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Katie Eliminates Three More Guys on 'The Bachelorette' Ahead of Hometown Dates (Spoilers)

Andrew S on The Bachelorette


Andrew S., 26, a pro football player from Vienna, Austria

Katie eliminated Andrew during the rose ceremony and said that she couldn’t meet his family and truthfully tell them that she can see a future with him.

Andrew went to Katie‘s room the next morning to have one last chat with her before leaving the resort, because he wanted to end things on a smiling note.

Andrew left her with a note before leaving. It said, “If you change your mind, I’ll be waiting.” She then ran after him and asked if he’d want to stay a little longer, but he said no because of everything that happened.

“I want my future wife to choose me, and she didn’t choose me. So I said no,” he said in a confessional.

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