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Gwyneth Paltrow Clears Up Rumors About Not Approving of Chris Martin's Girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence

Gwyneth Paltrow Clears Up Rumors About Not Approving of Chris Martin's Girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence

Gwyneth Paltrow gave a very revealing interview on The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday (January 14) where she talked about her ex Chris Martin and rumors that she does not like his girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence.

Howard Stern asked the 42-year-old actress how she feels about Chris beginning to date other people.

“Who says I don’t approve of Jennifer Lawrence?” Gwyneth said. “I respect [Chris] as the father of my children… It’s his decision… He wouldn’t be with someone who isn’t great.”

Listen below…

Gwyneth also talked about oral sex on the show. Click inside to listen…

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  • Clara Tezolin

    Chris beginning to date other people not Jennifer.
    Jennifer would not be with a guy who lives glued to the former all the time!
    she does better than that!

  • Denise

    She stopped at ‘who says i don’t approve’. Has not added ‘Jennifer Lawrence’..but maybe i am deaf. Great publicity. Very cleaver. She done many interviews last months and this fakelationship was very present. Why she talked about JLaw now, during promotion of her new movie? The questions of the interviws are agreed. Time will tell the truth! In the meantime, Jen is in the East coast to work by 2 weeks and Martin is in the last 3 months..different town, different time.

  • Courtney

    No you’re not deaf. She didn’t add Jennifer Lawrence’s name to the question. It sounds like Howard was asking this as a theory. Hypothetical. Maybe she means it, maybe she’s putting on a front for the cameras, maybe it’s for promo for her new movie, who knows?

  • Courtney

    I know I’m going to incur the wrath of Gwyneth fans by saying that, but all I’m trying to do is look at things from different perspectives. If it’s true they’re dating, it will take some getting used to for me and some others, but they’re both adults who can make their own decisions. Just saying.

  • Jenny from ththe flop

    I wonder if she likes Apple flavored condoms

  • cee

    She is a self obssessed, PR seeking woman using her ex’s and their families. She cares about her bad movie more than her ex’s or her kids.

  • fromanotherplanet

    That relationship is gross and disgusting. F ucking an actress whose poster is probably on your daughter’s wall. EEEEK!!!! Gross.

  • Name

    I listened to that part of the interview very carefully a few times. Stern was asking hypothetically what IF Martin starts (not *is*-present tense) dating someone she doesn’t approve of, and threw Lawrence’s name out. Paltrow laughed WHILE she said “Who says I don’t approve?” in reply to the hypothetical question. Then he said “You don’t approve of Jennifer Lawrence”, she replied “Why not?”. Stern replies “Because I’m saying that. I’m just assuming. I don’t know.” He said that as part of the hypothetical question, NOT because he thinks they are “dating”. Because he says right after that “I don’t know who he’s with”.

    In response to Stern’s “maniac” tag on a potential Martin date, Paltrow said because Martin loves his kids so much, he “wouldn’t (not *isn’t*) be with someone who wasn’t (not *isn’t*) great”. Big difference in meaning as to what *might* happen and what *is* happening.

    Later on, Stern said he wouldn’t want Rhianna around his kids and she asked “Why?”. He asked about Lindsay Lohan and said Paltrow would have to step in, then she said “But you know, there’s redemption. People get their acts together.”

    That was all in response to his question/statement about IF Martin dated someone she didn’t approve of, NOT an admission Lawrence and Martin are “dating”. Because if you believe Paltrow’s ok with Martin “dating” Lawrence, then she’s also ok with him dating Rhianna and Lohan! Pretty wide range of women there.

    Deni’s right-Paltrow IS being “clever”. She’s putting something out there that sounds like 1) Lawrence and Martin are dating and 2) she approves of it. Once again, she’s portraying herself as the put upon, suffering, but gracious “good ex” while he’s supposedly running around with a younger woman. You can hear it in her voice that she’s being coy and *amused* when talking about Lawrence. Because when she talked about Rhianna and Lohan, her voice changed to being more serious and direct.

    Then there’s the Chung angle. If Paltrow can make people think Martin’s with Lawrence, they won’t know he’s with Chung. That would be a slap in the face to Paltrow if that was known, because people would know he went back to someone she really *doesn’t* want him with.

    Paltrow’s playing up the “showmance” again for
    her own advantage, just like Martin is using it to shut down her stories about “reconciliation”. Just remember, she’s an expert at playing the PR game, and knows what to say and how to say it to make people believe what *she* wants, not necessarily what’s true. Paltrow knows if she mentions anything about Lawrence, tabs will write about it and give her and the movie publicity.

