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Time's Up Now: 300 Women in Hollywood Team Up to Fight Sexual Harassment

Time's Up Now: 300 Women in Hollywood Team Up to Fight Sexual Harassment

300 powerful women in Hollywood, including Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, have joined forces to launch the Time’s Up initiative to fight back against sexual harassment in the workplace.

The initiative includes a legal defense fund that will help women protect themselves against sexual misconduct in the workplace and encourage them to report it when it happens. Time’s Up will also drive legislation to penalize any companies that tolerate harassment and it will seek to reach gender parity in Hollywood studios and talent agencies by 2020.

“Now, unlike ever before, our access to the media and to important decision makers has the potential of leading to real accountability and consequences. We want all survivors of sexual harassment, everywhere, to be heard, to be believed, and to know that accountability is possible,” the 300 women wrote in an open letter released on New Year’s Day. “We also want all victims and survivors to be able to access justice and support for the wrongdoing they have endured. We particularly want to lift up the voices, power, and strength of women working in low-wage industries where the lack of financial stability makes them vulnerable to high rates of gender-based violence and exploitation.”

Dakota Johnson, Emma Stone, Shonda Rhimes, Eva Longoria, and many more are among the women who signed the letter. They will also be wearing all black to the Golden Globes this Sunday in solidarity with the victims of sexual harassment who have come forward in recent months.

Go to for more info and a link to donate.

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  • plez

    But let’s say Reese Witherspoon husband, who is an agent, or Shonda Rhines bf is accused. Will this group support the accusers legal fees? I think this was a good idea for moving women rights further but still may not work when it comes to sexual harassment. They should have used the money to hire a group of people outside of the industry to handle complaints from accusers.

  • jimrussell
  • Sid Polar

    if there were truly 300 “powerful” women in HW there wouldn’t be any alleged abuse.

  • wearing


  • my lady

    While I applaud this idea and what it represents, are they really asking the public to help fund this? If so, the funds should be coming from Hollywood it self. This is a systemic problem in Hollywood and they are not short of funds. They should be sourcing it from there, You shouldn’t expect the public to help fund this, if I’m taking it the right way.

  • JK

    They are asking everyone to chip in, is not a Hollywood problem, but an all across the spectrum issue, no only a Hollywood thing and they have started the fund with over 5 million from their pockets, you should read the article with everyone’s contribution. So yes, you’re not taking it the right way but I see you’re open to understand how it works…

  • Ella

    Did you read this article? It’s women from Hollywood whom actually put up most of the money to help others who are everyday working class women who don’t have a voice. Hollywood did speak out and a lot of the badseeds are exposed and losing their credibility where no one wants to work with them. These women are trying to give these other women the same voice with proper legal representation so they won’t be discriminated anymore. I wish you all would read before spouting off in the comments section.

  • Ella

    That’s what they’re doing. This program isn’t for Hollywood, it’s for everyday working class women who are nurses, cleaners, waitresses etc. to give them proper legal representation if they’re being harassed or discriminated against. Read the damn article.

  • Malida

    Read the article.

  • Michelle

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  • Sprite

    This is Big !!! – how do they get all the head honchos from all those companies to sit up and take notice and show up is anyone’s guess.

  • Janice

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  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Of course, the donated money must be used efficiently to solve “that problem” (abuse, harassment, discrimination, marginalization and underrepresentation).
    Equality of women is something, that has to be educated everywhere. But as long as there´s a “family-tradition”, that supports inequality of women (with negative consequences for women), the problem will be given from one generation to the next generation and so on and on and on.
    (with all that stupid stereotypes against women)
    This ist the 1st aspect:
    We need effective education programs in order to break the curse of such negative family-traditions. Children must learn, if their own parents support discrimination and if their own parents support suppress of women early enough.
    And women must be empowered to quit from hubbies, that
    suppress any part of the family. This emporement has to be
    a financial on, too, yup ! ´Cause financial strenght of the
    woman leads to independency.
    (I think this sentence is a new aspect)
    The education programs (from Kindergarten up to High School and University) is one aspect of using that money.
    The 2nd aspect is to intensify the laws (means the punishment) on those mofo-men and sometimes(!) women too, who suppress women in different ways at workplace or on the way to any kind of academical qualification. Harder punishment leads to less suppress of women.
    The 3rd aspect is to think about usind new technologies to avoid abuse and harassment. What about little body-cams for actresses at Hollywood for example. These body-cams could monitor everything that happens at the set – and beside the set at the studio. At the end of each day, all infos could be send to an artificial intelligence, that decides, if any kind of interaction was a kind of discrimination or a kind of harassment or a kind of abuse.
    The 4th aspect is to formalize and transparentize
    the way to academic top positions as well as the way to get a role for a movie immensly in order ot avoid informal discussions about whom to choose on the way to the next academical top position. Informal interactions open up the door for decisions against women. Thus, there should be no way for informal interactions. Transparency is important in order to give everyone, who wants a top position at a company or university, the same information about
    all the criteria, that is wished by the company. As long as the
    process of transparency isn´t the same for everyone, there can be no justice between men and women. Everybody must have the same chance to be prepared the best way. Otherwise there´s inequality. And the commitee of decisioners has to be constituted of men and women, means 50% of the members have to be men, 50% of the members have to be women. Not a single extra-decisioner (with more power on the process of decision as the normal members)
    should participate in the process of decision. That process has to be absolutely democratized.
    The 5th aspect is to fight against violence and against guns and drugs on severel levels.
    Because drugs and guns and violence of
    men and (eventually women too) depend on each other.
    Why this? Because there are a lot of women, who do
    not quit from their violent hubbies, because they are
    afraid of a family-tragedy. And that kind of family-tragedy
    would be the violent act of the hubby on the family.
    Folks, the fight for freedom and equality of women on the whole world is a fight on severel levels. Let´s intensify it by supporting this fund !
    1000-SUNS-POWER-FOREVERRRLet´sFightForFreedomAndEqualityOfWomen – wordwide !!!