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Kanye West Yells Behind-the-Scenes at 'Saturday Night Live,' Calls Taylor Swift 'Fake' in Leaked Audio

Kanye West Yells Behind-the-Scenes at 'Saturday Night Live,' Calls Taylor Swift 'Fake' in Leaked Audio

Kanye West sounds really upset in this alleged audio from before his appearance on Saturday Night Live last weekend.

In the leaked tape obtained by the New York Post, the 38-year-old rapper can be heard referring to Taylor Swift as “fake ass” and telling people in the room, “Don’t f-ck with me.”

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He also talks about being “50 percent more influential” than Pablo Picasso and some other notable figures.

“By 50 percent more influential than any other human being,” Kanye allegedly says. “Don’t f-ck with me. Don’t f-ck with me. Don’t f”ck with me. By 50 percent dead or alive, by 50 percent for the next 1,000 years.”

According to TMZ, the rant was directed at his team and not producers. Apparently, he was upset that the size of his set was reduced right before the live show.

Listen to the audio below. Warning – NSFW.

Kanye West – Saturday Night Live Rant
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  • YupVideoFever

    So what’s the plan, can anyone tell me? He wants to ruin his career and then start it from scratch again to surprise everyone?

  • YupVideoFever

    So what’s the plan, can anyone tell me? He wants to ruin his career and then start it from scratch again to surprise everyone?

  • YupVideoFever

    So what’s the plan, can anyone tell me? He wants to ruin his career and then start it from scratch again to surprise everyone?

  • Sim

    This guy seriously needs medication he’s cray, cray. He fixates on people that he barely knows.
    The National entertainment media are pathetic too, why did SnL even have this loser on, it’s not for rating they were way down. Just like they promote garbage KKlan family.

  • Torii Wehling

    Ya know, a few dozen valium with a scotch chased would do him good.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    When are people going to stop inviting him? boycott this insufferable no talent wannabe and let him rant on his Twitter all day long.

  • MollyBD

    This man needs help. Can’t the KarTRASHians get him to a psych ward?

  • Lesabre94

    This guy needs a straight jacket. He seems teetering into a dangerous state emotionally and possibly physically for himself and/or his loved ones and friends. Take a chill pill and get a Silence of the Lambs muzzle.

  • Lesabre94

    Why does he have such a hard on for Taylor and Amber?

  • Arx

    I don’t like him but he’s entertaining as fuck!

  • The Absolute Truth

    In the audio he was actually having a private chat with his penis hoping he would get a standing ovation.
    Sadly no response

  • Ariana

    Can you imagine if a white star behaved like how he is doing? Its ridiculous how blacks like him are always given a pass for their disgusting, racist and awful behavior. Why does SNL and other entertainment venues keep inviting him? Why? Boycott him!
    Kanye can treat people like crap, Beyonce can throw pregnant women off a hospital floor, Jay-Z can murder someone in cold blood and they all get away with it.

  • Ariana

    He gets away with it because he is black. Thats the only reason.

  • Ariana

    Cos they are blondes. Amber dumped him and Taylor is more popular then his black ugly arse. Her worst selling album is better then his best one. He is a jealous black man.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    i mostly agree with what you said but you just HAD to mention (twice!!!) that he is black didnt you….. your racism is showing bitch

  • Carla


  • Lenny

    All the men in that family were either crazy before they got with them or they turned them🍌.

    1) a obese recluse
    2) tuned himself into women ( you can’t beat them join them)
    3) in and out rehab
    4) almost brain dead from binging on drugs and hookers for a week at a brothel.
    5) hook-ups lame rapper /basketball players in need media attention

    And whatever 🍇🍌🍉🍏 basket of crazy, narcissism, delusion this fuckers about.

  • Ariana

    Not a racist you idiot.

  • Ariana

    Not a racist you idiot.

  • The Absolute Truth

    Wait, someone tell Sir Kanye that Escobar was a drug lord.

  • Ariana

    They need to lock this guy up fast. Seriously I feel he can hurt someone or kill some one. Due to Obozo’s stance on black criminals, he won’t though.