  • Name

    I noticed most tabs are saying Paltrow said Martin wouldn’t be with someone who “isn’t” great. She said “wasn’t”, I heard it. By *revising* her quote, it makes it sound as if Martin is “with” Lawrence. Once again, the tabs are making things to *fit* what they want people to think.

  • dalovelee

    For the love of god..this woman is so desperate to remain valid in the news and if anyone is exploiting the demise of her marriage. did Chris and Lawrence confirm they are dating? Has she ever met Jennifer? Does Jennifer talk about Gwyneth or Chris ? She is milking this made of rumor to make herself look relevant.

  • Denise

    You are sure? Is this the interview? That part?! ..then,was a clever move by Paltrow?! Martin never spoke about Jen..Jen never spoke about Martin or Paltrow. Why Paltrow spoke about JLaw during her movie promotion? I think that she knew the questions before the interview. The thing stink. Anyway, as i said many times..Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are a shame! And Jennifer is stupid.

  • Denise

    Read the DM’re right. Was an hypothetical conversation. A clever move. But now, all the tabloids scream at the relationship. This showmance is the lowest point of the gossip. And all the three come out very badly! That sucks.

  • DJtretre McMillia

    She’s on my top 3 people I cannot stand, right next to Heigl..

  • Art0fWAR

    Jennifer Lawrence is a total upgrade over Gwyneth Paltrow

  • chris

    I am with you as far as that big fat nobody Heigl goes but at least Gwyneth has one an Oscar which still makes her relevant in Hollywood :)

  • alex

    gwyneth leave chris and jennifer…… will know another man ,most intelligent by chris:he’s don’t understand that jennifer one day will leave him for a man most strong and powerful in the hollywood world…..

  • ladylilarowe

    Wow she seems so cool in these clips – I think because she seems reserved and poised in her life people think she’s a stuck up b!tch, but she’s actually pretty sassy/naughty! lol

  • Nathi S.C.

    Actually even her Oscar win was a sham because Weinstein was behind it… She didn’t deserved an Oscar with the people that she was competing with

  • Name

    Here’s DM’s *edit* of what Paltrow said, leaving out Stern’s comments-

    “Who says I don’t approve? Why not? Why is it going to be an issue?” the actress said, interrupting the shock jock.

    That last question about it being “an issue” was after he had said something about it’s going to be one. After her response, he explained she doesn’t want her kids “exposed to someone who’s going to be a maniac”.

    By eliminating all of Stern’s comments of “I’m saying that”, “I’m just assuming”, and the “maniac” part, DM made his hypothetical question into a definitive statement by Paltrow about Martin “dating” Lawrence.

  • Name

    Good front, movie promo, “showmance” to cover her relationship with Falchuk…there’s a list. Paltrow did this for a lot of reasons, and they’re all so that she looks good.

  • Courtney

    Did you see E!’s video about Jennifer and Chris possibly being back on? Looks like they finally commented. I might start believing it now, but the whole thing is such a mess, there’s always room for some doubt. Just asking your opinion.

  • Name

    No, I wasn’t home. But I read somewhere it was from a “source”. Again with the “source”!

    And “possibly”? They don’t know anything-they just have to say something at this point because the Paltrow interview has forced them to. If they really *knew* something, then why have they been silent about the dinner pic for the last 2 weeks? If Lawrence and Martin were “together” again, and E! is supposedly Lawrence’s tab, then why haven’t they commented at all about the pic?

    So who do you think the “source” is coming from? Martin and/or Paltrow, not Lawrence. Otherwise, E! would’ve said something after the dinner pic. They’re using the “showmance”/Lawrence to get back at each other.

    That’s part of what Paltrow’s coy little remarks were about today. Martin used the dinner pic to end her “reconciliation” stories, she uses the Stern interview to make herself sound great-the wonderfully understanding ex who’s only concern is her kids.

    With this interview and dropping Lawrence’s name, Paltrow has now gotten herself back into the headlines. She’s now the one being talked about again after Martin (with Lawrence’s help) effectively shot down all the stories from around Christmas telling her side of their relationship (including the “reconciliation” stories).

  • Courtney

    Maybe they did their research and that’s why they took so long to comment. In the video, they used the private airplane pics , not the sushi dinner pic. They were kind of rehashing on People’s story. Being that Jen uses E from time to time, maybe it’s true, but I still doubt somewhat.

