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'To Kill a Mockingbird' Broadway Return Canceled, Playwright Aaron Sorkin Blames Disgraced Producer Scott Rudin

The acclaimed play To Kill a Mockingbird will no longer be returning to Broadway and the show’s playwright Aaron Sorkin is placing blame on disgraced producer Scott Rudin.

The show was one of the most successful plays of all time after it opened in 2018 and it returned to Broadway in Fall 2021 with original star Jeff Daniels.

After Jeff left the play on January 2, Broadway was hit by the resurgent pandemic and the producers made the decision to temporarily close the show on January 16. The original plan to reopen the play on June 1 never happened and now the show will not return at all.

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'To Kill a Mockingbird' Set to Re-Open on Broadway, Will Replace Former Producer Scott Rudin

To Kill a Mockingbird is returning to Broadway.

The Aaron Sorkin adaptation is set to resume performances on October 5, 2021 at the Shubert Theatre in New York City, per THR.

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Sutton Foster Reveals If She Would Have Left 'Music Man' on Broadway If Scott Rudin Was Still Involved

Sutton Foster is speaking out about the allegations against Broadway producer Scott Rudin, who was formerly producing her upcoming musical The Music Man.

The 46-year-old actress was asked if she would have left the musical if he was still involved. Rudin did announce he was stepping away from the show.

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Rita Wilson Reveals the Awful Way Scott Rudin Allegedly Treated Her When They Worked Together

Rita Wilson is opening up about what allegedly happened when she worked with disgraced Scott Rudin on the 2015 Broadway play Fish in the Dark.

The 64-year-old actress learned that she was diagnosed with breast cancer while performing in the play and Rudin‘s response to the news was awful.

“When she told Mr. Rudin the news, she said, he complained that she would need time off during Tony voting season and asked to see her medical records, while Anna Shapiro, the director, grew upset about having to find a replacement,” The New York Times reported.

The report added, “A few days later, just before the curtains rose, Ms. Wilson received a call from her agent, saying her surgeon needed to call the insurance adjuster immediately, per Mr. Rudin’s demands. The memory still pains her.”

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Hugh Jackman Speaks Out About 'Music Man' & Scott Rudin Abuse Allegations

Hugh Jackman is speaking out.

The 52-year-old The Greatest Showman actor addressed the recent reports against producer Scott Rudin regarding his allegedly abusive behavior towards former and current staffers.

Music Man star Sutton Foster vowed to quit the upcoming Broadway production if Scott Rudin didn’t step down. After Scott announced that he is stepping away from Broadway amid the bullying and abuse allegations, Music Man co-star Hugh Jackman spoke out on Wednesday (April 21), via THR.

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Sutton Foster Breaks Silence on Scott Rudin Allegations, Explains Why She Waited to Speak

Sutton Foster is speaking out on the allegations made against producer Scott Rudin and she’s explaining why she waited to speak about them.

The two-time Tony-winning actress is set to star in the upcoming Broadway production of The Music Man, a show that was being produced by Rudin.

We learned this weekend that Sutton gave the producing team an ultimatum and vowed to leave the show if Rudin did not step down from the production. He has been accused of abusive workplace behavior by numerous former employees.

After Rudin announced that he is stepping away from Broadway, Sutton shared her thoughts during an Instagram Live on Sunday morning (April 18).

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Sutton Foster Vowed to Quit Broadway's 'Music Man' if Producer Scott Rudin Didn't Step Down

Sutton Foster deserves a standing ovation for the stand she took against producer Scott Rudin!

The two-time Tony-winning actress is set to star alongside Hugh Jackman in the upcoming Broadway revival of The Music Man, which was to be produced by Rudin.

After the recent allegations of abusive workplace behavior were revealed, Sutton reportedly told the rest of the producing team that she would leave the production if he remained on the team, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The outlet says that Hugh was “very concerned” about the claims, though he reportedly did not make any ultimatums in the way Sutton did. He did “express his position that something needed to be done.”

Rudin announced on Saturday morning (April 17) that he will “step away” from the Broadway productions that he was working on, effective immediately. His statement only said that he was stepping away from “active participation,” so it’s likely that he still has a financial stake in the show.

Another Tony-winning actress has also taken a stand against Rudin and the industry’s non-response to the allegations.

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