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Angelina Jolie @ Tribeca Film Festival

Angelina Jolie @ Tribeca Film Festival

Here is your exclusive access to Angelina Jolie and fellow activist Wyclef Jean at the Tribeca Film Institute Screening of the Jolie-directed documentary A Place In Time, aka A Moment in the World.

The documentary was screened at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center during the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival on Friday in New York City, where big brother James Haven (and his rumored girlfriend) was in attendance to lend his support to lil’ sis Angie.

For the film, Angelina sent out 38 film crews to different parts of the world to capture events unfolding during the same three-minute time period. Betcha she caught some very interesting things going on around the world…

Other pictures include Angelina arriving and leaving the festival wearing some killer eye shadow.

Also pictured: NEA President Reggie Weaver, Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education Joel Klein, co-founder of Tribeca Film Festival Jane Rosenthal, actress Bai Ling, and actor Olivier Martinez.

More exclusive pictures inside of Angelina @ Tribeca Film Festival 2007…

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  • kearnie


    Way to go Angie

  • kearnie


  • kearnie

    Rock the smoking eye shadow and hiya Wyclef.

  • ka


  • united we stand

    i love you angie you are the best.
    God bless you and your family. Amen

  • united we stand

    yah she is real hot momma to her children and in holywood

  • united we stand

    jared you are the best

  • FewPlenty

    She’s beautiful, brave, benevolent, has a lot of bravodo, and brings light and goodness wherever she goes!! Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to see a mental health professional to work on their issues b/c life’s too short not to see what’s blatantly clear!!

  • who is that

    Is the guy with bai ling oliver martinez.

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared for the great exclusive Pictures. It is always nice to check this site to see news about BAMPZS. I am glad that AJ had a screening of her movie at the Tribeca Film Institute. Way to Go AJ!!!! Love the coat. What’s up Wyclef- What happened to the Fugees reunion? Best wishes to BAMPZS.

  • QQQQ

    Loving Angie’s outfit… she looks GREAT!!!! Thanks JJ

  • FewPlenty

    Hope this movie is well distributed so that people get to see it and have their horizons expanded as a result.

  • kk1

    She looks so beautiful. Her hair is really really long here. Glad to see James there. Looks like she went in and out the back door, no red carpet, it’s all about the film. That’s as it should be.

    No extensions, that hair is all Angelina. LOL.

    Anyone know if this documentary will be shown commercially?

  • lurker

    I love the pic where she’s smiling with wyclef.

  • Mrs. Smith

    OOOOHH LA LA!!!! I LOVE IT! Beautiful Angie, wife, mother, philantropist, producer, director, sexiest woman on the planet, how can you help but love her?!!!!! Way to go Angie! Always proud to be her fan.

    Jared, you’ve always got the goods for me. Thank you!

  • kk1

    bdj Says:
    What’s up Wyclef- What happened to the Fugees reunion?
    I think LHill is holding up that reunion. What is she up to these days? You never hear or see her at all. They were a great group. Wyclef has found even more fame as a solo performer and with Shakira, but I loved the Fugees’s music.

  • SweetyKat

    Is it just me, or does this woman really look like a walking skeleton?

  • chasie

    She looks better than yesterday, must be the make up. Glad to see her with Wyclef.

  • gigi

    Angie do your thing…..our girl has her priorities straight – Family, Humanitarian work and creative (Acting) work. She is so focused and organized that yesterday she was in DC and today she’s in NY for two different things but doing it so seamlessly. She is able to apply her full potential because she has such a wonderful partner who has her back and she has his too.

  • richard peterson

    angelina is beautiful
    your eyes are wonderful

    angelina jolie is number 1 in my heart forever

  • bdj

    kk1 Says:
    April 27th, 2007 at 11:38 pm
    Thanks for the update. I love the Fugees music also. AJ looks great in those pictures. The quality of the photos are excellent. I am looking forward to seeing the Movie and hope that it is widely distributed also. It is good to see AJ’s brother giving her support.

  • kk1
  • Renee1

    that picture with Jamie is soooo cute. Their reaction is so funny. Like ‘I know you’. Awwweeee. She looks absolutely stunning and her hair is extremly long. Jamie is cute by the way. They do resemble each other. My best wishes for health and happiness to BAMPZS and Jamie too….

  • maybe maybe

    Is it just me, or does this woman really look like a walking skeleton?
    The weight disscusion has been done to death, yes we know she’s skinny, eventually she will gain a few pounds until then leave her alone.