  • Name

    They used the airport pics and not dinner pic? And re-hashed People’s story? Then they have nothing! E!’s just guessing like all the other tabs, who are using Paltrow’s interview today to make it *fit* their stories they’ve written after the dinner pic that Lawrence and Martin are back “together”.

    E! can’t be left behind on this-it’s too big. Paltrow made sure she made it that way. In the meantime, she’s still dating Falchuk and nobody’s paying attention to them. Use the “showmance” to make herself look good and keep the focus off of her/Falchuk-mission accomplished.

    And no tabs do “research”. They wait for “sources” to give them info. Then depending how much of the info they like, they spin a story that likely isn’t very truthful, but will sell rags and get website clicks.

  • Courtney

    Just how reliable is E? They did clear the rumors about Jennifer and Gabe, so are they Jennifer’s primary gossip site? Do her people use them?

  • Name

    “Reliable” and “gossip site” are an oxymoron. There’s no such thing. Just because E! clears up a handful of rumors doesn’t mean much-that still means they start and perpetuate a whole lot more. It’s just that they might not be as bad as some, but that’s not saying much considering how much some tabs lie.

    Maybe Lawrence’s PR has used E! at times to debunk rumors, like the Polsky one. But they also seemed to have used Gossip Cop for others.

    No celeb uses one tab exclusively, and no tab is exclusive to only one or a few celebs. E! isn’t beholding to just write what Lawrence’s PR tells them-they’ll use whatever any PR team gives them if it means they end up with a story.

  • loop

    mmh she’s sure had a lot to share.

  • Courtney

    Ok, I see. Thank you for clearing that up!

  • Denise

    If Eonline really knew something about Jen and Martin..they talked before, like 12 days ago, when People posted their story..and when the dinner pic came out! Why just after GP interview?? Maybe because the ‘source’ is Paltrow PR? Or Martin PR?…come on. Jen’s team is quiet now, like Jen..because she back at work soon, is projected on her work..she no longer needs this mess. Why they don’t refute? Simple, because they don’t refute nothing. With Hoult they were always silent about any rumor..Jen and Nick break up in may, but the tabs knew in august. With Liam wasnot Jen team who refute, if someone refute, is Liam’s team…and the Polsky rumor, was refute because he is the boyfriend of her best friend..understand the embarrassment?..So where is the problem? Now is all Martin/Paltrow dirty job, and yes..Jen is very stupid. As i said many times..the timing of all these stories is the proof that is all fake!

  • Name

    Here’s something else. The group of us have been following, analyzing, etc. these stories for months. Look around on comment boards, and you’ll see posters who probably haven’t been doing that are saying Paltrow is using this to get back at her ex’s (including Martin), make herself look good, promote her movie, use Lawrence’s name to get attention. Plus they don’t believe the “showmance” either.

    If those posters can see/realize all that from just this interview, then it must be pretty clear the “showmance” is fake.

    Can’t wait to read what MeMe thinks of all this!

  • Courtney

    I hope you’re right. If E is saying something after all this time, I’m starting to think maybe it might be legit, but this little video came out the same day as Gwyneth’s thoughts on the whole thing, even though the media twisted her words. Even E wrote something about her breaking her silence on Chris and Jennifer’s relationship. Coincidence?

  • Name

    There’s no such thing as “coincidence”, especially when you’re talking about the timing of publicity. Publicity doesn’t work if it’s not done at the right time. You can have the best PR idea, but if it’s done at the wrong time and gets overshadowed/ignored, then it’s useless/worthless.

    E! finally says something about Lawrence and Martin back “together” the same day as Paltrow makes her little comments. Not when the dinner pic came out, but when Paltrow does an interview. And all the tabs, including E!, have edited and twisted her words (and Stern’s) to make it sound like she “approves” of Martin “dating” Lawrence. But if you really listen to exactly what, when, and how Stern and Paltrow said something, she doesn’t say that at all.

    E! is only doing what every tab that’s running the story has done-made it *fit* what they (or someone else) want people to believe.

  • Jess

    An acknowledgement of her feelings to a hypothetical question (which it is) does not an admission of truth on a situation make. Nothing about this screamed confirmation at all, sorry. She’d approve of Jen, if they did date, because she trusts Chris not to bring unsavory individuals around her children and knows he wouldn’t. That doesn’t mean she thinks Jennifer is safe, or appropriate, she just thinks Chris could make that assessment of her if they were dating, and she’d trust his judgement on that. KEEP TRYING, but this showmance is nothing but irritating and disrespectful to all involved, and the fans.

