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Get to Know 'Pity Party' Korean Star JAMIE With These 15 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Get to Know 'Pity Party' Korean Star JAMIE With These 15 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

JAMIE is one of the impressive rising international talents we’re most excited about here at Just Jared, and we want our readers to get to know her even better!

The 24-year-old South Korean singer-songwriter, born Park Jimin, has been making major waves recently, especially having just linked up with Saweetie and Doja Cat on a remix of their hit, “Best Friend,” as well as collaborating with David Guetta on “Family.”

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She first broke through after appearing on Season 1 of K-Pop Star in 2011, becoming a member of the duo 15&. She would later release solo EPs 19 to 20 and jiminxjamie in 2016 and 2018, continuing to make a name for herself with her impressive skill and charming personality.

Most recently, in addition to MCing the variety show After School Club, JAMIE just dropped her new single “Pity Party,” an all-English track about a situation that’s left her emotionally fragile – and made history as the first Korean artist to join Warner Music Korea’s roster.

I’m feeling sad, I’m spiral falling all the way down, the only way is up, UP!” she declares, bouncing back. It’s clear she’s only getting started with dominating the music scene worldwide.

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1. I have this little scar, because when I was young, I got bit by a dog. I thought I was giving love to this dog but the dog thought that I was threatening him, so he bit me and there’s a little scar on my finger.

2. I actually showed all my hidden talents, but what I can show is an elephant noise that I can do, it sounds a little weird but it’s better to see it in person.

3. My first song I ever wrote was “Walkin’” in my 19 to 20 album. It was my first song that I’ve written with [producer] NATHAN.

4. I saved a person’s life before. Someone was drowning down in the swimming pool so I just jumped out of the sea and swam over to her and caught her. I brought her back outside of the pool and she really thanked me. True story.

5. I think my right eye is slightly bigger than the left.

6. When I’m home, I just want to get out of this whole outfit so I wear my shirts inside out sometimes and I wouldn’t know it until the next day. I see the tag in front of me and that’s when I realize that I wore it inside out.

7. First song that I ever sang was Rihanna’s “We Ride.” I was in this music academy and the first song that they gave me was this song.

8. I want a superpower where I can go from time to time, so if I click myself, I would be in another country and if I click myself I’d be in another place. Moving around the different timezone.

9. When I come home and lay down in bed, I make this ‘Hughhhhh’ sound. When I feel everything is done and I’m ready to sleep.

10. I do dream a lot, sometimes the same dream for 3 days in a row, which feels really weird. I feel like it’s trying to tell me something important.


11. I made a reservation to get a new tattoo. You’ll see it.

12. I got my lip pierced. This was one of the 2022 promises that I made myself.

13. I get personal training, I go for a run or a walk and sometimes if I eat too much desserts, I try to cut them off the next day.

14. Recently, I’m into painting as a hobby. There’s a big portrait of something with the paint number, and I would color that section. So that’s my new hobby.

15. I don’t cook. I usually order or take out from the place. These days, I go for chicken breast with salad. No fun.

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