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Go Daddy's Super Bowl 2015 Commercial Causes Controversy Over Animal Treatment (Video)

Go Daddy's Super Bowl 2015 Commercial Causes Controversy Over Animal Treatment (Video)

The 2015 Super Bowl Commercials have been slowly rolling out ahead of the big game on Sunday – and once again, GoDaddy’s ad is making headlines.

The ad features a lost puppy who finally finds his way home – with a surprise twist at the end where the adorable lost pup gets sold via a GoDaddy website.

The Today show anchors spent a whole segment showing the ad this morning and they were upset at the outcome – even noting that fans wrote in to say how upset they were by the lack of empathy making light of Internet puppy mills.

The ad also seems to be poking fun at Budweiser’s annual ads, which have featured cute puppies in the past.

In case you don’t remember, GoDaddy is the company behind Bar Refaeli‘s infamous 2013 Super Bowl ad where she made out with a nerdy looking man.

GoDaddy’s Super Bowl 2015 Commercial

UPDATE: The commercial has officially been pulled – read the company’s statement!

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  • Lina

    why use animals to sell things ? it makes me think of Laika ‘s scandal many years ago when a dog was sent to Space knowing she will suffer and die.

  • EatThis

    GoDaddy just shot themselves in the foot. Worst commercial I have ever seen.

  • DJ

    That is one of the most disgusting and cruel things i have ever seen on a commercial. you should be ashamed of yourself, GoDaddy!!!

  • Sandra Weber

    This is a terrible commercial! It’s cruel and it’s offensive to those of us who love dogs. Shame, shame GoDaddy!

  • Daniella Slon

    Also don’t forget the CEO of Go Daddy hunted and killed Elephant in SA and grotesquely and proudly put video of the murder online! Nothing this company does surprises me and I would NEVER support them!

  • alimil

    Horrible commercial. Why choose such a cruel and heartless message? Someone’s idea of family entertainment? Please show some decency and don’t run this ad. Enough animal cruelty in our society. Why add to it? I’m dropping GoDaddy for my website and will be sure to tell them why.

  • Randi Gleichenhaus Pakula

    Assholes! :( :(

  • Christine Rayhill McLimans

    Absolutely despicable! I’ll never use Go-Daddy!

  • Cathy

    Hate this commercial!!! That is sick and evil. Some stupid people will now find that funny and try to recreate it. Everyone should boycott them. Stupid PR piece and I would fire the company that created it and then I would fire the person who agreed to have it represent their company.

  • Susan Mitchell

    MEAN, MEAN , MEAN!!!! I have NEAVER liked your commercials. And this one is the worst. Get a clue👎

  • Patricia Chaban Gasparino

    So funny suddenly commercial was made private -

  • gn

    please don’t use go daddy anymore. hit them where it hurts. this is disturbing for a major company to put this type of ad out there. danica patrick isn’t much better either for supporting it. 42nd place would be fine at daytona

  • 81117barringster

    All your commercial shows is that Go Daddy customers have no regard for the condition of the merchandise they promote on their GoDaddy websites. Like their customers, their merchandise is an afterthought. What marketing genius decided to portray your own current customers that way because you sure won’t be seeing any new ones after this ad?

  • BJWyler

    Jesus Christ people really need to lighten up. The commercial is funny as all get out thanks to the surprise “twist” at the end. For anyone to think that this is somehow supporting puppy mills or cruelty to animals is a complete moron – but again, this this America, so that should come as no surprise. Thank God there wasn’t any reference to Christmas in the commercial – there would be lynch mobs and the burning of the CEO in effigy in the streets!

  • its as funny as it is wrong, btw i do love my pet and sadly animals are sold everyday or given out shortly after birth. facts of life, where did you pet come from

  • Marvin Harrison

    I don’t understand how people don’t get as outraged about their objectifying women as they do for a puppy.

  • Katie

    They sold their puppy, how is that evil?? Some people, damn.

  • Guest

    I love it! Best commercial ever!

  • Davison

    Here’s our version of the pulled puppy ad:

  • Vy Nguyen

    Well, not recommending my clients to goDaddy anymore!!

  • Cheryl Ramsdell-Grant

    That’s an awful commercial.

