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Jennifer Lawrence Explains Why She Wouldn't Watch 'Phantom Thread'

Jennifer Lawrence Explains Why She Wouldn't Watch 'Phantom Thread'

Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscars voter and one movie she won’t be voting for is Phantom Thread.

The 27-year-old actress says that she tried to watch the movie, but only got to the three-minute mark before she turned it off.

“I got through about three minutes of it. I put in a good solid three. I’m sorry to anybody who loved that movie,” Jennifer said on the WTF podcast (via IndieWire). “I couldn’t give that kind of time. It was three minutes and I was just [oof].”

“Is it just about clothes?” Jen continued. “Is [Daniel Day-Lewis' character] kind of like a narcissistic sociopath and he’s an artist so every girl falls in love with him because he makes her feel bad about herself and that’s the love story? I haven’t seen it, so I don’t know. I’ve been down that road, I know what that’s like, I don’t need to watch that movie [laughs].”

Jennifer recently said she doesn’t like watching awards-worthy movies and revealed the types of films she does enjoy.

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  • YupVideoFever

    Maybe going back to school isn’t such a bad of idea…

  • Michele V

    Wow, she sounds like a moron. Why even bother putting the film on in the first place if you decided to judge it THREE minutes in? And then to get the plot completely wrong?

  • Marlena

    She is like a child who claims to hate food she has never tasted before. Who judges a movie based on 3 minutes and assumes the plot based on that?? Granted I have never seen this movie, but would like to. Also how ironic is it that she refuses to watch a movie because it may contain an abusive relationship but loves fifty shades of grey, and has played in a movie where the entire premise is her being abused because she is mother nature or whatever and someone kills her baby???

  • Vanity

    b*tch pls you wish you had DDL’s talent. stfu.

  • Angelette Holtrust

    That is exactly how I feel trying to watch her movies

  • lost_girl

    he is a brilliant actor, his abe L was mind blowing, he has more talent in his pinky nail, then she has in her whole body..this girl needs to shut her ignorant mouth.

  • kittenparanoia

    she’s like all those one star amazon reviews where people claim they stopped watching after only a couple of minutes and now they know the whole movie and go out and judge them. She is just so disrespectful…and I said it for years know but people always defended her because of her age…

  • moody

    She really is a moron. She stars in garbage like mother! but can only give a DDL movie 3 minutes before deciding she hates it? i hope red sparrow bombs.

  • guesst

    Oh, she’s not that stupid after all :) This movie is still nowadays many
    guys dream relationship: poor, not working woman dependent on a man
    with a big career and ego. (she should watch it before voting though)
    #time’s up

  • HG

    She’s totally talking about Darren Aronosky(sp?) right? Falling in love with an artistic sociopath?

  • Applecorped

    That’s 3 minutes longer than I could stand watching Mother.

  • dee

    i find her super irritating and problematic at times and other times quite charming….

  • moody

    gee, didn’t she say she felt so free and comfortable with him?

  • alex

    THE PHANTOM THREAD is it one of the most beautiful film of love,intelligent, deeply intense,of the feelings of love:and DANIEL DAY-LEWIS IS IT TERRIFIC.I don’t understand the last behaviour of JEN.Maybe she is it sick……

  • Jaclyn Shortt

    How embarrassing for her to be speaking this way. Maybe some etiquette classes wouldn’t go astray. DDL is incredible actor who’s been acting longer than she’s been alive, even if she doesn’t care for the movie she should respect his career.

  • Camille

    This coming from a chick who sent Harvey Weinstein nude pics and videos of herself!

  • Happy Camper

    What purpose did it serve her to make a shady comment like that? She seems a bit overly proud of herself.

  • Blair Waldorf

    Funny, a lot of people have said the same thing about mother!

  • evie

    That is so arrogant of her to say that kind of stuff!

  • Vanessa Graten

    This is just another case of Jen trying to come across as relatable…”oh I’m so cool and normal, I don’t watch indie oscar movies, I watch 50 shades and Adam Sandler films” bla bla bla…it’s always the same schtick with her. It’s fake and overdone at this point.