  • Mrs. Smith

    KK1 – Yes, Angie’s hair looks so luxuriously long, and lovely. I don’t recall seeing it so long for many years now. Love her hair.

  • kk1

    Large pixs at JJB. Angelina looks beautiful. The kids look so happy to be meeting her.

  • Just playin

    First time in a long time that she’s looked genuinely happy. Must be because the fine Olivier is there.

  • From Perez

    Spotted: Angelina Jolie’s brother, James Haven, out and about in New York City with his girlfriend on Friday.

    Funny. We always thought he was gay!

  • http://justjared exquisite

    Glad to see THE ANGELINA JOLIE, love you, film work and humanitarian work for all times.

  • From Perez

    Little Miss Doogooder

    Mrs. Pitt goes to Washington!

    Angelina Jolie paid a visit to D.C. this week to speak at the National Press Club on Thursday.

    The mother of three announced the launch of Global Action for Children (GAC), a nonpartisan advocacy organization focused on increasing funding of government programs that support orphans and vulnerable children.

    She can only adopt so many!

  • konnitiwa

    KK1, that woman must be Holly. She is one of producers of this documentary. Angie financed and derected and several her friends produced this film.

  • Ms. Annabelle

    she looks hot, love the eye shadow that accentuate her eyes

  • Missouri Fan

    kk1 Says:
    April 27th, 2007

    Yes, it’s Holly.

    I love Angie’s long hair. My favorite pic is one with Wclef.


    I can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Pittstop

    SweetyKat Says:
    Go get in your litter box or better yet go to the vet. You need help with your eye sight.

    Angie looks great as always. She looks happy & I’m happy for her. Thanks JJ for the pics. Keep them coming. More More More.. Can never get enough.

  • kk1

    OT -
    JV was on Showbiz tonite. He said only positve things about Angelina. He does appear to be trying in his own unique way to lend her his support. This is good as she does not need any more pressure on her at this time, she’s got more than enough on her plate to handle.

  • lurker opinion

    maybe maybe Says:

    April 27th, 2007 at 11:46 pm – flag comment
    Is it just me, or does this woman really look like a walking skeleton?
    The weight disscusion has been done to death, yes we know she’s skinny, eventually she will gain a few pounds until then leave her alone.

    Thanks Jared.

  • lurker

    Ah, Angelina the Great. My love for her is endless.

  • kk1

    Wonder if that is James’s GF in the pix with Angelina and him? If so she is a beauty.

  • treasurehunter

    I find it sad that Brad wasn’t there to support her, wonder why? Didn’t she go with him to his?

  • Cutie Pie

    I am really amazed with this woman. It seems that GOD spent so much time when he created her.

  • candy man
  • JV showbiz tonight

    Did anyone listen carefully? John Voigth said

    Angelina, Brad, their child and their children

    He almost managed to be positive.
    Still needs to work on not making a distinction between the kids.

  • Renee1

    treasurehunter – hold on, I am going to ask Brad about his whereabouts tonight. Hold on, ok. I am calling him right now. I will be right back with your answer.

  • lurker

    JV showbiz tonight Says:
    What did he say?

  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared for the new thread and pics.

    Gone on and do your thang Angie. I am loving her smile, just wish that we could see the documentary, tho.

  • kena


  • http://justjared susy q

    Thank you Jared for waking me up. :-) I was about to go to bed, lo and behold, a wonderful surprise. :-)

  • gigi

    Jesus christ treasurehunter – does Brad have to be there for everything and vice versa? Her Brother was there…if that’s not support, then I don’t know what it is? Support is in many forms…it can be in the form of holding down the fort at home while your partner takes care of business. They leave for Prague soon so Brad must be busy making sure all is fine with his projects, plan B, etc.
    By the way….why didn’t you ask where Guy was when Madonna was in Malawi?

  • jmo

    Angie looks great, much better than yesterday. Yesterday was more serious and formal though while tonight was more fun. Where was Brad? I keep remembering how Brad went to a premiere and Angie didn’t go with him and he said it was because the flight was too much for the kids when he was turning around and going straight back anyway. I wonder if that was the case here? I bet she is back in LA by tomorrow. It would have been nice to see them together tonight but I am happy to see Angie and James and Wyclef too! I was proud of her yesterday.

  • Shane

    What a far cry from Aniston…..who never seems to accomplish let alone do ANYTHING