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Gerard Butler: '300' Movie Photocall

Gerard Butler: '300' Movie Photocall

Burly Scotsman Gerard Butler and Brazilian hottie Rodrigo Santoro promote their much-anticipated movie 300 on Wednesday afternoon with director Zack Snyder during the 57th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) in Berlin, Germany.

If you missed it, be sure to check out these PECtacular movie stills from 300. The film opens in theaters nationwide (and on IMAX) on Friday, March 9.

Gerard, 37, starred in 2004′s The Phantom of the Opera. Rodrigo, 31, starred in 2003′s Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and currently stars on ABC’s hit drama Lost (Er, I think he’s still alive). Be sure to check out more pictures of Gerard and Rodrigo.

UPDATE :: You’ll be pleased to know that 300 received a standing ovation in the sold out Berlinale Palast last night. The screening was interrupted again and again by spontaneous applause and cheers from the 1700 strong audience. Said director Zack Snyder: “It was awesome to be at the Berlin Film Festival World Premiere and experience the amazing reaction.”

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  • ve

    Rodrigo is adorable. He so gorgeous in all pictures

  • songamonga

    What a good surprise, Rodrigo is not just handsome, but a good actor too.

  • Lisa

    awwwww, Rodrigo is amazing!
    i’ve met him a few times and he’s just so nice to everyone… and oh the hotness… =P

    cant wait to see this movie

  • green lettuce

    OMG!!!!!!!!!JARED I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!

    OMG Gerry!!! You’re not just the king Leonidas but you’re the KING OF HOTNESS!!!
    I just can’t wait to see this movie!! Looks awesome!!
    As you say it JJ PECtacular movie!!!!

  • magnus

    I was amazed to see that Xerxes was being played by Rodrigo.

    In makeup he looks unrecognizable.

  • Yolanda

    Gerard IS the most ruggedly handsome actor out there today. Tall, dark and extremely handsome. He is ALL man. Oh baby!!

  • vince noir

    hmm they are both so yummy, i cant decide which i like better.. i think its gerard, isnt he sean connerys son or something??

  • Yolanda

    He should have been Bond.

  • the real tita

    #8: Yolanda, ITA with you. I’ve been touting his name ever since I heard they wanted a new Bond. Daniel Craig would have made a good villain for Bond but the man himself should have been Gerard. He’s even got it down to that burr that Sean Connery had. Funny, but I never saw his name on the list.

    Oh, Gerard’s got Beowulf too. I wonder when they’ll be showing that.

  • Elizabeth

    LOVE Gerard Butler, can’t wait for 300.

    Over here in UK we have to wait till end of March for the movie.

  • Carla Cristina

    Nós do Brasil, desejamos muito sucesso ao Rodrigo!!!!!

    Nos orgulhamos de vc.

    Carla Pres. Pte (SP) BRASIL

  • magnus


    The Beowulf he was in was garbage. Don’t waste your time on it. It’s a mess.

    There’s an animated Beowulf coming out anyway that’s got real talent behind it. And everyone here’s fav A Jolie is in it (somewhat…it’s stop motion animation).

  • Brato

    Gerry looks sexy as usual

  • green lettuce

    Noooo… i don’t think ‘Beowulf’ was garbage. Ok I am biased lol! But Gerard has done good movies such as ‘the phantom of the opera’.
    To real rita : yes sure he could have been the new Bond but somehow it’s probably better he didn’t. I mean he would have missed ’300′ and his upcoming projects… That will -finally- get him the recognition he deserves. They also wanted an actor with a better exposure at that time (for Bond).

  • estelle

    I can not wait to see this movie. Thanks JJ for the new thread. You are the best JJ.

  • Eli

    I love rodrigo!!!!

  • Carol

    idem n° 11!!!!!
    O Brasil inteiro tah contigo Rodrigo!!!
    He’s the most handsome guy, and also very nice and sweet with everyone… I’m glad your talent has been recognized!!! Everybody in Brasil is proud of Rodrigo…
    Can’t wait to see this movie x)
    I really hope everyone understands that!!!

  • anon

    300 is gonna kick ass. The animation and the art is spectacular. It actually looks like the Frank Miller graphic novel it was based on. Except it has come to life. Butler actually resembles the graphic novel version of king Leonidas so strongly, you’d think Miller modelled the king on him! And Rodrigo Santoro? What can I say. He is totally hot. I fell for him in Love Actually. Then there’s David Wenham and a cast of hotties in leather thongs. I think the guy who was Achilles aide in TROY, Vincent Reagan? He’s in it too. 300 will kill!!!! Go, Zack!!

  • LOVE

    Gerard is soooo hot!!!! who the hell is rodrigo???

    Oh…and I agree…beouwolf wasn’t garbage…it was just different…and if you went there expecting all sorts of special effects and violence you were most likely to be dissapointed.

