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Vogue Apologizes for Gender Fluidity Remarks on Gigi & Zayn Cover

Vogue Apologizes for Gender Fluidity Remarks on Gigi & Zayn Cover

Vogue is speaking out after receiving backlash for some statements made on its August 2017 cover, featuring real-life couple Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik.

The cover highlights a “new generation embracing gender fluidity,” and the author writes that Gigi and Zayn have a “blasé attitude toward gender codes” because they share each other’s clothes.

Many readers were quick to point out that just because the couple shops in each other’s closets doesn’t mean they are gender fluid.

Gigi Hadid wore pants last week and now vogue is calling her a gender fluid icon,” one Twitter user wrote.

Click inside to read Vogue’s apology…

“The story was intended to highlight the impact the gender-fluid, non-binary communities have had on fashion and culture,” a spokeswoman for Vogue told BuzzFeed in a statement on Friday (July 14). “We are very sorry the story did not correctly reflect that spirit – we missed the mark. We do look forward to continuing the conversation with greater sensitivity.”

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  • Blair Waldorf

    Ever since Kimye was on the cover, vogue has gone downhill in class & quality with their cover choices.

  • Dee Riley

    Agreed. Vogue is a trashy tabloid rag now. I wouldn’t wipe it with my butt at this rate.

    BTW, you can blame Anna Wintour for this. She is the editor who’s been trashing up Vogue to appeal to the equally trashy Kardashian crowd. It’s only a matter of time before Blac Chyna and Iggy Azalea appear on the cover.

  • Blair Waldorf

    Yeah, she picks the same 4 overexposed, trashy people to be on the covers and overlooks classier, actually talented actors/musicians. Vogue is a joke at this point.

  • shibsmytube .

    Newsflash: Vogue – a magazine – has put something out that some folks don’t like so much… so, they tactfully apologized and “look forward to continuing the conversation with greater sensitivity” so as to (hopefully) have little negative – if any – impact on their popularity and magazine sales…
    whoopidy do… : > ) … not much of a newsflash…

  • BigTex1

    Leave it to the left to criticize Vogue for not being correctly gender fluid. Even a fashion magazine is not immune to the leftist PC police. You do realize we are taking about 0.3% – 0.6% of the U.S. population.

  • Anatoliy Golitsyn

    Anytime I see the word “gender” I immediately know it some overly sensitive assholes who are being offended.

  • Anatoliy Golitsyn

    The TQL crowd will love this. What is the TQL crowd? Transvestites, Queers and Lesbians.

  • Jonathan Ferrell

    What’s really stupid is that people are outraged about something that doesn’t even exist. There is no such thing as gender fluidity.

  • Jonathan Ferrell

    Less, really, since gender fluidity doesn’t exist.

  • xombygod

    Oh so cross dressing doesn’t make you gay enough? A man wearing women’s clothes is too straight? What he has to have a penis in his mouth for it to count? So if some one is biracial are the not black enough or Asian enough? You people are ridiculous. remember when you were gay or straight? Not gender fluid non binary. Why the hell do people have to have labels? Or even worse why does everybody have to be a fucking victim. Nut up, shut up and quit whining. If they were hanging a queer from a tree (like they do in Iran) I could understand it. But queers (your word lbgtQ) have it so easy now you bitch about someones clothes, Oh where oh where is your Dr. King? Stuck in the closet trying to pick out an outfit I guess. Fucking ridiculous.

  • Kris

    wake up people. girls and guy’s style are adapted from each other. girl’s wear boxes and boyfriend jeans and guys are comfortable wearing the color pink and makeup without being called names… just because a couple is comfortable to share their fashion with each other that makes it wrong to show on a magazine cover? whatever happened to equality for all people?

  • LisaFStedman

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  • ikepono


  • TaraTeller

    Gender fluidity is a ridiculous concept. American Vogue is a joke.

  • Khazija

    Zayn and Gigi deserved to be on there. They are both fashion icons. The hatred, bigotry, and double-standards from their haters is atrocious.

    The fact that the media and the ongoing smear campaign blew up by using hate tweets from hypocritical directioners is beyond shady and atrocious. They were talking about gender fluidity/androgyny in fashion and clothing, not the trans community but people chose to misportray that to incite hate like they always do.

  • Khazija

    Zayn is a talented musician and a real fashion icon with Gigi being one of the most high profile models out there. It is trashy and classless that people are pretending they are not worthy of Vogue and are harassing people about it.

  • Khazija

    It is not a ridiculous concept, it has existed in fashion and music for ages when it comes bending gender roles. People were outraged by twisting this around as a sjw issue for the trans community when the article was clearly talking about clothing.

  • Khazija

    Zayn was a quality decision and bigots/haters pretending otherwise to be nasty is not going to change that.

  • Blair Waldorf

    Lol, who is harassing anyone? This is a discussion thread, where people post their opinions. Just because it doesn’t match your own.opinion, doesn’t make it “harassment ” or “trashy”.
    Zayn & Gigi aren’t good examples of gender fluidity, the end. Grow up sweetie.

  • Khazija

    His trolls who bombard every site to attack him with this level of extreme hatred need to grow up. You were the one attacking Anna Wintour by saying she put “trashy, overexposed” people, for posting them on the cover. Don’t throw stones at glass walls. She received bullying and threats from haters like you over this.

    They were talking about gender fluidity in fashion. Nobody has this nasty and faux woke reaction when directioners kept referring to Harry Styles as a gender fluid icon or Ruby Rose. Look at the seventies, eighties, and there are plenty of celebs from different eras who were lauded for non-binary clothing and breaking gender roles in fashion which is what the actual context of the article is about. If anybody else but Zayn or Gigi had the same kind of spread, it would be getting a different reaction. His biased hate-base without fail, will spin anything around to generate a backlash and the smear campaign-drilling press will post nasty articles.