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Britney Spears @ House of Blues

Britney Spears @ House of Blues

Scope out this hot hot hot pictures of Britney Spears making her comeback under the moniker “M & Ms” at the House of Blues in San Diego, Calif. on Tuesday night.

After not performing in nearly three years, the 25-year-old pop princess blazed through a five-song set with no new material including “Baby One More Time,” “I’m A Slave 4 U,” “Breathe On Me,” “Do Somethin’” and “Toxic.” She did lip sync her way through her 14-minute performance in a short white skirt and a pink bra top.

Some concert goers paid upwards of $125 a ticket!!!

“The M&Ms” have two more concerts scheduled at House of Blues — one in Anaheim on Wednesday and the other Thursday in West Hollywood. Work it, Britney!

Britney Spears @ House of Blues Video, 5/1
Download one more video here.

20+ pictures inside of Britney at the House of Blues…

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britney spears house of blues 02
britney spears house of blues 03
britney spears house of blues 04
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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Shinn/Behnke, Splash News Online
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  • kristen

    I think she looks fabulous….

    just wish we could get some sound bites as well.

    Welcome back Brit !

  • vix

    Bit random

  • suspicious package

    I’m glad she’s back to performing, but I have to say…her wardrobe totally reflects her lack of brain cells.

  • schizo·phren·ic

    I think she looks ridiculous….

    She could Never sing so I’m glad there’s no sound bites.

    Go away Hick Brit.

  • Maria


  • suzy

    she looks like a stripper, a bad cheap one

  • http://justjared love me say J

    Her body looks amazing, but the Hooker outfit and the Swap Meet Wig, oh Noooo
    She would have been fierce, if should would had rocked her short hair cut…

  • Cynthia

    She should lose the wig, she looks like shit! You’re finished Shitney!

  • missf

    oh god. thats too cheap looking and toooo trash even for me. whats with the outfits? gross.

  • Sugraf

    Body = Good

    Everything else = Bad, bad, bad

  • White Trash

    Okay – so she made a comeback to LIP SYNC ? I don’t get it…

    She just need to get rid of the wig and sing – show who she really is. ENOUGH ALREADY!

  • dora

    She would be better off staying home and taking care of the kids. Trashy!!

  • Dancer

    I don’t get it either–she makes a come back and lip syncs? Didn’t that kill off Milli Vanelli? And drag Ashley Simpson down? So why is it okay for Britney to lip sync and no one else???
    If she is truly making a comeback–shouldn’t she be singing and not lip syncing?

  • Badinabadway

    I live in San Diego, and the radio station I listen to were just talking about her performance. Bad! Bad! Bad! people waited for upwards of 4 hours to hear her lip sync 4 songs. In the beginning every was happy to see her they were screaming for her, but after 15 minutes and they waited all that time and she LIP SYNC, the crowd was not happy!
    Britney, you need to rest for a couple of years!

  • haters

    better lipsync as beginning of an upward spiral as nothing

    and to all that always repeat with the taking care of kids – female is a human being and she does not stop to be a human being after delivery and change to childecaring machine – even a female with kids has also other things she want, can and should do than mothering – like taking care of herself, going out, working, having fun and live a life

    many children suffer because their mothers due to lack of selfrespect devote their entire life to them and uncouscioussly put their frustrations and hate on children or overcompensate their luck of love for themselves on children with overzealous care and producing soziopaths and narzists

  • haters

    she looks great especially in the last two pics – i think such a “casual” outfit would be much better on stage for her too

  • angelinammm

    Alison her cousin is prettier.

  • stalin

    what i hate most about her “comeback” performance is that the bitch is clinging to her glory days of the early 90′s instead of REINVINTING herself based on having more life’s experience (but she’s such a stupid bitch that after marrying and divorcing a loser, spawning his kids, spiraling out of control on booze and drugs and then going to rehab she STILL hasn’t learned any real life-lessons nor has she seemed to gain any strong sense of self-identity – seriously, TAKE OFF THE FUCKING WIG AND OWN THE BUZZ CUT BITCH – it’s inheritently more interesting than the prostitute look you have going on).

    She’s an empty vessel with not an original thought in her brain or anything of value or substance to say. She should take her millions and go raise her kids.

