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Happy Birthday, Paris Jackson

Happy Birthday, Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson helps his daughter Paris Jackson celebrate her 9th birthday in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Michael, Paris, sons Prince and Michael II, and a slew of bodyguards started the day at FAO Schwarz Toy Store at the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace. The store closed for over an hour so the family could go on a shopping spree. Check out that mob scene!

Afterwards they headed to the Wynn Hotel for lunch at “Wing Lei” Chinese Restaurant followed by a walk through the Wynn Shops where Michael, 48, stopped by the Rolex store to look at watches.

After their busy day shopping, the Jackson family returned home, where a party was thrown for the birthday girl, including a visit from Charlie the Clown.

It was rumored last week that Michael is looking to perform at an extended run show like Celine Dion‘s in Las Vegas. He supposedly wants to build a 50-foot robot version of himself that will walk around the desert outside of the city and emit laser beams from its head. Zap, zap!

Inside are 25+ pictures of Paris‘ birthday celebration including Michael, Paris, Prince, and Michael II

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280 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Paris Jackson”

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  1. 76
    PatrickS77 Says:

    “Smark Says:

    April 4th, 2007 at 3:17 pm – flag comment
    Picture #8 clearly shows that the girl took her mask off once they entered the closed toy store. ”

    Okay, there you have it! Three pages of bitching about the veils and on Pic #8 you see they take them off, once they are in “safety” from cameras and public!

    You people are so pathetic! Bitching about things where you don’t have any insight at all! I pity you!

  2. 77
    Nuff Said Says:

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard..How damn STUPID can you jealous haters be????
    Take children away from a safe nurturing home just because they choose to wear loose veils over their faces to prevent haters like you from over scrutinizing them???

    Take them away?? And give them to who?? Access Hollywood? or The great parental figures at the National Enquirer? You people are Pure EVIL and SICK as Hell!!

    Leave Michael and his children alone!!! He’s an excellent father and his children LOVE him. YOu people should take a lesson from them and learn about love not hate.

  3. 78
    showtime Says:

    Look at the couple in picture #15, they appear to be very happy to see Michael. That is too cute!

    The pure electricity of Michael Jackson’s star power is undeniable!

  4. 79
    Anne Says:

    Nobody can say that they know Jackson personally at this point…neither journalists or fans. Entourage doesn’t count, they are paid to be there. Jackson has such a tightly controlled circle around him that there is no need to force anybody to say or do something which is outside of his control. Situations just don’t happen as they would in a normal life with children.

    Now and then, other celebs talk about what their children do or say or what school they go to, but with Jackson? Never. Leaving everybody in the dark seems to be Jackson’s strategy right now to evade uncomfortable questions. Be it the children’s descent or otherwise.

    BTW, if Jackson chooses to go shopping in the midst of a busy shopping mall with lots of tourists and has his entourage close a shop just for him and the kids, of course that causes situations like those in the photographs. And I bet, the paparazzi working for and also have been tipped off by camp Jackson to be at the mall. That is Paris Hilton for you!

    Back in the 80s, Michael Jackson was one of the first celebs to ever gain publicity like that, tipping press off to this and that thus staying relevant (whatever that means). Since then, this kind of publicity has just gone through the roof!

  5. 80
    showtime Says:

    The media follows Michael Jackson like a dog in heat! At this point, I don’t think he has to tip them off. In my opinion, the media is OBSESSED with Michael. LOL!

    He went to Japan to attend “fan” parties and the media covered it for three (3) days, like it was a presidential inauguration.

  6. 81
    breakofdawn Says:



    he has avery big, kind & loving heart…..

    God bless you MICHAEL


  7. 82
    Elena (spain) Says:

    Paris it´s a little lady….
    3 April, was my birthday too…
    Michael always.. great…. a little thin…
    Love so him so much

  8. 83
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    Michael Jackson is NOT the ideal parent.

