'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Renewed For 4 More Seasons in Massive $100 Million Contract (Report)

'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Renewed For 4 More Seasons in Massive $100 Million Contract (Report)

UPDATE: There have been reports that the show has been renewed for 3 more years, but the $100 million pricetag rumors are “inaccurate.” Whatever the number is, we’re glad to see the show returning!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians has reportedly been renewed for four more years in a massive $100 million deal.

Kris Jenner reportedly secured the deal for herself, along with daughters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian with Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Bruce Jenner is not part of the deal, Page Six reports.

Bruce will be leaving the show after the 10th season, and will be taking part in his own reality show with E! News about his transition to becoming a woman.

The deal covers four more seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as well as more spinoff seasons, which have included Kourtney and Khloé Take the Hamptons.

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  • L’Opinion de MyMy

    This is really a bad news today … WE ARE so fed up of them and now they will continue to promote themselves like crazy because they renewed for 4 years ? …

  • Teni Eliza

    Nooooo!! People, stop watching this crap!! Even if you just watch it to make fun of them, don’t!

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/cigo8179 Christopher I. Gomes

    This is the downfall of society. I can go to the street corner and see prostitutes getting pimped for the same entertainment. People need to boycott this show. It was fine for a couple of years but making a career out of reality t.v. is just pathetic. Get real jobs #bitches.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/cigo8179 Christopher I. Gomes

    I think they are so narcissistic that they actually think people are laughing with them. Instead of at them. That whole family is a joke.

  • b324

    Why is this goddamn family famous? God tv has gone downhill so badly over the last decade or so. Enough with the reality crap. I miss the days when every night had an actual show on every 30 minutes from 7-10pm. Not scripted “reality” shows.

  • Scarlett

    Oh for fucks sake

  • RayonLight

    This family managed to stretch their 15min’s of fame to almost 15yrs with no skills or talent. Who is to blame for this travesty?

  • Justin Aniston

    I know people say that fame isn’t really good for you, but wow, I have to become famous now!

  • Mental Floss

    I said in one of my earlier comments that there is a reason why the Kardashians and Jenners are all over the tabloids: Their show is about to start. But I never envisioned that they would be on E until 2019. That’s would account for why they seem smug.
    Excuse me. DAMM YOU SEACREST!
    We cannot get rid of this barnacle on the boat. Ugh.
    As most commenters have said, they will only go away if people stop watching, or karma, whichever is first.

  • Mental Floss

    Ryan Seacrest.

  • ilana


  • VanityInsecurity

    I’d like to slap every last moron who watches this show.

  • Amila Gluhic

    &100 million contract??? Dear God, where this world goes???
    They should be shamed of themselves, why don’t they give at least 10% of that money to charity… How can they sleep peacefuly, when they know that they are all trash and worth nothing, have no talent, and people around the world don’t have roof over their heades, no clothes, no food, IF THEY ARE READING THIS (EVEN THOUGH I KNOW THEY DON’T CUZ THEY HAVE NO TIME CUZ THEY’RE TAKING SELFIES AND GOING TO BOTOX) I WANT THEM TO KNOW THAT THEY ARE TRASH, MISERABLE, PATHETIC, NOT HUMANS and that normal people hate them and making fun of them.. poor kids(Penelope, Mason, North and that third Kourtney’s child) they don’t know how stupid their parents and relatives are, I wish all the best for them cuz their not guilty their parents are a bunch of idiots and jerks..

  • RayonLight

    This family is nothing more than a business venture for Ryan Seacrest. He is not to blame, the viewers are who keep this show on the map, in turn make him and this family millions.

  • Melissa B

    NOOOOOO GO AWAY!!!!!! We’ll never get rid of them and no matter how much we complain there’s always the idiot to keep clicking on the links and her stories keep them famous like us

  • onehunnit

    Great just effing great we have to put up with them for 4 more years fuck E Channel for perpetuating this shit to continue on.

  • CLX

    These stories have been floated before, so not sure it is even true. If it is, I have to wonder what Kris has promised to keep it interesting (not that I think it was ever interesting). More divorces and weddings? More fake fertility? Someone else going to change genders? How many more fake storylines does she have in her?

  • v blackwell

    The only reason I’m miffed is because of their damn $$$! Let’s face it. No one is required to watch their shows or read about em. There’s plenty of other TV programs (so far) and enough other articles on the net to keep everybody busy for a lifetime. As much as we question their business acumen and lack of talent, they’re doing something right. No business throws away $$$ on lost causes. Well, at least they’ve given us 4 more years (or more) of something to be outraged about, if Daesh (ISIS) isn’t enough.

  • v blackwell

    “Oh for fucks sake”
    Says it all! ;

  • bellaboone

    This is never going away!!!!!

  • bellaboone

    I haven’t owned a television for over six years now and I was once ADDICTED to television in the worst way. Now I don’t miss it for one single second. I realized my intelligence was being insulted because I was paying 80 bucks a month for 400 channels of absolutely nothing of value, when all that money could have just gone into a retirement account every month. I wish everyone would simply ditch all their tv’s once and for all and send a REAL message to the networks. Everything ends up on you tube anyway, imagine how much money you’d save.

  • bellaboone

    The real problem is that people are tuning in to laugh at them when they could just NOT do that and laugh at them on the gossip sites and on you tube. The more people keep tuning in the longer they are going to stay on. We got rid of Paris Hilton by not watching her anymore, I can’t understand why people aren’t doing that with these people. SO happy I got tv out of my life for good.

  • bellaboone

    I’ve been saying this on a few posts now, why do you feel like you have to put up with them? What’s wrong with just getting rid of your tv altogether? Imagine the smart society we’d have if people started reading and spending time together instead of zoning out in front of a television.

  • louflo

    E say it aint so! Please say you are not renewing that tacky show. The world is tired of those pigs (my apologies for the insult to actual pigs). Oh well, easy enough to just never tune into that channel.

  • j k

    Believe it or not there are people who like and admire them (unbelievable), the hate also adds up to their success. Blogs and youtube hits also count, whether it’s for trashing them or not. Like our comments just now, the only way is to stop talking about them altogether, not even clicking on their articles.

  • Guest

    Please. Kris Jenner probably leaked that $100 million story herself. No way they’re getting paid that much for that sorry excuse for entertainment. Plus it’s free coverage for their products and their brand. The ratings are down, aren’t they?

  • cyclesn

    “As much as we question their business acumen and lack of talent, they’re doing something right. ”

    By the same logic, you can say that about the porn industry.

  • v blackwell

    With the money they’re making, WHY in the world would they dump themselves to get real jobs????

  • lars

    Just like how they leaked that Kim was gonna make 200 million from her game. It was proven to be false. Their show has low ratings, how in the world can they have a contract renewed for 4 years and for 100 million? Makes no sense! They are losing their popularity, not gaining it.
    I need to see more proof to believe this. Kim did not even make 10 million from that game. BS that they are gonna reneaw the show for 100 million.

  • AK

    i can hear their laughing over their haters lololololol damn thats a lot of money

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/cigo8179 Christopher I. Gomes

    For their own self respect (sarcasm). Who am I kidding?

  • lOsT

    Well congratulations America, you made them famous.

  • v blackwell

    “Who am I kidding?”
    No one, but that answer’s sure to provide plenty of laughs. Thanx!

  • Alias Darker

    as long as you have the cable , they get payed . E! is on EVERY cable program in the world . so in order to boycott them you have to boycott cable . or simply ask that E! gets removed from your cable .

  • suzybel

    Honestly, why would anyone watch this crap?

  • TEX