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Maggie Gyllenhaal Boldly Breastfeeds

Maggie Gyllenhaal Boldly Breastfeeds

Maggie Gyllenhaal breastfeeds 8-month-old daughter Ramona on Wednesday morning outside of Gyllenhaal family fave Bonsignour Café in NYC’s Greenwich Village.

Maggie, 29, has been busy filming The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins. She replaced Katie Holmes as D.A. Rachel Dawes. The film co-stars Christian Bale and Heath Ledger and opens Summer 2008.

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Photos: Splash News Online/Ed Isabella/Brian Prahl
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  • shauna

    I am all for breastfeeding but please have some common decency. Don’t just do it in public LIKE THAT!!!

  • cdn

    in my opinion, this is inappropriate to display. don’t get me wrong, a mother breastfeeding is natural and not uncomfortable to be exposed to. but pappies and gossip columns capitalizing on it is wrong, wrong, wrong. her face is beautiful – the rest is unncessary.

  • Ely

    That is one ugly breast!!!

  • Eylul

    They should get a room.

  • Lisa

    Oh Wow Too Much Information.

  • http://justjared Donna

    I breastfed my babies for many years but I made sure I covered up. Have some respect for yourself and other people around you. Like I said before you can’t buy class.

  • April

    Kudos to her! Breasts are for feeding, not for everyone to oggle and put implants in and WonderBras on. I openly breastfeed in public and LOVE when I see other mothers doing it too. She’s awesome! I’ve always loved her work, but I love her more now.

  • lila

    i’m sorry but that is disgusting..especially in a public restaurant where people are trying to eat..give this woman a goddamn blanket! so inconsiderate!

  • =/

    I do not have a problem with women breast feeding in public, but I do not think it was appropriate to take a pic of it or upload it to a website. The above is right. Way too much information.

  • Prix


    Well said Donna.

  • tanique33

    ^^ thank you. that was my first thought. why are these pics even up?? everything doesnt need to be made into a story.

  • =/

    Pardon me. -inappropriate-

  • carmen

    OMG..Cover it up..

  • april

    I say if you put it out there in public for everyone to see, then you leave yourself open to be exploited…whose at fault is Maggie for not keeping something as personal as breast feeding private…breast feeding is a beautiful bond between a mother and child, but I think there is a decency level to it…it should be done in privacy or at least with a blanket covering her…not everyone wants to see a lady pop her breast out and a baby sucking on it…people should be considerate about it…I personally don’t wanna see her breasts or any other woman’s in public for feeding…sorry to report to some that not everything that’s natural is beautiful…

  • shoes4life

    I don’t have a problem with breatfeeding either, but what I don’t understand why don’t mothers pump before they go out in public and when the child is hungry give him the bottle with the breast milk in it until you get home. Not only would be a courtesy to others around you but it also keeps the mother from having to undo everything just to feed her child while she is out on an outing. The baby don’t care how they receive their meals as long as they get it.

  • Jen

    yay Maggie! breasts are for feeding, and you never have to hide feeding your baby. in many places it is unlawful to harass a breastfeeding mom or ask her to stop. that is a happy, healthy baby : )

  • Jen

    to shoes4life –

    because bottlefeeding can seriously affect breastfeeding, and it is never recommended for a breastfeeding mother unless necessary. it requires a different “kind” of sucking motion. anyway. that is one reason why. also, some women love breastfeeding their babies, as they were emant to. who cares what the public thinks?

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    I hate politically correct answers, phony ass people. Lol Put that tit away Fuggie Gyllenhaal!

  • Leene

    Good for her – there is nothing wrong or disgusting about a woman feeding her child!!!

  • AbC

    Nothing but praise for Maggie doing whats best for her sweet baby. Shame on the photog that shot these pix. In “public” does not mean “please publicize”! This isn’t Britney’s crotch. Give her the respect she deserves.

  • cdn

    the question is not the breastfeeding. it is the intrusion by the pappies and the willingness of websites to display it, non?

  • Gussie

    Her decision, really.

  • Tif

    That breast looks photoshopped to me.

  • Jules

    looks like she doesn’t have a good latch….she needs lactation consult…the baby is only grasping the nipple…it should be the areola too

  • dani

    What is up with people? She’s feeding her baby (Ramona’s really cute btw.) and she didn’t ask the paps to take pics of her. I personally wouldn’t do it in public, but it’s her decision really! And she doesn’t do anything wrong.

  • Amy

    Breastfeeding should hardly be described as disgusting! I wouldn’t do it uncovered in public, but I’m not grossed out by others breastfeeding. They’re only boobs, people. It’s not like she’s going to the bathroom on the sidewalk.

  • shoes4life

    Jen my friend is currently breastfeeding and her doctor said it is okay for her to pump as well (there are special shape nipples on bottles that are similar to the mothers breast). I mean if you working you can’t be with your baby 24 hours to breastfeed, and I did not say there is nothing wrong with it. There is just somethings that should be left for private time in your home or in a “family” public restroom where they have things set up for a mother to do that. However, when you are in public at a restaurant or shopping a mother should prepare a bottle for feeding so that she will be considerate of others around her. I mean we don’t see people changing a babies diaper on the dinner table or cashier counter when checking out? So why should we have to see a mother’s boob hanging out when she could be more descreet with the feeding of her child. I just think it is taking things a bit too far.