    He is a man who has been through the court system, not once, but THREE times (that we know of) for suspected child sexual abuse.

    I don’t care how innocent he may be but if I know any over 40 year old man who has been taken to court for several child abuse cases, I would not want him NEAR a child.

    There are lots of very famous people like Michael who have not had this issue brought against them.

    Look at Prince – his contemporary – you don’t see parents of 10 year olds taking Prince to court for suspected child abuse.

    This has nothing to do with Michael’s wealth – there is something in his behavior and the way he lives his live that warrants such cases.

    Again, Prince is not being sued like Michael and Prince is just as famous, just as rich!

    As for Michael and the black issue: the poster above who mentioned something about Michael being a black man who will treat these kids ….blah blah blah….what???????

    When was the last time Michael Jackson was so connected to the black community???? I know when – when he was facing child molestation charges and all of a sudden, he aligns himself with the Nation of Islam – before that Michael has left the black community a long time ago. Please!

  9. 84
    skincolor Says:

    As far as SKIN COLOR. Would MICHAEL been able to CONTINUE his role as a superstar with LARGE Splotches on his skin from vitiligo. America is so racial and full of hate, that his mere prescense upsets many. Would people really have followed him if he looked like this—->

    Michael did what he could to retain his image and what he felt was best for him at the time. . He couldnt have continued with all the heavy makeup, that was constantly wipping off. If Michael had shown up with large white patches all over him, his career may very well have been ended.

    He was diagnosed with lupus and vitiligo, he was severly, severly burned, he was tried in a case that was clearly extortion, and he’s been hounded, tormented and picked at by the media for years. Im sure, he cant even get through a day of television without some type of joke or reference to him. Yet, he continues living his life, taking care of his children, and producing the beautiful music that is his genius.

    Michael Jackson is a legend, a genius, and a true humanitarian. If more people had 1/10th of his character, we could truly “Heal the World”..too many people in America have been subject to the propoganda that is the media..and lazily, allow other people to make up their minds, instead of digging for facts for themselves!

  10. 85
    skincolor Says:

    Arguring with haters who havent looked up information for themselves is pointless you guys. Michael Jackson was witchunted in this country. He is not a promiscuous man, so there were no hoes that he could have “raped”, he didnt have lots of drugs in his home. The only thing he tried to do was to give children an escape from their sad lives and be too open. Too many people instead of helping others, would rather make a joke of those who truly try to give.

    Prince, is a talented musician, but he did not get to the level of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is now in the leagues of Elvis and the Beattles. A feat that was deemed impossible for a Black Man. MJ has donated to AIDS in africa. BEFORE you speak about him LEAVING the Black Community. KNOW your Facts…

    MJ Speech

    I am SICK of Black People( Im also Black) complaining that Michael isnt connected to the community. He branched out, something that other Black Stars didnt do. He tried DIFFERENT types of Music, rock, pop, soul, hip-hop. etc. He just didnt keep singing R and B and that is one thing that makes him great….

  11. 86
    Anne Says:

    Well, just now, Michael Jackson just produces headlines without making music or giving to charity and believing that just because his camp has put out King of Pop propaganda crap for years now, the public has to believe it.

    No indenpendent source has ever published Jackson having lupus BTW. The Vitiligo diagnosis is shaky as well. Dr. Allen Klein was Debbie Rowes boss, so no independent source there either.

    Furthermore, it is fact that the Japan event was organised by both the Jackson camp and Broderick Morris who gave more than one interview about it prior to it. And the only person from the press accompaging them was a Raymone Bain confidante writing for the sister2sister magazine. So the press following Jackson like a dog in heat is just plain stupid, they are there because camp Jackson wants them to be there. The biggest obstacle is that Jackson has not produced any stuff (be it music or otherwise) worthwile for a long time, but he still wants to be on the frontpage nonetheless……he is, just because he is in the papers or chased by paparazzi, neither a legend nor genius nor a humanitarian, he is a celeb who is just famous for being famous. Seems to be just normal now in Americas celebrity culture where a Paris Hilton produces headlines for doing nothing substantial. But that is pop culture, it lives off corn kings – Jackson is just the oldest one.

