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Female 'Ghostbusters' Cast Revealed: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, & Leslie Jones!

Female 'Ghostbusters' Cast Revealed: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, & Leslie Jones!

The all-female Ghostbusters cast is taking shape and includes some big names: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and SNL‘s Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

Melissa is reportedly locked in for a role, with Kristen, Leslie, and Kate nearing deals to sign onto the reboot of the hit franchise. Negotiations are ongoing but all four ladies are expected to finalize deals, THR reports.

Both Melissa and Kristen will be reuniting with Bridesmaids director Paul Feig for the project, which will shoot in NYC this summer.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the all-female cast choices for Ghostbusters??

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  • Joolz

    I think the idea for this movie is almost as bad as the idea for the new Fantastic Four movie! Don’t know which one is worse. Two stupid ideas for movies!

  • Dude

    Kate McKinnon is going to be a star. I knew it the moment she debuted on SNL. Her talent is unlimited.

  • Dude

    You are definitely right about the ideas part…they certainly have run out of them. Hopefully this cast will give us new material dialogue wise, etc. and a modern twist. But it sure could bomb. We’ll see.

  • scout124

    No problem with the casting, as long as the finished movie is funny. There have been plenty of movies that had loads of funny people in them, that were supposed to be funny, that ended up not being funny at all. So I’ll reserve final judgment until it’s released. But for now, especially with Paul Feig directing, I’m interested.

  • Joolz

    I don’t care who’s in it. Don’t care for these people either. Female GhostBusters just sounds STUPID! They should not touch the GhostBusters movies. I think they should not touch those movies. They were great as they were.

  • LoveIt

    Cant wait :)

  • Barry

    So they find a way to do Bridesmaids 2.
    But I hope they will give McCarthy the opportunity to do something different.

  • Joe

    This movie has no d!ck

  • kellyf

    Seems like the right cast for the wrong movie. All funny women (Wiig might actually be the least funny) but the idea just doesn’t sound funny and remakes are rarely well received. Hopefully they’ll prove me wrong.

  • Batman0829

    Kate McKinnon YESSSSSSSSSS!!!

  • Batman0829

    Thank god!

  • kellyf

    yasssss. Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are both funny as frick.

  • Pineapple

    This is a disaster. I like Melissa McCarthy but she has become too over used. She’s been in a lot of crap recently and from the sounds of it she’s got more to come. I just think she needs to take a step back and stop playing the same character in every movie….

  • suk bin

    que des grosses filles moches ..

  • Trybrow

    Love Mcarthy, but oh good grief not that painfully unfunny SNL crew. Those women arent funny when they CAN use foul language, god knows where they’ll get the laughs from since Feig already said they’ll be shooting for PG-13 language. Also Kristen Wiig better have gotten over her major depression she apparently had appearing in all those indie movies.

  • HH

    When will Hollywood try and grow a brain stem and STOP re-doing hits movies and come up with something NEW and INVENTIVE. All they ever do is reboots and I think the both GB and GB 2 stand alone without needing to be re done. Nothing like another helping of greed from Hollywood once more. Upset and very disappointed.

  • Trybrow

    You better be talking about some other as yet unseen unlimited talent because as far as I can see her comedic ability ranges from being a) an ugly female character to b) an ugly lesbian character.

  • dalovelee

    ehhh…sorry it won’t be the hit they think this will be. the casting is off and the should have gone for younger newer actresses ..where’s Emma Stone?
    Where’s Jennifer Lawrence? where’s Emily Blunt?

  • Joolz

    EXACTLY!! THINK OF SOMETHING NEW PEOPLE! This idea has been done & it’s stupid!

  • soggybiscuit

    no thanks

  • Baseliner

    i hate when they change the gender or race of characters.

  • Pink Dot

    Hopefully this kicks ass. I am ENORMOUS fans of both Kristen Wiig and the damn near perfect Kate McKinnon. Both are very pretty and talented as hell. Melissa McCarthy, I’m sure is very sweet in person, but has very limited range as a comedic actress, and as long as Leslie Jones is very toned down and doesn’t yell her ass off, this should be a fine remake

  • Dee


  • FerCat

    I guess they just wanted the movie to be funny. :)

  • Alias Darker

    what ?? nooo

  • MANDY News

    Kate will have a big problem look :o

  • MANDY News

    Kate will have a big problem look :o !

  • MANDY News

    Kate will have a big problem look :o !!!

  • MANDY News

    Kate will have a big problem look :o :o

  • MANDY News

    Kate will have a big problem look :o !! :o

  • MANDY News

    Kate will have a big problem look :o :oo

  • MANDY News

    Kate will have a big problem look :o :oo :

  • frankie09

    franchise rights alone will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams
    -Dr peter Venkman (GHOSTBUSTER 1984)

    if you thought that was ludicrous what about the second fright night
    do over in 2013 but titling it fright night:the new blood by changing
    the name Jerry to Geri Dandridge in the form of an female English
    actress and half of the cast was English they did not bother going to
    Romania to film it they could have made it in England by simply
    calling it Fright Night :Geri Stalkes London.

    but an Female Ghostbusters yes please.