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Peter Weber's Mom Addresses His New Relationship with Kelley Flanagan

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan have his mom’s stamp of approval!

Barb Weber took to Instagram on Saturday (May 2) to share a collage her son and his new girlfriend during their time on The Bachelor.

“❤️Serendipity❤️,” Barb wrote along with the collage.

Peter‘s dad Peter Weber Sr. also shared photos of the couple on Instagram with the caption, “Happiness is finding your copilot.”

Earlier this week it was reported that Peter and Kelley had officially started dating. Peter has been self-quarantining with Kelley at her apartment in Chicago amid the global health pandemic.

During the season finale of Peter‘s season of The Bachelor, Barb made it very clear that she did not approve of him dating Madison Prewett. Shortly after the finale aired, Peter and Madison broke up.

Peter Weber Addresses Rumors Of Rift With His Mom Barb

Peter Weber and his mom, Barbara, are hitting back at the headlines about their “strained” relationship.

Taking to his Instagram Stories this afternoon, the 28-year-old pilot and Bachelor star shared a video with his mom after reading a headline about how their relationship is today.

“Peter Weber’s relationship with mom Barb has been strained since Bachelor finale,” Peter read the headline out loud to her. “Barb, any comments on that one?”

“I love you!” she responded, as Peter joked, “Very strained.”

The rumors began after Barbara criticized his relationship with Madison Prewett.

If you didn’t see, Peter and Madison announced their split just days after the finale aired.

Peter Weber's Mom Barbara Declares This 'Bachelor' Contestant Was Her Favorite

Barbara Weber had a favorite on The Bachelor this season – and it wasn’t Madison Prewett or Hannah Ann Sluss.

The mom of pilot Peter Weber revealed that it was actually Kelley Flanagan was her fave.

Just after Kelley shared a post on her Instagram about the final show, Barbara was seen commenting on it, saying that she was her favorite.

“What a whirlwind of a season and finale! Good luck to everyone involved,” Kelley wrote.

Barbara added, “The Most Beautiful, Elegant, Classy, Intelligent Stylish Girl in the World!!!You were and will always be my Fav rav.”

She wrote in another comment that “We need to do lunch and go shopping for the day.”

If you missed it, producer Rob Mills reacted to Barbara‘s behavior in the finale.

'Bachelor' Exec Describes the Vibe After Finale Between Peter Weber & His Parents

The Bachelor came to a shocking end on Tuesday night (March 10), and social media is still buzzing about that ending – especially Peter Weber‘s awkward interaction with his parents, including mother Barb.

ABC’s Rob Mills opened up about what happened directly after the events we saw during the live finale in an interview with THR on Wednesday (March 11).

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During the interview, he explained more about the vibe directly after the show ended.

“I think it was hard. The contract you sign is to have this play out in front of cameras. That’s sort of what it is. But it was hard. You’re watching the family go through a problem that is not unique to them. This is a problem that many families go through, so I’m sure there is some discord there. They are really close and I hope they can work through it,” he said.

He also revealed that Peter won’t be making press rounds after the finale.

“This decision was made weeks ago. I think Peter and Madison are trying to figure their way out and what’s next for them, and I think that answering a million questions right now when they haven’t had the time to ask those questions of themselves would have been really difficult and kind of a gauntlet. It had nothing to do with the family,” he clarified.

“And you go to one thing and you are asked that question, and then another and another. I’m sure that they’ll speak out when the time is right.”

In case you missed it, here’s what Peter‘s mom Barb said to his dad in Spanish during the show.

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'Bachelor' Exec Addresses Peter Weber's Mom Barb's Finale Behavior: 'I Don't Think Anyone Knew She Would Go That Far'

The Bachelor came to a dramatic end on Tuesday night (March 10), and social media was immediately abuzz with reactions to the show’s finale with Peter Weber – especially his mother, Barb.

ABC exec Rob Mills discussed her controversial involvement – and blatant disapproval of her son Peter deciding to date Madison in the end – during an interview with Variety.

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“I think the confrontation with Madison probably has more people on Madison’s side,” he said.

“We knew that she was not necessarily thrilled that Peter had reconciled with Madison, but this was truly a little bit scary because it was live and nobody knows what she’s going to say, but at the same time, that’s what makes for great TV. But, I don’t think anyone knew she would go that far.”

When asked if Barb went too far – as some people on social media feel – he said: “We all want love. We all want to find that person and want to be with someone. And the fact that the family does not get along with the person you’ve chosen to be with is also something that many people deal with. Family dynamics is always something you have to deal with. I think everybody saw some scenario in their life than rang true while watching that.”

“I think it’s going to be difficult with Peter and Madison, so I’m glad that everybody saw these dynamics on TV, so that if they don’t work out, it played in front of the audience. When you sign up for this show, you sign up to bring the audience with you on this journey,” he went on to explain.

As for whether the show plans to continue filming with Peter‘s family, he said: “If it’s warranted. I think, right now, they deserve their privacy. But of course we’ll check up on them. If there’s something that warrants us filming, we would love to be there.”

One Bachelor alum poked fun at the events of the show’s finale. See what he said!

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