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Johnny Depp's Attorney Responds to Amber Heard's Abuse Claims

Johnny Depp's Attorney Responds to Amber Heard's Abuse Claims

Johnny Depp‘s attorney is responding to Amber Heard‘s claims that she was the victim of domestic violence.

An attorney for the 52-year-old actor made a statement during Amber‘s court appearance to request a restraining order against the actor on Friday (May 27).

Amber is attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse,” the attorney said, according to court documents.

In her abuse claims, Amber says that Johnny threw an iPhone at her and that she had been struck several times during the 15-month marriage.

Amber was granted a restraining order against Johnny and he must stay 100 yards away from her until a hearing next month, according to TMZ.

See a photo of Amber‘s bruised face after the iPhone incident below…

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  • Clovis

    They didn’t deny it.

  • Les

    They didn’t deny or admit because everything has to stay quiet until court. This is the first woman I’ve ever heard anything like this from about JD. Everyone knows he has a temper but none of his exes ever even hinted at abuse. I swear if she’s lying….

  • Wendy

    In other words: she thinks screaming abuse will get her the quick cash to shut her up.

  • 777

    Kate Moss.

  • Les

    That was a room he trashed during a fight over the phone. He was arrested for trashing said hotel room. She has also never claimed abuse.

  • 777

    There were rumours.

  • Les

    No there weren’t lmao. I read and watched the news then too.

  • NerdyBirdy

    Well he IS a drinker so.. not sure what to believe

  • Margaret Eiland

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  • Ava Byron

    Johnny is a known addict for many years and Kate although has rarely talked about their relationship, there are rumours about the fact that he made her cocaine problem bigger and gotten into heated arguments that led to physical abuse.

  • Ava Byron

    Also I don’t think it’s faïr that Johnny’s people are making her come off as a gold digger. The main issue is what is going on with her face and why.

  • Tiamat333

    Hi HotLips, I’m with you on this one. Seems way too much like it’s staged with the convenient timing and all. I’m guessing you changed your avatar because you were being trolled using your real name? I’ve always found it ironic that people need emotions to ‘feel alive’ and yet they’re also the root of so many arguments that can lead to deadly outcomes in real life. On the net people just $hit-talk one another like monkeys in a tree throwing their poop at each other. Primates are funny that way.

  • UltimatePhillippe (Spain)

    The police found no evidence in her face when they were on Saturday night at her house, and she refused to talk to them and said nothing, the next day she went partying with some friends. Suspiciously, the pic of her at that party was eliminated.

    There are brands that appear on the face over time, but if someone throw a phone on your face, after a few seconds you have a red mark and according to the police, they saw anything.

    I think she’s lying.

  • Elvisfan Harb

    Gold digger

  • DR

    We will never know… But Police found Kate Moss terrified in the hotel room at that time. The fact that no other ex claimed abuse doesn’t exclude the fact that he might have done it now. So far, Depp hasn’t denied the abuse…His lawyer is not clear about that, she is only accusing Amber of opportunism. Weird, don’t you think?


    For this BS, an iPhone wouldn’t be worth the expense. A Nokia, maybe.

  • Just Saying

    That’s a full Gone Girl move right there shm… Amber is really desperate for Johnny’s money…

  • Kate

    The police found them both sitting amongst all the broken stuff. There was never any mention of physical abuse or attack on Kate. Sounds like he has issues with anger management and a habit of breaking stuff but so do a lot of men and women as well.

  • Kate

    Maybe because there had been nothing wrong with her face when her friend called 911. They did not see any bruises or scars on her and even asked if she wanted to press charges and she said nope. When her demands for spousal support were denied she suddenly developed a bruise and a story was fabricated about an alleged abuse. Oh and her price went up to 50 thousand a month and the house , the car etc. Why does she need 50 grand a month? She has money of her own. She is a model and actress ( thanks to being married to him she has been getting offered a lot of roles the last few years). If she was abused and scared, she should have just left, running away for her life. Especially since Johnny was out of town. What was holding her back?

  • Kate

    Never heard of physical abuse from any woman he was involved with until now.

  • Kate

    A lot of people drink including her and many of the posters on here no doubt. That does not automatically make everyone a suspect of abuse.

  • Kate

    It’s messed up to accuse him of abuse to get more money out of him or have some leverage in the divorce. From all that I have read thus far, sounds like she had given this some thought and set things up way in advance such as giving her neighbor a key etc. She mentioned some video evidence etc. She used his temper against him to make it believable. A real victim of abuse would be too terrified to make such claims and stay put in a home when she could afford to leave as soon as possible especially when he has been out of town since Wednesday. She is not destitute. She has millions in her bank. She could afford living somewhere else. Why is she still at their apt making stuff up and asking for more material possessions in addition to the 50 grand a month spousal support? She has not been married long enough to qualify for that kind of money. Even if there was no prenup she can’t touch his assets prior to the marriage, just what he earned during the last 15 months but she wants to make enough noise to see if he will just give her the money to make her go away. That crying face in the car was her throwing a tantrum for not getting her way. I have read so many comments online and 90% of people seem to think she is out for his money. She wants to come across as a victim because she is fast becoming one of the most hated women on the planet. Makes me think of the manipulative Russian ex of Mel Gibson who also made a recording of his temper tantrums or that other gold digger , Paul McCartney’s ex wife who really hit the jackpot. Women like Amber Heard make it hard for others to believe the real abuse victims.

  • Kate

    I wanted to clarify something. I am totally against abuse. If I thought Johnny Depp was this person she is making him out to be I would be the first to wish him charged and tried for it but I just can’t believe her. THE POLICE NEVER SAW BRUISES OR SIGNS OF ABUSE when they got there. To me that’s evidence enough that she is a liar. When the Bill Cosby allegations first surfaced I believed those women and so many people were pro Cosby and it infuriated me but now looking back I can see why so many thought those women were lying. It’s because of women like Amber Heard. Those real victims had nothing to gain by coming forward ( with the exception of a few ). In fact the stood to lose a lot and yet they were brave enough to finally speak their truth and am glad that he is now being tried for some of those charges.