  12. 87
    skincolor Says:

    Michael Jackson is a musical GENIUS aliken to Mozart for this century. He happens to be a BLACK MAN. Which makes the MEDIA and racist pigheads want to find REASONS to DISRESPECT HIM. HE in no way is aliken to PARIS HILTON. Michael Jackson is one of, if not THE Greatest Entertainers of Modern Day History. He helped define and shape music in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, and 00s. I feel for people who cannot understand his genius. He is not a humanitarian? Ha…he is most definately a humanitarian, and no amount of investigations or Haters can take away from the fact that a BLACK MAN is in the same league of ELVIS and The Beattles! He has EARNED it! Michael Jackson is a SUPERSTAR and because of the amount of PROSECUTION he’s faced, he has been made into a MANDELA for the next generation!

  13. 88
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    Prince branched out w/ different types of music but he did not alienate himself from the black community.

    Michael has attempted to turn himself into Elizabeth Taylor. What does that have to do with a skin disease?

    Of course, Michael will always be black and this is a fact but please don’t tell me that he has been so connected to the black community. That is why his albums had not been selling on the black charts. And I am not black, btw. I just think it’s offensive when Michael is in trouble, he comes running back to his roots after trying to turn himself into Liz Taylor.

    He is too busy with Liz Taylor, bubbles, and 10 year old boys sleeping over for warm milk to be concerned about the black community.

    If he was not a millionaire, we would all think he is weird.

    Michael should not have 10 year old kids over his house, especially given that Michael at the time did not have kids himself. So the kids were coming over to play with Michael not another kid.

    That is weird.

    And yes Michael, it is weird to fall asleep in the same bed with a 10–13 year old boy – even if you don’t do anything to them. You are not their relative. You should not have them in your bed – I don’t care how innocent it is.

    It’s inappropriate.

    Three cases of child molestation against Michael? All lying? What a coincidence.

    Again, I ask you, WHY ISN’T PRINCE BEING CHARGED WITH THIS? Why just Michael?

  14. 89
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    He lightens his skin, turns his nose into Liz Taylor’s English nose, pays some white nurse to have white kids for him, marries the daughter of Elvis (who did not like race mixing, btw) : how is that connected to the black community?

    I am not black and I can see Michael has actually DISRESPECTED the black community.

    The nice Jackson is Janet. Michael is a creep.

  15. 90
    skincolor Says:


    Prince -although I respect him IS NOT A HUMANITARIAN, a POLITICAL FORCE, or a LEGEND who CHALLENGED and CHANGED the music industry the way Michael Jackson DID AND WON!!!!!!!!! NOR did Prince BUY the Beattles Catalog and MARRY ELVIS’s Daughter Here is a video on the extortion of the case. The second case in 2003, was also extortion, The Arvivos-thats the family that accused him in 2003, has also made sexual abuse clames on a department store which were unfounded. They’re SCAMMERS, and now the mother has been indicted for welfare fraud.

    I do plead for people who are take some time–15 minutes and DO THE RESEARCH for yourself, and not just continue to hate….

    Michael Jackson’s albums might not have sold in the black community because he BRANCED out…true genius cannot just stay in their own community. We didnt need to hear Off the Wall for 30 more years…he wouldnt have been Michael or have the LARGE and DIVERSE fan base he has. He has done rock-GIVE INTO ME, Pop, Inspirational Songs, HIpHOp-2000 Watts…and in there is some of his GENIUS his versitility…..

