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Isabella Damon & Violet Affleck are BFFs

Isabella Damon & Violet Affleck are BFFs

Baby BFFs Isabella Damon, 1, and Violet Affleck, 18 months, spend another morning in the Hawaii surf on Wednesday.

The beloved daughters of Matt Damon & Luciana Damon and Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner
were accompanied by their mommy units as they enjoyed the wind and the waves.

You can all calm down now, no bikinis on the girls today!

20+ pictures inside of baby Isabella and baby Violet getting their swim on…

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01 violet affleck
02 violet affleck
03 violet affleck
04 violet affleck
05 violet affleck
06 isabella damon
07 isabella damon
09 isabella damon
10 isabella damon
11 isabella damon
isabella damon violet affleck 01
isabella damon violet affleck 02
isabella damon violet affleck 03
isabella damon violet affleck 04
violet affleck hawaii 01
violet affleck hawaii 02
violet affleck hawaii 03
violet affleck hawaii 04
violet affleck hawaii 05
violet affleck hawaii 06
violet affleck hawaii 07
violet affleck hawaii 08
violet affleck hawaii 09

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  • Phoebe

    so cute!

  • here we go again

    A peaceful thread..Wonderful!!
    two sweet little angels!!

  • http://none heartbreaker

    They are soo cute. Which other celeb babies would you like to see have a playdate?

  • http://none heartbreaker

    Why is Jen swimming in a dress and not a suit. I wonder if she is pregnant.

  • Natalie

    adorable! love the two families.

  • marsha

    Lucy is wearing a suit underneath her clothes but it doesnt look like Jen will get out the swimsuit this vacation. Aren’t you glad you get to wear yours on the beach and don’t have 10 thousand people criticizing your body? If I were famous I wouldn’t show me in my swimsuit unless it was for a job and I got paid.

    These pictures are delicious – love the babies and the friendship. We should all be so lucky

  • Indie


  • Jess
  • anon

    a) little disturbed (but nonetheless fascinated) by infants being focus of thread

    b) Violet Affleck is an adorable child but will definitely grow up to be a Willis girl

  • Sarah

    Jen looks like a retard.

  • Sarah


  • Shoegal


  • Burpie

    Matt’s daughter is so adorable!

  • holly

    how cute they are so tiny they look like they are having alot of fun

  • Scooby Doo

    Too cute, love it!

  • sparkle

    anyone know what island or beach they’re on? i live on oahu and would jsut die if i saw them.

  • Isabella sweet baby

    Isabella is so cute awwaww.Love her little hat.

  • MJ

    They are both so cute!

  • Lovin It!

    Thank you so much JJ for posting these pics. I normally don’t like to see too many pics of Jen and Violet but these past few pics have been great. Probably because they ALL are having so much fun and you can see it so clearly on their faces.

  • Cyny

    Godddd! They are so cuuuuute!

  • N to the O

    You can all calm down now, no bikinis on the girls today!

    LMAO. Jared you crack me up,lol.
    The babies are both adorable and I love how their mothers are hands on and don’t rely on nannies.

  • Leslie

    Aw, I love that they’ve both got girls. How fun :)

  • Sweet Isabella

    Matt’s little girl is just adorable look at that sweet little face. She is just a doll. I see Matt in her some. So cute little Isabella is. I just love her name Isabella.

  • Kelly

    Love it! So nice to see families out together having fun. Such sweet girls!

  • crapu

    What island of Hawaii are they vacationing on?

  • A Person

    Both the little women are so precious. Luci is so HOT, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful.
    I don’t see anyone else that cute.

  • Claudia


  • Delphine

    So cute!

  • Candy

    Wow Violett looks like a little ugly gnome.This girl will need plastic surgery when she´s growen up!!!!
    Maniffer is such a dumbass!!!I really can´t understand why this little ugly child has to walk around in such ugly clothes!Where is the problem??maniffer has all money in the world to buy her gnome some sweet dresses!!!But I haven´t expected any diffrent ,because Maniffer has no style at all!!
    But anyway one good thing WE all can learn from these pics.”Normal women “can look so much better than a celebrity women!!!!Luciana is way hotter than maniffer Garner!!!!Garner has such male homely features in her face!!!