  • stalin

    One more thing, if she was smart and a REAL artist, she would’ve taken these former hit songs and done something DIFFERENT with them other than prance around like a slut the way she did when she was a teenager. She could have sung them in a different tempo and added some depth to her performance but, again, we’re talking about the most shallow person in the media’s eye.

  • b

    thats awesome…i’m happy for her…i cant wait for her comeback album!!!

    What gets me with some of u ass holes is you take the time to watch the video look at all the pictures and than take the time to write about her…EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME there is an update…if u dont like her quit reading up on her its that simple u fucking retards! Just skip reading it! its so easy…or face it, u cant resist not reading about her, and its not because you dont like her!

  • stalin

    b you’re the biggest asshole of them all. This is a message board dumb-ass. Since when is everyone’s opinion on the topic supposed to be of one accord and agreement. Why don’t you go live on planet in the backwoods of the fucking universe where idiots like you can only afford to have ONE thought that you expect EVERYONE else to agree with. LOL. And TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE and STOP reading and commenting on people’s posts you disagree with since you can’t handle it ya BIG CRY-BABY. Waaaaah! I love Shittney but nobody else does – waaaaaah! waaaaah!

  • WTF

    Wasn’t expecting much so Shitney delivered on that. Couldn’t she have karaoked 1 new song???

  • schizo·phren·ic

    Thank you. [21]

  • TiaBia

    Britney Spears’ figure is great, but I cannot give credit to someone who doesn’t do anything else. She doens’t work 8 hours a day, she doesn’t have other commitments in life to make, she doesn’t even have to make her own meals…so the real question is…why the heck was she fat in the first place!!!

    Also, how long is she going to get away with her lip-synching bit. I find it absolutely insulting that she literally made millions off of a non-existent singing career…that is so 1990′s. That hoe is going to have to seriously step it up if she truly wants to make a “comeback”

    PS: Her wardrobe has finally become an annoyance…it’s no longer funny or odd or disgusting, it’s just plain ANNOYING!!!


    this marks the end of an ERA…………

  • mae

    Britney is fierce, Britney is sweet, Britney is a mother, Britney is hot, Britney is human: read makes mistakes, very costly mistakes, Britney lipsynches to HER OWN SONGS, recorded by her so she can dance like crazy. Britney is a millionaire, a multi millionaire yet she is so ordinary looking, Britney creates the buzz with every move she makes, Britney eats junk food, Britney is 25 and divorced, Britney’s sense of style is bad, Britney hurts and has cried on TV more than any other celebs, Britney is determined to revive her career, Britney has been betrayed by a lot of people she loved, Britney has allegedly hurt people who loved her. Britney is a SUPERSTAR capable of making news not just on blogsphere but on International official News TV channels. THAT IS WHY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I LOVE BRITNEY, WARTS AND ALL. So hail the return of the Queen!!!!! She’s just begun….Watch this space.

  • The Real Deal


  • stalin

    TiaBia, very well said. For all of her money and resources she has and all of the crap she’s been through (of her own making mind-you), if THAT’s the best she can do than she needs to just sit her ass down and raise her children (something that she has done very well so far).

  • CUNT

    my god this bald fucking hick drug addict is a JOKE instead of dressing like a 50 year old fat slut singing songs that were popular years ago she should fuck off and look after her 2 desperately unfortunate children. This dog is over and if shes still living this time next year il be surprised. shes a worthless, brain dead twat.
    good day.

  • Irishgirl

    I hate fact that she can’t sing yet she has made millions out of a ‘singing’ career. It’s craz. Her ‘comeback’ appearance sounds crap – 20 mins, no new material, lip syncing? What a joke.

  • Sam from France

    I’ve never seen a performance of Brit where she didn’t lip synch, so I guess that’s just plain normal for her,LOL

  • Ceci

    She’s so fuckin’ finished…
    She lip syncked?
    Well, she did the same in Lisbon, Portugal in front of 90.000 people…

  • André


  • Yikes

    She was god awful. She thinks she’s 19 still. She’s truly done.

  • david

    The beginning of the end. Rehashing old routines? Does she really need the money?

  • a

    poor critter…

  • Courtney

    I LOVE BRITNEY! I cant even tell you how great it is to see her performing again!! I just cant wait for the new stuff and a real tour!