    Also if you see MJ’s interview on 60 minutes, he didnt say he was in the bed, yes he digressed and said even if he was in the bed it was ok. He didnt see bed as sexual. If he had said, Its okay to sit on a couch and watch tv with a child, there would have been no problems. But Americans in general are oVERLY sexualized. Im not saying that sleeping in the bed with children was a good idea, but BED does not have to immediately mean sex. Many people would have a problem with a father sleeping in the bed with his young daughter. What should be wrong with a parent sleeping with their own child? YEs I understand those werent his children, but I am stating that men face many double standards as well. Many are afraid of kissing and hugging their children in public–and be seen as weird.

    Also IMO–Bubbles is dead–CHIMPS simply dont live that long, but Mike doesnt want to tell the children

  16. 91
    skincolor Says:

    He lightens his skin,

    He has vitiligo. I guess most people would have prefered for him to show up on stage with SPOLTCHES and REALLY have been seen as a FREAK.

    turns his nose into Liz Taylor’s English nose,

    Mike had his nose done, and did other physical alterations, yes, but that doesnt make him hate his race. And if you take a look, so did other members of his family. Just because someone is ashamed of their looks doesnt correlate immediately to being ashamed of their race. And IF he did have issues with his race–and by that I mean the surgery, because the skin color wasnt a choice—he like MANY other POOR Blacks born in the 50s SHARE that problem, which they must work through…

    pays some white nurse to have white kids for him, marries the daughter of Elvis (who did not like race mixing, btw) : how is that connected to the black community?

    That was 10 years ago..the kids are still here. He can marry whoever he pleases. I believe the children are his, and if they arent, then they are still his, he’s been raising and caring for them. Also as far as marrying Lisa-that was their business and their marriage. Nicholas Cage, who Lisa later married was a HUGE elvis fan…and they later divorced

    I am not black and I can see Michael has actually DISRESPECTED the black community. The nice Jackson is Janet. Michael is a creep.

    Janet is seen as the “nice” jackson, because she stayed in her “place”. She didnt try to CREATE and CHANGE History!

  17. 92
    fiona Says:

    My 9 yr old daughter wouldn’t be seen dead in those clothes and shoes that Whacko’s daughter is wearing. His children are either going to hate him for what he’s doing to them, keeping them secluded from the real world and dressing them like miniature nerdy versions of himself, or they’re going to become just as abnormal as him.

  18. 93
    PatrickS77 Says:

    “Team Lara Croft Says:
    April 4th, 2007 at 5:55 pm – flag comment

    Prince branched out w/ different types of music but he did not alienate himself from the black community.

    Michael has attempted to turn himself into Elizabeth Taylor. What does that have to do with a skin disease?

    Of course, Michael will always be black and this is a fact but please don’t tell me that he has been so connected to the black community. That is why his albums had not been selling on the black charts. And I am not black, btw. I just think it’s offensive when Michael is in trouble, he comes running back to his roots after trying to turn himself into Liz Taylor.”
    Well, that’s it! You’re not black, so shut the fukc up! Don’t dare to tell people how black people think about him! He has always been in touch with black people! He has always been around, worked with and collaborated with black people! Just because you close your eyes to it, to create a superficial point doesn’t mean that he has abandoned the black “community”!

    “Invincible” has been at #1 for 4 weeks and spent 14 weeks in the Top 10 on Billboards RnB Album charts (17 weeks in the Top 20)!! “Butterflies” spent 5 weeks at #2 and 14 weeks in the Top 10 on Billboards RnB singles charts (21 weeks in the Top 20)!! So, wtf are you talking about???

    Let us black people decide whether he has abandoned us or not! Thank you!

    Prince didn’t get accused of being a child molester because he wasn’t in contact and wasn’t seen with children! Besides, what bullshit point is that anyway! WTF does this has to do with Prince??

  19. 94
    re:fiona Says:


    If the children were dressed in “trendy” styles and clothes, people would probably be trying to figure out who designed the clothes…these clothes are ambigous and simple…albiet a bit old fashioned

  20. 95
    PatrickS77 Says:

    How shallow are you people! Making fun of the clothes of a nine year old girl!?! And you pretend to care about those children?!?

