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'Ebony' Honors Halle and Janet

'Ebony' Honors Halle and Janet

Halle Berry and Janet Jackson hit up the party circuit at the 2007 Ebony Magazine pre-Oscars celebration at the Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood on Thursday night.

Halle (in Elie Saab) brought along her mother, Judith Berry, as her date (inset).

Halle and Janet (both 40) were honored at the event for their numerous accomplishments.

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Photos: Getty/Bauer-Griffin
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  • anustin

    i just like halle!janet ah!ah!

  • yara

    janet is silly she should retiring

  • raqchel

    halle looks nice its cool she bought her mom along thats cool.

  • hallelooksgreat

    Halle looks great! Cool about bringing her Mum, guess Gabby’s back in NYC unless he’s sitting at Halle’s crib waiting for her to come home.

  • waitasecond

    don’t even start…Halle brings her mother to a lot of events.

  • LoveHalle

    Halle is just fabulous as always. I wonder why Gabe didn’t go.

  • Rose

    Both ladies look absolutely gorgeous. Halle is always so perfect on the red carpet, it’s almost a welcome sight to see deodorant under her arm. She IS human.

  • Rose

    I can understand why Halle took her mother instead of a recently acquired partner. Afterall, she is being honoured for a lifetime of work, this is a moment to share with someone who has been there with her through thick and thin. If she were married, yes. But a lover who may be gone in a few months is not the best guest for such an occasion. Gabe himself may have though he was too new on the scene for such an auspicious occasion and encouraged her to take her mother.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    That’s probably true #8.

    Halle is just looking fab. That gown is beautiful, and she’s looking so happy, which makes a big difference.

  • Amy

    They both look GAW-JUS! Damn, I keep forgetting that Halle’s mixed race, but I’m glad she brought her mama along. Janet, well I’m just glad she didn’t bring Troll Dupri along with her. How the hell did his fug ass bag her?

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Halle is the best thing to ever come out of Cleveland, Ohio.

    Janet should never leave the house. what does JD see in her.

  • Mum’s the word

    agree…why would she take Gabe to the thing…her mother makes perfect sense to me…she was there Oscar night and other functions…seriously, don’t think Halle wants him at a lot of functions from what I gather.

  • Angie

    #11, what does JD see in her? LOL You say that like you’re putting Jermaine Dupri on a pedestal. She’s Janet fucking Jackson. Yeah, I’d say she’s a WEEEEE bit ahead of JD.

    Anyway, its nice to see them together. This isn’t the first time though, they were together at Oprah’s gala thingamabob. Janet and Halle at 40 look better than a lot of 20 years olds out there.

  • karen

    Dupri got Janet after her glory days. After that last husband, I don’t think she cared much about who she hooked up with. Then she turned into a butterball (she says she did it for a movie, but I don’t believe her) and went away for a while. Now Janet is back, but along with losing that weight, she’s lost a lot of her good looks.

  • huh?

    who cares about JJ and JD…yawn…

    Why wouldn’t Halle take her mother? Why would she take Aubry period? She only has him photographed other than a pappi shot when it’s going to help them both i.e. Carousel of Hope/Malibu Beach protest-prepping him for the opening or his opening of his restaurant, etc. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t attend stuff with her just isn’t photographed–i.e. Wicked opening, etc. BTW it’s also rumored that Halle’s Mum can’t stand Aubry and only puts up with him bc of Halle –dk if it’s true, who knows?

  • cookie

    I think that’s a false rumor–started by haters.

  • HalleGabriel

    For the record, Rose, Gabriel and Halle have been going out for a year and a half almost, and Halle loves him more than anything. Stop being racist. Mum’s the word, Tthe two have been photographed a lot together, but they do have lives apart so they are not going to be together always. Stop being racist. Huh, where is the rumour that Mum can’t stand Gabe, or are you just being racist? You people are ridiculous.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    Why would Halle take Gabriel to events? He IS her date, her man, her love, right? Duh! Seriously, you probably wouldn’t say that about any other actress and her old man, would you?

    If Miss Jackson were being honored as an icon and she took Jermaine Dupri with her, no one would be asking why he was there.

    I hope Halle struts her stuff on the red carpet with Gabriel Aubry tomorrow night at the Oscars.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    Another thing we might consider is that Aubry may not enjoy going to public events. He seems reserved and has already stated that he doesn’t like the cameras.

  • Mum…

    HG I wasn’t being racist…was just making an observation from all of the previous pix of them at various events, shopping, going to eat, going to the movies, etc. that they’re just trying to find the right combo that doesn’t get a lot of comments.

    Of course, they have separate lives regardless of posters on other boards quoting that they spend almost every waking moment together taking what Aubry has said in recent interviews etc. out of context. Am sure they do spend a lot of time together when she’s not in LA or he’s not in NYC by themselves. Don’t have a clue if Aubry likes going to public events or not. Know he’s enjoyed hamming it up in some of the photos for fun.

    Huh???was probably trying to get a rise out of you…knowing you’d react. Rose, I don’t think was being racist. So why try to start the shit when someone doesn’t agree with you. Don’t get it.

  • more pix

    see more pix of Halle in her stunning Saab gown on“under solid gold”. who knows gohalle! maybe she will bring Aubry to the red carpet with her tonight if he’s in town, is she going to be a presenter? don’t know if she’d attend if she’s not regardless of her being a past winner.

  • huh’s fos

    Huh’s ???? full of shit…c’mon why start crap about Halle’s mother…makes as much sense as you and the other haters saying Aubry hits his knees more than Halle does and I don’t mean to pray…more ridiculous bs….which I am sure you have been adding to those rumors too.

    Wouldn’t pay much attn to him/them—probably a troll…

  • hallelooksgreat/who cares…

    Halle looks great, who cares who she took to the event. Quit speculating about Aubry’s whereabouts,etc. and quit bashing her whomever she is involved with regardless of what she has actually said/done in the past or she has supposedly said or done…obviously she’s moved on why can’t you all do the same?

  • washallethere?

    Didn’t see Halle on the red carpet last night with Gabby–was she even there? Must’ve missed it.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    No sighting of Halle Berry. Aw shucks. Something is missing from the award shows. Ellen did a good job as hostess, but the event doesn’t seem to be as elegant as it used to be. Has anyone noticed that? It seems to have a more casual atmosphere. I wish someone could take the show back a bit. I don’t like the commentators. It was better when men like Regis Philbin were doing the interviewing on the red carpet, not Ryan Seacrest or younger, no-name people like the guy who used to be on MTV.

  • flo

    #15 stop acting like an ass. If you don’t care than thats your problem, don’t speak for others and put your idiotic words in other people’s mouths.

  • flo

    I have to agree though, karen. She isn’t as beautiful as she used to be. Granted, she is 41 now so…

    I actually think Janet looks better when shes ‘chubby, but not really’ with no make up on as opposed to dolled up and too skinny with those man-abs. She doesn’t look fake and she looks really young, pretty, beautiful and cute. She honestly IMO doesn’t look good skinny.