  • LOVE

    Gerard is soooo HOT!!!

    Who the hell is Rodrigo???

    Beowoulf was actually a pretty decent movie…a found it entertaining…but if you went there expecting violence and FX it wasn’t the movie for you.

  • the real tita

    I didn’t know that his Beowulf was already out. Did they ever show it here in the US?

    magnus: thanks, but we already know that Angie is in the other Beowulf. Now, when will that be shown, I wonder?

  • Lacey

    I’m so glad that Gerry is finally getting the recognition that he deserves. He’s everything that an actor should be and more. The fact that he’s sexy or scottish should be secondary to why he’s so liked. It’s in his nature to absorb the character’s being into him and he always brings out the role with complete dedication. Not everyone can accomplish that, and it takes a real gift.

    I’m proud of you, Gerry.

  • Leaving4Scotland

    OH MY LAMB! Rodrigo Santoro is in this as well!!!! I love Gerard but Rodrigo just takes it over the top!

  • Greta


    I ditto your feelings!

  • VB

    Gosh I hope this will catapult Gerard to a household name! So many people have been sleeping on his talent. I have loved his acting since Dracula 2000. He was an absolutely delish vampire!

  • André

    Rodrigo santoro is here!
    He’s so nice and calm..rly cool guy.

  • Amanda

    The Beowulf movie is actually called “Beowulf & Grendel”…and sorry to report, but I do agree that it’s garbage. He’s great in it, but the movie itself is horrible. I bought it without seeing it because I am a HUGE fan, and I’ll probably never watch it again. Interested in buying it? Haha.

    Anyways, I’m so happy that “300″ is getting an amazing response, I can’t wait to see it! I’m so happy for Gerry!

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    I can’t understand why Gerard Butler has not become a huge international star. He is simply gorgeous, with a beautiful voice and accent. Please everyone, rent Dear Frankie. A very special movie, and he is fantastic in it. I had never heard of him before seeing Dear Frankie, but by the end of the movie I was committed for life!

  • green lettuce

    My thoughts exactly! Gerry is one of the best actor, it is time for him to receive the recognition he deserves.
    ‘Dear Frankie’ was a beautiful and so emotional movie… Ahhh…
    I’ve been a fan of Gerry since I saw him in ‘Dracula’ (2000) and then ‘Attila’ (2001). What a man!!! :lol:

  • Candide

    Thanks Jared!

    Beowulf and Grendal was beautiful! No where even close to garbage in y opinion.

    Magnus, It is nice to see that Angie has one fan left!

  • Trustiva

    Just Jared get your facts straight.

    “300″ was BOOED at the Berlinale. The sreening was interrupted by laughes about the acting skills.

    300 Screens To Chorus Of Boos In Berlin

    We in Germany don’t go for violent bully movies with cheesy actors and tacky muscles.

    I don’t know whether you are making up this story for pleasing you readers or whether you are just malinformed. But they def. got no applause.

  • Pamela

    Trustiva, why don’t you get your facts straight. During the screening for the “press” there was scattered booing and some walkouts but when the film was screened for the regular movie goers who bought tickets, there were spontaneous cheers and a standing ovation at the end of the film both times it was shown. So critics/press might not like it for many reasons (some have their own agendas, I’m sure) but movie fans loved it.

    Just wanted to set the record straight.

  • Ettiene

    Pamela and Just Jared are correct. 300 premiered to an incredibly enthusiastic standing ovation at the Berlin Film Fest. Yes, earlier in the day there was a smaller private press screening. Misdirected political agendas and biases by some journalists no doubt came into play to the small handful who did not appreciate a film depicting Persians as tyrants. Go figure, especially since the film depicts, in a stylized comic book way, events that are recorded from 2500 years ago. Sheesh!

    The bottom line is that the general audience of 1700 sold out seats were on their feet and clapping as the end credits rolled…THAT is the measure of the film like no other. This was repeated on the following day when it again screened for a general audience. That second screening was also sold out. The reception of this film in the US, Canada, and Ireland at several pre-release screenings echoes that of the Berlin general audience reaction.

  • Maria Luiza

    Rodrigo nós do Brasil temos orgulho de você , cara, que beleza, Deus lhe proteja na carreira internacional.
    We love Rodrigo, he’s a great actor and very handsome man

  • Danielle

    I have to say I fell in love with Gerard in Phantom of the Opera but I fell in total LUST with him in 300! What an awesome actor!! The PERFECT man! He’s scottish (sexy accent!), he can sing like an angel and has the body of a GOD! I can’t wait to see him in other films…

  • karine

    oomg, rodrigo is do hoot, yeeeih brazil \o

  • talita

    O Brasil inteiro tah contigo Rodrigo!!! [2]