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Chris Evans Praises Cardi B for Speaking Out About Trump & Government Shutdown

Chris Evans is loving how Cardi B is responding to the government shutdown.

If you don’t know, Cardi B went on an expletive-filled rant against Donald Trump over his government shutdown that has lasted weeks.

Chris saw Cardi B‘s rant on social media and decided to write a message.

He posted, “I love this. Thank you @iamcardib for giving zero f*cks.”

Chris has often spoken out about Donald Trump and his policies in the past. Just last week, he slammed Vice President Mike Pence and asked something of all journalists who get the change to interview the current regime.

Chris Evans Supports 'Send Girls to See Captain Marvel' Campaign

Chris Evans really is Captain America!

The 37-year-old Marvel star took to Twitter to share a campaign aimed to help Girls Inc. of Greater Los Angeles with their GoFundMe campaign to send young women to see the upcoming movie Captain Marvel.

If you don’t know, Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson, is the first Marvel film led by a female. The film hits theaters on March 8.

Girls Inc. of Greater Los Angeles helps those who “are considered ‘at risk’ through no fault of their own, due to circumstances such as family poverty, gang surroundings and even homelessness.”

Chris shared the campaign on his Twitter account and wrote, “Donated!!”

If you have the means, consider donating to this amazing cause!

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Chris Evans Slams Vice President Pence, Makes a Request of Journalists

Chris Evans, aka Captain America, is calling out Vice President Mike Pence after seeing a video clip from a recent interview.

The clip, tweeted out by the Today show, has a journalist asking the VP, “Which former presidents told President Trump, as he said, that he should’ve built a wall? All their representatives have denied that that was the case.”

The Vice President responded, “I know the President has said that that was his impression…I know I’ve seen clips of previous Presidents talking about the importance of border security, the importance of addressing the issue of illegal immigration….Honestly, the American people want us to address this issue.”

Chris took to Twitter to respond to this clip, writing, “Wow. @VP is an obsequious little worm desperately trying to sanitize Trump’s lies. He has no shame. Keep tap dancing you fool. We all see you.”

He added, “Also, this line of questioning was way too soft. The volume of misinformation coming out of the White House is staggering. Without hard questioning when given the chance, the lying becomes normalized. American journalists need to find their courage.”

Chris Evans Inserts Himself Into Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman's Twitter Feud!

Chris Evans just replied to one of the tweets within Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman‘s epic back and forth on Twitter and we’re so here for it!

In one of the tweets, Ryan wrote to Hugh, “It’d be cool if they made a new poster. For a new movie,” pointing out that Hugh hasn’t made a new Wolverine movie since 2017′s Logan.

Chris then replied to the tweet, writing, “I have my audition monologues prepared.”

There are Marvel comic book storylines that involve all three of their characters: Deadpool, Captain America, and Wolverine! We would love to see this trio make a Marvel movie together!

Chris Evans Gets a Pat Down in First 'Knives Out' Set Photos!

Chris Evans and Daniel Craig are hard at work on the set of their upcoming film Knives Out, and we have the very first set photos!

The two actors were seen on set of the Rian Johnson film on Monday morning (December 3) in Waltham, Mass.

At one point, it appeared as if Chris‘ character was being searched and arrested by undercover police! The plot of the movie has not yet been disclosed, though we do know that the film will star Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Toni Collette, Katherine Langford, Lakeith Stanfield, Ana de Armas, and more.

Check out the photos from the set…More Here! »

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