  • shoes4life

    Umm, abc I don’t even want to see Britney’s crotch or anyone elses body parts for that matter publicized. So, yes the papzo’s do take things to far and these photos should not have be publicized in my opinion.

  • christina

    i believe in breastfeeding, even in public but it looks like the baby is playing with them not feeding.

  • what?!!

    Whos the duche that took the pictures? And Jared why are you posting this? You should know better. It’s just rude.

  • dani

    I think she has nice boobs, just wanted to add that. ;)


    If Angelina Jolie had done that with Shiloh it would have caused a national outrage, the country and all government offices would have closed due to the choas in the streets. lmao

    In this case – it’s Maggie Gyllenhal, there won’t be any fuss.

  • nia

    I can’t imagine what is disgusting about this, Breasts are not sexual organs, this is what they are for ! i don’t get why simple acts of nature are so politicised and debated about.

  • essie

    i’m sorry, i think maggie is extremely talented and all, but she is a celebrity so the paps are gonna be taking shots at every corner, so even if she feels ‘liberated’ to publicly breastfeed, she should cover it up so that it’s not exploited for the wrong reasons.

  • bella

    Beautiful baby, beautiful mom with a beautiful smile. No one’s forcing any of you to look at the pix if you don’t want. People complain when celebs hide and when they don’t hide. There’s no pleasing everyone and why should she try beyond being the best actress she can? I like it that she lives her life in a fairly normal way and doesn’t pay attention to the paps or the tabs — that’s why she’s smiling, because she can sit outside of a cafe and wait for a table with her family.

  • joytothehurled

    Three things:

    a) Paps should not snap and sell these sorts of photos. I don’t care if these people are famous and therefore “asking for it.” It’s taking it too far.

    b) Give a girl a break. She’s trying to enjoy her lunch, not obsess about whether she’s covered up enough. She’s not taking her top off to simply give us a show. Why does the sight of a mother breastfeeding gross people out so much? The majority of us relied on it back in the day. If it bothers you that much, look away.

    c) I give her major kudos for being a Hollywood mom who breastfeeds and takes her kid with her where she goes. It shows she’s more concerned for her child than maintaining perfectly perky breasts and a tight schedule.

  • dzsungi

    It is disgusting that they take pictures of such an intimate, private thing!!!!!!!

  • wooot

    errr couldn’t she have just packed a bottle for the kid?

  • take it or leave it

    to shoes4life,

    i can’t wait till idiots like yourself ACTUALLY HAVE children. only then will your comments about breastfeeding be valid. lots of babies that breastfeed will not take a bottle, therefore the mother can’t just pump and take a bottle with her in public. if only mothering were as easy as you people without babies think it is. until then, you shouldn’t comment on things you know nothing about. i don’t care if your sister and 10 best friends all have babies you don’t know until you’ve BEEN THERE!!!!!

  • candice

    Oh please…
    the people posting about how her boobs are ugly or how it’s disgusting are the gross ones!
    She is a mother feeding her child and you have to judge her breasts or say that a child eating is nasty?
    There is nothing wrong with it at all. Some mothers may not be that forward with feeding their baby but it doesn’t make it wrong! She was covering up the papparazzi are perverts.
    Who takes pictures of a mother while she’s breastfeeding???

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Fcuk everything else, why the hell doesnt she just pay someone to do that for her? like a normal Hollywood’er

  • Erlyn

    I think it is great that she breastfeeds her baby, but please be a little discreet! I breastfed all of my children, but not ONCE did I just plop it out for the whole world to see! GOOD GRIEF!!!!

    Of course, like others have said, just b/c she is in public doesn’t mean the paps should have ‘displayed’ it like this either! *rolls eyes* on both her for just hangin’ it out there, and for the paps for snappin’ and uploading it all over the place! *sigh*

  • heynow

    only in america is this an issue..

  • Mmmmm

    WOW … I bet she is going die when she sees this.

    PS. Only took the hags 40 posts to bring AJ. WOW to think of her hanging feeding bags on that skin and bones stick she calls a body .. YIKES!

  • Brandon

    Talk about a “wardrobe malfunction”!

    Breastfeeding are very common with mothers in public places. It looks like Ramona was playing peek-a-boob with Maggie.

    LOL! “Peek-a-boob”!

  • elsie

    i don’t know
    kinda weird

  • HEY TR

    Taking a shit or dump is also a very natural, intimate private thing but it’s not appropriate to do in the middle of the resturant or on the street. No issue that she’s breastfeeding, but common courtesy (and you all fucking know this) is to bring something to cover yourself up. If it’s so intimate and private as so many of you say, than why would she do it in a public place and not cover herself? She knows she is pictured by the paps when she goes out, so what is this all really about?

  • AbC

    shoes4life – Maybe you can join me for lunch in that public restroom…Sounds like a lovely place to eat. sheesh. It amazes me how often people lump breastfeeding with using the toilet. WTF??

    To those saying “just use a bottle”…Some breastfed babies won’t take a bottle. My 2nd daughter breastfed and also took a bottle no problem. But my 1st daughter refused a bottle for the entire year she was nursing and I tried all the time! Its not as simple as “stick a bottle in the kids mouth”.

    That said, it makes me happy to see that the majority of comments are positive :)

  • Kyle

    Two problems:
    1) This is completely normal, and should not be broadcast.
    2) Something about this just says fake.
    The blurryness of it just seems to show “Not real”