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Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Hot and Sweaty

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Hot and Sweaty

Johnathan Rhys-Meyers is dripping sweat as he walks out of a Los Angeles gym wearing brown velour pants and toting around a blinding yellow Puma workout bag.

He reportedly goes to Crunch gym is West Hollywood and curls a 50-lb. barbell.

The 29-year-old Irish hunk spent the day pumping iron and apparently lost a couple inches on his waist — his pants are majorly falling down!

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers‘ new Henry VIII soap opera mini-series The Tudors starts airing tonight @ 10PM ET/PT on Showtime.

UPDATE :: The latest “Cushion Pushin’” from Page Six:

NOTE to Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Next time, get a hotel room! The Irish-born hunk, who stars as Henry VIII in the new Showtime series “The Tudors,” sashayed into The Plumm with his pony-tailed brunette love Reena Hammer under his arm the other night. They immediately retired to a couch and launched into a frenzied make-out session as a crowd of revelers became voyeurs. “It was really a scene. She straddled him, and they were at it for some time,” our spy said. When the steamed-up duo finally called it quits, they left without even bothering to have a drink.

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  • Why??????/

    So he really is gay :(

  • marine

    he looks sooooo gay! o.0

  • tanique33

    the tongue pic is HOT. 25 minutes left.

  • Katrina

    he def looks gay

  • annie

    I really miss his skinnier, waifish, “I’ll kiss a guy or girl and shag them all on screen” days, but wow, he’s still looking pretty damn good here.

    Does he look gay? Maybe. Or maybe he’s just looking extra Euro today. ;]

  • erin

    extra euro, perhaps. the look is so crossing that fine line between metro and full on flame. loves it.

  • Rachel

    wow. so fem with the brown velour pants and the puma bag…

  • Lo

    he’s not gay, he’s british

  • Mary

    He looks gay. I thought he was hot until I saw these pictures.

  • bdj

    He looked better as Henry VIII. Good series with a lusty storyline. All that backstabbing, sex and political intrigue just made for cable. Can’t wait to see the next episode.

  • fugly mcfugerson

    he’s DEF gay.

  • Fleasha

    How odd. I thought spending an hour at the gym would elevate a man’s testosterone levels, not the other way round.

  • Bobby

    “How odd. I thought spending an hour at the gym would elevate a man’s testosterone levels, not the other way round. ”

    You don’t know much about gays at gyms, do you? :P

    He is full on gay here…come to papa!!

  • shimika


  • nene

    i really miss the days when he was scary skinny and still with chacha.

  • prison break fanatic

    no he is not gay unlike some americans not all men hu where velour tracksuits are gay british men are confident in themselves to where clothes like these. buy the way he has a girlfriend

  • Venusia

    He’s hot but OMG that’s an outfit Paris Hilton would wear.

  • Milli

    He is def. wearing his girlfriend’s sweats ad top. Otherwise never seen such fitting for a man’s T-shirt. And that yellow bag? Oh My!

  • Nancy V

    He’s fuckin disgusting.

  • Katie

    Yeah. Velour isn’t for…well, anyone, actually.

  • Katie


    But post workout (and probably normally!) I don’t look so hot so who am I to judge?!

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    He may look gay but god he is so handsome. Did anyone watch the tudors last night??? He’s been underrated!

  • Summer

    He’s got a girlfriend how people say he is gay?

  • onurenu

    OMG He is rockin . he is style icon . so BOHO

  • wq

    Where did he find that ugly trousers? Is it velvet? Are they trendy at gay gyms? I cannot look away, U-G-L-Y!

  • Tonts

    He doesnt’ look gay.
    He looks hot..
    he used to hot by the time of “Bend it like Beckham” ..then he got fatter…and now he’s hotter than ever.

  • lol

    come one the girlfriend thing it’s just to hide the gay inside him

  • fugly mcfugerson

    He looks like Clay Aiken in the picture where he’s making that hideous face and holding the cuo. G-A-Y spells GAY.

  • savvy

    Is he wearing Juicy Couture!!!??!!

  • ’tis I

    Oh goodie, lets do some maths!

    low, tight v-neck + “comfy pants” + yellow manbag + silver necklace = oh dear…

    I don’t know a hell of a lot about fashion, I own a pair of legwarmers for crying out loud! but like that juice he holds, there is something “fruity” about these pics….

  • lady garden

    he is bi-he makes no secret of it okay?

  • Fatima

    only he can make velour look soooo hot…
    i do miss the days of long hair…..
    gay or straight—> i’ll take him…..

  • Shellie

    Why is it so important to say that he is gay…. Can’t a handsome young man be just that without people thinking someone is gay. He is a very handsome man,probably very inteiigent, kind, and sensitive. Why are you who critize ihis workout attire so critical? “Get a life you haters and find someone, like a child pornograper,a murderer,a rapist.and so on to write hateful and judgemental things about and then help solve the problems. “What do you all look like when you workout,maybe someone is snickering about your attire? “How do you like it” Turn the table…. BE NICE!!!!!!!

  • Mrs. Ackles

    he’s soooooooo HOTTTTTTT and no he isn’t gay just because he’s wearing velour pants dosen’t mean he’s gay!

  • Antonia

    He’s so breathtaking gorgeous in these pics!
    why do you criticize his sport outfit so much? I wish I could see all of you when you come out gym..all clean and dressed up for a fashon show I suppose…bah!

  • ashes

    oh my god!
    they are horrible pictures of him!
    he’s still hot tho!

  • anon

    he might not be as thin but hes still not fat!
    hes muscley instead!!

  • sudy nim

    there’s no reason to get upset if he’s gay – i bet he’s trying hard to send the signals… and perhaps his girlfriend is just his fag hag.

  • http://italia italia

    he is really hot, i love hem



  • nadine

    k, he is soo obviously hot, i dont care what u say!!! who cares if he is dressing like a euro, for a day. its a fase, we all go through it.

  • bernard

    well,actually it seems euro is code for gay in the U.S…-
    actually these pants are comfy as hell and i`m quite sure thats the reason hes wearin em..-the bags prolly his gf`s..
    -from germany-

  • !?!Queen12!?!

    not being rude but i looks lie hes gay sorry but not atative not at all :(

  • djsas

    My twin sis is obsesed wiv JRM and is now arguing with my friend louise that he isfit but louise is saying he isnt.

    being an emo who will i go wiv???

  • Christine c.

    Seriously, shut up. Not every celebrity needs to be gay. So he wore an ugly outfit. He’s going to the GYM, where NO ONE looks good and no one cares. That doesn’t mean he’s gay.

  • caliwaverider

    He goes to Crunch in west hollywood? I’ve been going to that gym for 2 years now and I’ve never seen him there. Gotta change my work out schedule then. Anyways, he’s really hot, gay or not.

  • Li

    So what if he’s Gay. He seems pleasant enough.

  • Li

    But he isn’t

  • Li

    / er might not be !

  • Reena rhys rush

    Who so ever thinks that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is gay, is Gay or a lezbean them self so they should go to Hell!