  • Name

    A lot of people understood that’s what Paltrow was saying. But leave it to the tabs to edit/twist her words to make it sound like she admitted Lawrence and Martin are “dating”. The tabs must do that, because they’ve already written that after the dinner pic. They need to make Paltrow’s comments *ft* their stories so people will believe this “showmance” is real and keep clicking on their websites for more stories.

  • chris

    I cant even remember the other nominees that year lol. I enjoyed Shakespeare In Love which she won for but realize her movie parts have gone down hill since but anyway no one can take the Oscar away from her its hers and thats that :)

  • VanityInsecurity

    this woman is just so unlikable.. nothing she said was something I want to hear..

  • Denise

    You can easily realize how E! treated this news…with a little segment of 3 seconds on Enews. Like the People story of november. They don’t post nothing on their principal site Eonline. What does mean? That they don’t know nothing, otherwise they spoke before on their Eonline site..they saw Gwyneth words, remembered the People story about they back together..and done two + two, taking the opportunity. But if they don’t posted nothing on Eonline site is because, they don’t have the certainty on what they just gossip. Remember that on Enews they spoke about Liam and Jen alleged relationship.

  • Courtney

    Oh, okay. That makes sense.

  • refined

    3 Jlaw fans here discussing the “fakeness” of the chris jlaw romance are really laughable. Answer this question, why was the Polsky issue easily debunked, but absolutely no denial re: chris martin?

  • refined

    Annoyingly, 3 JLAW fans here, Courtney, Name, Denise, are laughable in discussing the ‘fakeness’ of MartinLawrence romance, their own implausible speculations on media speculations. I wish to ask a lot of questions,but will settle with one to save space: Why was the Polsky issue easily debunked, but the Martin issue flourished and never denied? Thank you.

  • refined

    Moreover, why do you have to attack celebrities who are not named Jlaw and insist your own SPECULATIONS, just because you don,t like Martin for Jlaw. You are as guilty as tabloids.

  • Joe

    We all know Weinstein was behind Jennifers win as well

  • Joe

    Cate Blanchet should have won for the film Elizabeth and Jessica Chastain should have won over Lawrence for Zero Dark Thirty

  • Nathi S.C.

    Yeah, but in that case only one other actress was better than Jen (Riva), now in Gwen’s case EVERYONE was better. Seriously…. Meryl, Cate and a brazilian actress that did a FANTASTIC job were in the category! ¬¬

  • Nathi S.C.

    I do remember because that was the year that I watched that brazilian movie and I thought that was such a shame that Fernanda who’s a fantastic actress didn’t win =( Also Cate Blanchett was nominated for Elizabeth in that year as well.
    I enjoyed “Shakespeare In Love”, but an Oscar? really? Nope ¬¬

  • Nathi S.C.

    Worst couple of fake couple in the history. I seriously don’t get this at all.
    If Jen is actually dating an old dude with kids she’s an idiot, but then again not denying this if it’s fake is equally idiotic because I have no one talking good about this.
    Looks like a “couple” that is only worth for attracting media attention….

  • Courtney

    If you think we’re ridiculous, then why bother to respond to any of us?

  • MeMe

    “Who says I don’t approve of Jennifer Lawrence?” Gwyneth said. NO SHE DIDN’T. SHE NEVER SAID JENNIFER LAWRENCE. Jared now you are just taking the piss out of all of us. Why blatantly mislead? That’s ok, I still love you. <3

  • MeMe

    I’m so upset. I tried to post my prediction about this from my phone yesterday before the explosion of PR BS slapped us in the face and it didn’t post. I would have looked like a genius. :( hehe

    As soon as I heard this, I just knew that that one 15 second clip was going to be used to get people to click on the Stern interview. I bet he’s made a small fortune simply by asking that HYPOTHETICAL question and has got WAY more clicks than he ever gets for his show. Smart bastard. Its almost like a joke now–use Lawrence’s name with Paltrow or Martin and have a great week of clicks and make money! Yay! People have Christmas bills to pay! Haha.

    So fake and misleading….

  • Name

    Here’s the only tab I’ve seen that’s reporting that question in the context it was meant-as a hypothetical.

    The other tabs, including E!, are doing some *creative editing* to make it sound like Paltrow “approves” of Lawrence “dating” Martin. When in fact, she never said he *was* dating anyone, let alone Lawrence.