  • Upvote Repo Squad

    I literally never laughted harder at a commercial in my life

  • Upvote Repo Squad

    why is it bad? people breed and sell dogs all the time. people want to make money, and others want to buy dogs. Did you ever have a dog? did you buy it? or did you grow it from a pot of soil? shut up

  • Upvote Repo Squad

    why is it bad? people breed and sell dogs all the time. people want to
    make money, and others want to buy dogs. Did you ever have a dog? did
    you buy it? or did you grow it from a pot of soil? shut up.

  • Upvote Repo Squad

    it was hilarious, get a sense of humor

  • Upvote Repo Squad

    I get your a feminist, your a dogimist now too?

  • CC

    you’re an illiterate moron

  • Culture Club Warrior

    Some people adopt their pets from shelters and rescue organizations.

  • Culture Club Warrior

    Mine came from a shelter.

  • DJ

    And not very original either, he copied and pasted the exact same comment to two different people. i guess he ran out of words that he knew.

  • SafeOurFreedoms

    Je Suis Buddy. You may not like it, but it is still freedom of speech.

  • sealclubber

    Relax, it’s a commercial. Sheesh.

  • Mink Carlyle

    Probably something to do with most women having a choice about it, whereas helpless animals do not.

  • Mink Carlyle

    Freedom of speech means you are free to say what you like, but it doesn’t mean that everyone has to agree with you. People are also free to point out stupidity.

  • lurker2015

    Good lord, will the PC team take a rest already. As long as Buddy went to a good home. Nothing wrong with reputable breeders selling their puppies the modern way. And hey you’re all taking about the ad.

  • Granite Rooster

    People are saps. This is why there aren’t any more good Super Bowl commercials. Folks have nothing better to do with their time than to be outraged at a commercial meant to be funny. They should have sold the puppy to Kim Jung Un….now that would have been funny.

  • Gabriel Mendoza

    come over to: we are a professional website hosting, design, and management service. We will never treat you wrong. Our customers are our friends, not a number.

  • Sparke Addams

    Omgg really I’m a dog lover an this is not offensive omgg come on now… Ppl get it together I thought he was just so cute making it back an if he was sold, HELLO he was sold to a dog lover. Ppl just want to complain on any darn thing so silly to have pulled this commercial shame on you not Go Daddy get a life

  • Nicky Angel

    This is horrible!!! I was awwwwwing all over that lost puppy and the ending with the owner “ship em up” is everything that is wrong with the world. treating dogs like they are belongings and not living creatures.

  • BK4Real

    “Selling animals is cruel” says the pet owners that bought their pet from a breeder or pet store. Question for those that purchased their pets: If you did buy your pet, did you buy the entire litter or did you choose to break up the happy family? FOH

  • Keith

    I love it! I love dogs but that was unexpected and funny!

  • Billiejo Willisko Wong

    Yes it’s just a commercial and yes people need to make money and they have been breeding and selling for a very long time but here’s the deal, there are far too many unethical breeders and animal handlers out there who never take the welfare of the animal into consideration. This is a time where awareness and compassion toward animals has been growing tremendously. Having a commercial that, even in a roundabout way, promotes the breeding and selling of lives over the internet is irresponsible. TV for many or maybe even most of us has an influence over the way we think (whether you want it to or not) and those kinds of ads tend to desensitize people and help to create a “norm” or an atmosphere of acceptance. Something that is highly counter-productive to the compassionate living movement that is going full force right now. This is why so many of us don’t want to see these kinds of commercials. It is highly insensitive and yes, there are far far too many animals that are in shelters waiting to be adopted.

    Don’t shop. Adopt!

  • Michelle Campbell Barry

    As someone who works in PR/advertising, I have to say, the ad is poor. Not just because of the callousness but the concept itself – it’s not funny, clever or memorable in any way. You can do better, GoDaddy – fire your ad agency and start over.

  • Michelle Campbell Barry

    What exactly was hilarious about it?

  • Upvote Repo Squad

    ok? So what about the dogs not in shelters?should we kill them? not getting your stupid point

  • Upvote Repo Squad

    fix your autism

  • Upvote Repo Squad

    no I didnt? what comment? retard smh

  • funnyandspicy

    Porcupine prediction is the Seattle Seahawks for the year 2015.

  • also…

    What’s funny about it? Really! Which is the funny part? You have a ducked up sense of humor.

  • also…

    And you’re a moron