found out you meet more toads there than Prince Charming. You also meet more guys out there scamming women for their money. A lot of regular gals meet their boyfriends through close friends, family members. Sometimes they even meet them by joining into groups or participating into activities. When she joined that, the husband was still there and she already had a child at home.

  • Pamela S

    Oh, wow…That’s bad..How do you know she won’t do that with the next one? Oh, wow. Just tacky.

  • Offers Protection

    I really don’t want to talk about this woman too much, she creeps me out and is scary looking, but I’m not dating her. I’ve fallen off the fence after giving her a fair shot.

    What bothers me the most is she isn’t looking into the camera, looks sad, dejected, and unhappy. Plus all her date ideas are geared toward her, just her. And they’re extreme. I rather doubt with that photo she got many winks or whatever the protocol, you know?

  • selling la

    is it a fake account, isn’t it? come on lady, come on, tell me it’s fake. It’s not even funny, it’s … I don’t know.
    But one thing I’d like to ask all of you, may I?

    Do you usually have your name, or your nickname (or as someone of you wrote, your son’s name) printed on your car window? Is it a new fashion of some sort?
    Expecially since you’re “seeing” some celeb and you are the “most mysterious brunette” [only referred to by an anonymous JJ and or DM poster as an "interior designer" some months before] ?
    Thank you

  • Pamela S

    Oh wish this hadn’t been posted..this girl shows signs of depression. :/ She needs to talk to someone.

  • Guest

    “Is this a rush to a “meeting” to give us something to talk about other than the last thread?

    Yes. New photo session for new thread. That’s not exactly a high traffic area full of paparazzi who just happened to stumble across his path.

  • Lovey Smith

    Can’t really say anything about Ms. Brown. But here sister Esme seems fond of drug use. Esme even has a photo album devoted to her and her friends using. Lets hope Ms. Brown is smart enough to stay away from that.

  • Offers Protection

    Well then I want to send out a “Thank you” to him.

    Saying that, what’s going on with Geostorm? He’s not in Louisiana while it seems others are. We see him leave L.A. but he’s back. I hope everything is alright with the two films but feel it rather hard for even the best of actors, to film two separate stories at once. How can anyone be that mentally flexible?

    For me, Geostorm is by far the more interesting of the two. It has a plausible story-line. The “what if” factor we love to conjure from our safe seats in the theater. The weather affects us all.

    It was a good choice of his and I hope all is well with it and his participation with it.

  • Offers Protection

    Drugs, like alcohol, ravage. Neither bring anything but destruction.

    No one knows what all is going on. We only have eyes to see and speculate. If anyone suggests he get into that activity, he could refuse politely then use it as a good enough excuse to step into a facility to rid himself of this parasite called drugs. Drugs and drink do nothing but cause chasms, and break down boundaries that serve to protect us when we’re sober and straight. Gerry knows this.

    Feel if he were to investigate the place he’s been before and how well he felt after, he’d get his head on tighter, if it is loose, and possibly rekindle his deep desire to bring messages and stories to the masses again like in the beginning. Talent is a terrible thing to waste, and Gerry’s got talent. And for more than just action too.

  • Pamela S

    There are massive red flags waving in the breeze…

  • nopollyanna

    The fact that he’s still in L.A. is a mystery when he has two movies in production and both sets of cast members are in place and working. Very strange. Maybe she’s got him on a short leash. He’s been MIA more than usual for quite a while now.

  • Pamela S

    Hollywood awards.

  • HH

    Let’s see there was MG who had a assistant/helper named Esme..and now we have an MB with a sister named Esme….Hmmmmmmm will the wonders of coinky dink never cease.

  • Sonia

    I found that spooky too, the ‘want them now’ bit. Plus, her user name…why does she constantly use her son’s name? It’s a bit weird to me, anyway.

  • CeeKrativ

    She seems like the type that might forge ahead and get pg without marriage even being on the table, much like her mother did with O’Toole. Maybe Gerry is up for it. Maybe no one cares that she’s not Catholic like him. Maybe he doesn’t really want to marry. Not sure if he’s really in love with her or if it’s just a pleasant way for him to pass the time before he horns in on his next victim.

  • Scout

    Looking at her profile its sounds like her and ger bear are well suited, that’s why he looks so happy/carefree these days. I’m happy for him.

  • Nicole
  • Nicole

    Los Angeles, CA – Gerard Butler dresses down for a flight out of town as he arrives at LAX to catch a departing flight out of Los Angeles.

  • Nicole

    more pics, enter Gerard Butler

  • Guest this is her instagram user name also.

  • nopollyanna

    They are not until the 14th, and since he just flew out again tonight, it seems he came home/never left for other reasons.

  • Gossipbasher

    People who are too alike do not work well. You need to have a bit of differences in character to complete each other and make it work.

  • Gossipbasher

    MG seems to have tried that and it didn’t work at the time he was himself saying he wanted children so I wouldn’t think this will happen.

  • procrastinator1980

    You seem to forget he flew out of LAX last Monday. He did have filming to do this week at the NASA facility in New Orleans but seems he prefers to rush back home when he is not needed on set.

    Again, Gerard is not filming two movies at once. He may be working on the production end of things but he will not join filming of London has Fallen until he is finished with Geostorm.

  • mouth

    It’s like having ten of the same Outfit, makes it easy. Like an easy skank button.