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Selena Gomez & Orlando Bloom Seen Getting Close in New Photos

Selena Gomez & Orlando Bloom Seen Getting Close in New Photos

Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom were seen getting cozy at the after party for her Revival tour show on Saturday (May 7) at the Mandalay Bay club in Las Vegas.

Sources tell TMZ, who obtained photos of the pair, that Selena and Orlando were getting “touchy feely” in a booth. The publication also makes it clear that Selena went back to her room alone, without Orlando. There have been rumors about Selena and Orlando for years, but they have denied any prior relationship.

Orlando is currently dating Katy Perry, and they were last seen together at this month’s 2016 Met Gala.

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  • LOL

    Bad blood LOL

  • Laura Monique

    Huh, I doubt this one. But nice write up.

  • Joher

    To me it looks like they saw each other and say hello, not a big deal. All these years we’ve got like what? 3 sets of pictures of them talking? Never thought they could be good friends? Anyway, time will tell.

  • millerz

    Regardless of if they’re just friends, if I was dating someone and saw national news pics of him THAT cozy with an old hookup I’d be pissed. lol BUT somewhere Taylor Swift is doing her laugh & clap, rocking back and forth loving this.

  • Sim

    Think the rumours that had a thing going were true.

  • Melissa

    wheres the pictures?

  • dalovelee

    Well he can say good bye to Katy Perry…they knew they were being watched. It’s disrespectful to Perry no matter which way you cut it. Perry should cut all ties off with him.

  • laura

    They’re not talking. They’re all over each other.

  • Joher

    Let’s be honest he wouldn’t leave Katy for this girl, they’re friends

  • laura

    I don’t know, they’ve been linked before. Plus, imho, even if he didn’t intend to leave Katy, this is too physical for someone in a relationship. I wouldn’t see anything scandalous if they were both single, but it’s so disrespectful to his girlfriend…

  • Starlight

    Orlando & Sel are JUST FRIENDS thats it!!! He stopped by the after party where also his ex wife Miranda was too just to say hi and show his support for his good friend Selena. So they hugged, big f##King deal!!! The source that sold these pics of them hugging is being dragged by the other party goers who attended the after party and said that this guy is exaggerating and making BS up about the innocent encounter to get more money. Everyone other than this guy is stating they saw Orlando with Sel and they acted like old friends and seemed he just stopped by to congratulated her and then left. From what I also understand is that Orlando was actually in Vegas for his friends bachelor party and then dropped by Sel’s after party afterwards to congratulate her.

  • Jenny from the flop

    stop trying to make selena & orlando happening, it aint gonna happen, media!

  • Starlight

    So are you basically saying that Katy should NEVER hug any of her many “attached” guy friends (which she does a lot) in public….grow the f##k up, it was only a hug!! FYI…people in the industry know that trash sites like TMZ love to exploit innocent behavior. If someone in the business gets pissed over a hug than they have major insecurity issues which Katy does NOT and plus Sel & her are still good friends which prob pisses Taylor off.

  • Starlight

    Linked how? How is hugging a friend disrespectful? They have the same management and became good friends. My gawd, you do realize his ex Miranda who is now besties with Sel was also there hanging out with them. So is Orlando hooking up with his ex wife again since they were also seen hugging and hanging out? Men & women can be friends and plus Katy was liking IG pics of Sel’s Vegas show and they both have said numerous times that they are still good friends so STOP assuming s##t.

  • girl93

    On DailyMail

  • Hell’s Bells

    They wanted to be seen. It’s so obvious

  • Wendy

    I think Selena is way more attractive than Katy….just my opinion, as you have yours, but it’s not the only one.

  • millerz

    lol I’m sure it was only a hug. She was hanging on him. I actually liked her with Orlando when there were rumors a few years ago! All I said was if it were ME hearing this news I’d be pissed. Pissed because I’m insecure because I’m not but because it makes me look like a fool on national news and the internet. And not If it’s not true I’m sure Selena contacted her herself. What it comes down to is that he’s an actor, he’ll be kissing some girl next week for his job and vice versa with Katy. Can’t be mad or jealous over it, I just think this is a little different.

  • huh

    I am pretty sure Taylor Swift couldn’t careless. Orlando Bloom is not a good catch, so Taylor Swift would probably want Katy Perry to be with him. The man tried to get with Taylor 2 years ago and she turned him down, she knows him.

  • huh

    You guys need to stop throwing Taylor Swift’s name in where it does not belong (you always claim to be sick of her yet people are the first to bring her in where she does not belong). Taylor got the ultimate payback (if she was looking for that) when Blood Blood won every award imaginable including a Grammy. She couldn’t care less about Katy Perry and her unemployed divorced actor boyfriend. When was the last time he did a movie? I’ve only seen him at parties trying to pick up anything that will have him.

  • Eeww

    Despite what the tabloids say Orlando & Miranda have ALWAYS been friends Selena, they think of her as a little sister. That’s why Orlando went after Justin Bieber that time because of the way Bieber treated Selena.
    The tabloids twist & try to turn into something else entirely.

  • Carissa Ramey

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  • jane

    she’s a child, he’s a grown man with a kid .. doubt he’s into her. just being a man and enjoying the attention she’s giving

  • Delores Pauldo

    Katy should be pissed. They suppose be dating. He don’t supposed to be dozing with nobody but Katy not SeLena that way. He just playing the field anyway.

  • laura

    They’re not just hugging, babe… It’s not like you meet a friend on the street and give them a hug and kiss, they’re literally all over each other on a couch and not in a friendly way.

  • Starlight

    Tell me, how would you hug & say hi to a really good friend who is sitting right next to you on a couch….EXACTLY!!! Selena did NOTHING wrong so take your self righteous a## out of here.

  • Starlight

    Its funny how EVERYONE is attacking Selena over a friendly hug when he was also seen by party goers hugging & hanging out with his ex wife Miranda Kerr who he ACTUALLY LOVED (prob still loves) and had a long relationship with. BTW, he has also been pap several times getting “cozy” as the trash tabloids would say with his ex Miranda while with Katy but we hear only “crickets”about that but then when we get a pic of him & Selena sharing a friendly hug….”OMG… SELENA & ORLANDO ARE ALL OVER EACH OTHER”, so stupid!