  • KS_in_TP

    Oy vey. Dropout is too dumb to even know she’s dumb. Do you remember that movie with Luke Wilson about how he woke up in the future and everyone was stupid? And anyone who was the slightest bit smart would be treated like idiots by the actual idiots? That’s Jennifer Lawrence. She is a walking advertisement for staying in school. On a more serious note: She should be immediately fired as a voter. She doesn’t deserve to be casting votes for the highest acting award in America when she’s too stupid and bored to endure a whole movie.

  • KS_in_TP

    She shouldn’t be allowed to vote in the Academy after that comment. Incompetent and totally out of her depth.

  • KS_in_TP

    “She is like a child who claims to hate food she has never tasted before.” YES!!!!! Spot on.

  • KS_in_TP

    She’s got the puffed up false pride of a deeply insecure person.

  • KS_in_TP

    This coming from a girl who dropped out at 14 to “forge my own path” and is totally out of her depth among seasoned artists.

  • KS_in_TP

    She actually believes she funny. She thinks this kind of attitude will make people laugh because YOU KNOW we ALL think DDL movies are unwatchable, right? /sarc

  • KS_in_TP

    It will bomb. Have you heard her accent in it? Horrible.

  • KS_in_TP

    YES. Which is why she should immediately be removed as an Academy voter.

  • cafeast


  • cafeast

    I find ppl who use the word ‘problematic’ problematic. Enough w/ this fucking word, much like ‘fierce’ and ‘literally’ before it, ‘problematic’ completely lost its meaning at this point.

  • Ram

    so she judged a movie that she only saw 3 minutes of…got it.

    its interesting to think she is the last Weinstein Era girl. Where will she go from here? She was great in Winter’s Bone, that nomination was deserved. But after that, those oscars…we all know what she did for those. And those photos that were hacked?….my bet is they were for Weinstein. apple said after an investigation no cloud hacking took place….

    bottomline: she used to be candid and tolerable, but now she’s obnoxious. its pretty damn obvious her relationship w/weinstein was quid-pro-quo. did anybody catch that she lied for the first 10 years about her education? Its interesting…go look back at it.

  • Ram

    I know right? the plot turns into something more nuanced, and actually not misogynistic at all… a way, there is a ‘feminist’ twist. she’s an idiot.

  • Ram

    get back in your lane, grandma. find a safe space to rant about the young folks’ vernacular somewhere else.

  • Ram

    did you see the film?

    there’s a twist, rather a pro-woman twist.

    you’re either too stupid to get it, or havent seen it. Or both!…Jlaw??

  • Jean Morel

    The funniest thing is she couldn’t last 3 minutes of this but has watched every episode of the Kardashians, most likely multiple times.

  • Sol

    I feel like sharing my letterboxd review of Phantom Thread: “me @Darren Aronofsky, see my boy, it’s possible to make an allegory for
    the creative process and its personal costs without being a violent,
    sexist, narcissistic mess”

  • cafeast

    Fuck yourself with your child molester father’s dick. I know what he is up to. Trash…

  • Sofia

    I think she’s talking about that pretentious and sad excuse of a film she was in, you know, the one directed by a “narcissistic sociopath” whom she fell in love with…

    A good thing is we won’t see Jennifer in a PTA project any time soon.

  • Lillie Ochoa

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  • Sprite

    I was like that reading the ‘IT’ book. #Enormous Discredit.

  • Sprite

    I was like that reading the ‘IT’ book. #Enormous Discredit.

  • Maria M.

    They should revoke her Academy membership immediately. Her duty is to watch nominated films or get the fuck out!

  • lauro andrea

    She sounds like a real bubblehead and c*nt.

  • lauro andrea

    She sounds like a real bubblehead and c*nt.

  • lauro andrea

    She sounds like a real bubblehead and c*nt.

  • lauro andrea

    She sounds like a real bubblehead and c*nt.

  • lauro andrea

    She sounds like a real bubblehead and c*nt.

  • Snapin House

    She’s such an idiot. But then again she was a middle school dropout there not much up there really.