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Celebrities React to Bruce Jenner's Transition Interview

Celebrities React to Bruce Jenner's Transition Interview

After Bruce Jenner‘s interview with Diane Sawyer, many celebs took to social media to show their support for the former Olympian.

Just a few of the celebs applauding Bruce for opening up about his transition and feeling like a woman most of his life included Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Laverne Cox, and Ellen Degeneres.

Check out all their social media posts, below!

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  • JC

    Oh pleaZZ! Let’s be fair to legitimate transgenders. This is so a Bruce trans-Jenner thing & not a Bruce transgender thing. Big Kardashian/Jenner difference here…

    ‘Move your big butt over Kim. Now it’s Bruce’s turn to try to ‘break the internet’ by taking selfies of his new boobies & posting them all over the world.’

    Why don’t these Hollywood ‘supporters’ showcase & support the legitimate transgenders who really need it instead of these attention-ho-hos. (Jeez, roll eyes.) Just when you thought this gang couldn’t get any more media hungry or Hollywood get any dumber.

  • Jenny from the flop

    Ellen should be ashamed of herself for calling Bruce a “him” considering we know he/she identify as a man

  • elisilla

    This website should change the name to JustJenner. Like 90% of the post are about this family.

  • Kev

    Bruce has requested that pronoun. The thing with trans people is you call them what they want to be called. You don’t apply Tumblr-esque social justice nonsense to it. Bruce will inform people when he wants to be addresses as ‘she’ and people will respect his damn wishes until that time.

  • Kev

    You are so bitter and ugly and clearly jaded. You obviously never got the love and attention and companionship you needed to become a successful human being.

  • Halen

    Can I get an amen?
    “tumblr-esque social justice nonsense” Heeheeeheee!!

  • WCS

    America tuned in for Bruce Jenner, a well-known Olympian who has the power to draw an audience to his story. Despite your opinion on his intentions in coming forward with this transition, let’s be thankful that people are being given the chance to be educated on this topic that resonates with many struggling LGBT people across the world. Even if this helps just one person become more compassionate and openminded, it’s a success and well worth the publicity.

    Sure, it would be nice to showcase transgendered people across the nation and world who otherwise aren’t given an everyday platform to speak up and inform the public on their own about the struggles of gender identity. However, it requires someone with name recognition to push the movement forward. Laverne Cox and Bruce Jenner are but two of the recognized transgender individuals who will hopefully be able to use their celebrity status to advance the transgender community into modern social acceptance and tolerance.

  • Jenny from the flop

    Ok portia

  • Jonathan Fl

    people in Hollywood don’t understand Christianity that’s so unforntunate.

  • JC

    I’m a pretty successful wife, mother, & author who has received plenty of love & affection. So your analysis of me is wrong. What you haven’t factored in your analysis is I have a transgender friend who has dealt with true struggles throughout her life in feeling trapped in the wrong body. Even she is offended by this whole Bruce trans-Jenner exploit & thinks it’s a joke. Even she sees a lack in Bruce trans-Jenner’s sincerity. I think a walk in a legitimate transgender’s shoes would know.

    Once again the dummies of the world fall prey to all the attention seeking Kardashian/Jenner ho-hos. Why don’t they just hand over their bank accounts to them & be done with it. Then maybe the rest of us can finally be free of all this Kardashian/Jenner trash.

  • JC

    I concede your point to a certain extent. The flip side of this is how the majority of the world is already lacking tolerances with anything associated with the Kardasian/Jenner gang. Affiliating such a serious matter with them isn’t necessarily a good thing & can actually cause negative backlash. People will view any matter associated with the Kardasians /Jenners as they view this gang itself… as a JOKE. Their minds are going to close off & tune out anything that has to deal with them. Thus, the plight of true transgenders is going to fall on deaf ears to aggravated people simply by association.

    Those living in the Hollywood’s bubble are ignorant of the fact of how the majority of the world truly thinks. They treat issues like a fab & if it’s ‘cool’ or not when offering their support. The thing about fabs is they’re here today & gone tomorrow. By the time this Bruce trans-Jenner news is done & over with, it’s going to be viewed as a ‘Oh, so last season’s fab. Next fab please.’

    Where does that leave a true transgender’s grievances now that the word “transgender” has been desensitized & put on the outdated fab shelf thanks to this whole Bruce trans-Jenner exploit?

  • Serafina Noelle

    Bruce jenner looks ugly. Ew.