  • Von

    It is telling that he only has problems or asking for shit from white people.

  • plez

    Stop making being a egoistical asshole a race issue. Christian Bale was taped ranting on the set. So was David O. Russell (Jennifer Lawrence director) caught famously screaming on a movie set. Even I think throwing things. Russel Crowe is another who acted out. Throwing a phone at a hotel receptionist. They are still working.

    Don’t know about the JayZ thing. But if you have evidence that he killed someone in cold blood than go to the police.

  • Esmeralda

    And this ladies and gentlemen is why Kim finds all the excuses in the world to still live with her mother and not her supposed loving and doting husband. It’s because she knows he’s erratic. Kim is so fame hungry that she actually married and had babies with someone she doesn’t even love. It’s all for publicity.

  • Courtroominyourmind

    What a piece of nothing. Disgusting, self absorbed, ah. It amazes me that people still insist on keeping this twit relevant, including his in laws.

  • JLover

    n ppl will still support his music and make him #1

  • Anna

    This guy is a mental case, however, he is right to call on Taytay. This is what Taylor gets for being “fake nice” with this guy. All that smiling and hugging Kim when he announced he would run for president. Ugh, it was cringe worthy. Hate Kanye, wish he’d just disappear already. But then I wouldn’t see his promise of running for President for 2020. lol!

  • smmy33

    Kanye is a misogynist
    Turned his wife into a cartoon character, obscene tits $ ass ( she was never that big) dresses her like cheap stripper, only value as s extension of his dick.
    Amber a stripper when he found her, was supposed to fuck-off into obscurity, not hook- up with a popular rapper and have his kid.
    And finally Taylor . He can’t tolerant that she came out on top after he barged into her life.
    If you’d listened him or fans last 7 years, they either play the victim or declare HE made her famous, they have no respect for any genre of music that isn’t hip-hop, so to them she was some little country singer.
    She wasn’t to win a second Grammy Album of the year, becoming the first women to
    She wasn’t to have more success with each new record or break records or have tours gross over 250 million.

    He only befriended her to use her, when he couldn’t he publicly disses her in song, then BLAMES her.
    Taylor was supposed stay in her country lane, not take over the whole fucking road. And it’s driving a wack job like him even more wack.

  • Salomon

    I really do not know who are the people who follow Kanye. But I do know that millions of people listen to Taylor Swift’s music.

  • Sara

    Yes, you are.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    And release Stronger again.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    but millions of people listen to Kanye’s music too.

  • Arx

    All i can say to that is… wow. He’s an asshole but has a lot of fans (I’m not one) thats probably why he’s invited. I don’t think race has anything to do with this.

  • Arx

    Wow you’re the only racist here. Being black has nothing to do with it. Mel Gibson is a disgusting piece of trash but he was at the golden globes and continues to make films. Your a disgusting racist and I hope you rot in hell.

  • VanityInsecurity

    delusional. lmao at this crazy black mofo.

  • Sibu

    Who doesn’t know that…?

  • Sibu

    He can do whatever he likes it’s his life…

  • Sibu

    You need help Ariana…I guest you sicker than him…get something to do…

  • Sibu


  • LaCroix

    If this was a white celeb .. saying all of the racist/demeaning things he says they would have crucified them by now.. started a boycott, created riots & blacklist them. this black ugly asswipe needs to eff off already.

  • Sibu

    Are you sure? or it’s just assumptions?

  • Sibu

    Way too cold…get a theraflu

  • Sibu

    Way too cold…get a theraflu

  • Joher

    Right on time for his album release seriously

  • brutallyhonest

    Horrible human being, with a completely unjustified God complex.

  • bestyguest

    What rant? PLEASE! He leaked this himself! Probably produced the video to help Page Six out! This is how he does PR and sells his albums these days. Fake a$$? That’s Kanye. No stunt, no one cares.

  • The Absolute Truth

    But how is he 50% more influential then Escobar

  • bbm

    i never liked Kanye, but more than ever he really needs to go away!

  • Bridget Chacon

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  • Charade

    Ignore it. This poster just keeps writting racist stuff.