  21. 96
    MJFAN Says:

    The people on here with the negative comments seriously need to get a life.
    What makes you an expert on Michael and his children.
    Those kids have been out in public many times without Michael and havent had to wear masks because the media dont know their identity so Michael covering their faces while they are with him is giving them freedom not shutting them away.
    I saw a musical last year with Michael and the children and they sat there and watched the show just like any other loving family, then as soon as they got outside thats when Michael covered their faces because he knew paps would be taking pictures.
    Being in the presence of michael and his children showed me what a fantastic father he is and what gorgeous children they are.
    I dont care where those kids came from..Michael is a super dad to them and thats all that matters.
    Keep your evil comments to yourselves because you have no idea what its like to be someone in his position.

  22. 97
    re:fiona Says:

    How shallow are you people! Making fun of the clothes of a nine year old girl!?! And you pretend to care about those children?!? \

    what poster is this directed to???

  23. 98
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I love the person above justifying Wacko Jacko for us.

    Yes, I KNOW I am not black but I certainly have the right to say Michael has been disrespectful to the black community. That is not a right only black people have. Are you saying only black people have the right to decide if and when injustices are done against black people? Are we not all in this together as Americans? Is that not the whole point? I can be non-black but I can STILL see when someone has disrespected the black community.

    Michael has used the black community to his benefit. When he is doing well, he aligns himself with his Liz Taylor crowd of overdrugged nutsos.

    When he is in court fighting for his reputation, he all of a sudden needs the Nation of Islam to claim he is being terrorized. Please Michael!

    Janet stayed in her place???????????? No. Janet is smart. She kept her private life out of the public eye. She ended up in a relationship with a man who worships her. She is smart to understand the sign of the times and put out relevant albums. She changes her image constantly without changing the beautiful black woman that she is (even is she has gone under the knife) she is still stunning and still represents black women well.

    I don’t see how in terms of physical image any black man or any young black boy can look up to Michael and say he physically in terms of image represents tem well when Michael has done everything to alter how he was born.

    I BRING UP PRINCE VS MICHAEL: Because there is this theory that because Michael is a famous, rich black man, he is being persecuted. My point is Prince is smart enough to live his life in a way that does not warrant such attacks and legal cases.

    Michael is stupid. He is a millionaire. He is famous. He should know that what Joe Blow can get away with – he cannot – because he is under the scrutiny of the public’s eyes. Comes with the territory.


    And in the interview, Michael said he found NOTHING wrong with the sleepovers. All he did was make “warm milk” for them.

    It is not a healthy relationship to build with a kid (who is not your relative). Sorry. You can’t sell me on this one – no matter how much you try.

    So if you have your 10 year old son, you would let him sleep over Michael’s house, in the same bed, when you are not there? Because as you say: there’s nothing wrong with that, right?

  24. 99
    ParentingSkills Says:

    Why are Mike’s parenting skills constantly reviewed by the public. When we all saw the spectacle of the Ozzy Osbourne family……..

  25. 100
    showtime Says:

    Anne, what are you talking about. “Michael Jackson is famous for being famous.” The man has sold over 750 MILLION ALBUMS WORLDWIDE to date as per the Guinnes Book Of World Records. 104 MILLION COPIES OF THRILLER, also as per the Guinnes Book Of World Records. You don’t have to like him, but you can’t deny his place in music history.

    As for the media coverage he received in Japan. The entire three days was covered by the ASSOCIATED PRESS and picked up by other media outlets ALL AROUND THE WORLD. LOL!

    The media reports on EVERY little rumor they hear about Michael. They don’t have to report on him at all, but they are OBSESSED with him and apparently can’t help themselves. LOL!

    Last week, there were a MILLION stories in the press, because Michael Jackson was NOT in the hospital.

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