  • Debra

    Sorry, but i don’t like Violets eyes/face…
    She looks always so pissed off.

    Love Shiloh and little Suri !

  • grace

    Violet is not a cute pic at all!I must agree Luciana looks way better than JG!She´s hot and not famous!Good to see that “normal” women CAN REALLY LOOK BETTER!Jen is getting really skinny!Did u saw the pics from yesterday?She weared a yellow shirt!

  • l’invidia……chebruttabestia!

    So Jennifer is not a “normal” woman? Maybe you are all mistaken her with Elektra! She had superpower….but it was only a film!

  • matsoball

    Sorry Debra I think Suri looks like an old Eskimo man in the face and Shiloh I believe looks completely retarded – her mouth is never ever closed always gapping open like she’s a retard — with a blank face no expression


  • matsoball


  • Call it what it is

    matsoball | 06/21/2007 at 8:11 am
    Sorry Debra I think Suri looks like an old Eskimo man in the face and Shiloh I believe looks completely retarded – her mouth is never ever closed always gapping open like she’s a ****** — with a blank face no expression


    Well, matso, that’s probably why mommy called her a blob and not because she was being mean or anthing. HaHa.

    Seriously I think Sean Preston and Shiloh are going to run away together as soon as one gets a D/L. Both def have that “Duh” thing going on that Perez criticizes SP about all the time–calls him “special”. Guess Shi hasn’t been out in public often enough for Perez to start on that–except he’s such a bra-loon he may decide to lighten up on Sean instead. LOL

  • cutie

    you guys are judging babies that dont even know who they are..please stopi it because they are just innnocent..stop saying violet is ugly because shes not and stop it with the isabela thing…they are babies are you guys on crack…and shiloh is probably teething…..otherwise she is cute and suri is cute too

  • AnnaA
  • whatever

    The dress Jennifer is wearing is too cute. Anyone know who makes it??

  • josianne

    I have to admit that its a huge deception to see isabella at this point. I was convict that this child would have been beautiful having matt as the father.
    She is far from being cute, shes not a ugly baby nor a cute one.

    There again, she can grow up and becoming a beautiful women. Lets hope that she will not look like her mother!

  • Jill

    It’s cute to see the daughters of two best friends and their wives hanging out together. I especially love seeing Jen and her daughter Violet. Jen really loves being a mommy.

  • crazy

    Wow, after seeing gorgeous pics of shiloh and suri for about three days in a row now….if they didn’t have their celeb moms with them, I’d think these are kids in my hood…

    sorry guys, they are cute but….shiloh and suri they are not…

    no daggers pls.

  • Claudia

    Shiloh, suri and violet are not cute!! People say they’re cute just because their mothers are celebrities.Shiloh looks just like angelina’s Dad, she have her lips but i see angie’s dad when i see shiloh.Suri is not that ugly but i can say she’s cute either.And violet?? She’s UGLY!! They are innocent and Ugly!And Josianne No:39: Isabellas mam is BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Evie

    Jennifer and Luciana are both GREAT moms! Why do people always talk bad about Violet and Jennifer.. It’s really stupid to judge a one year old kid, and Violet has the sweetest smile with those cute little dimples :)

  • RGM

    That has to be the cutest thing!

  • Kira

    Such cute little girls and both will grow-up to be exotic looking…fun to see old friends and families vacation together! I like Jen Garner and know she brings a lot of happiness to Ben Affleck’s life–they’ll have a successful relationship. Matt Damon needs to stop hanging around playboy George Clooney and Brad Pitt as much as he does.

  • JMO

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t think Suri and Shiloh are that cute. They may grow up to be beauties, but right now, I don’t think they are that cute. Not that it matters, they’re just babies. They each have unique features that they will grow into.

    Violet isn’t the cutest baby either, but she’s always smiling and having fun…which makes the pics cute.

  • Belle

    An ugly little gnome? Can’t imagine why someone would say such a thing about a baby….. these babies are both cute in their own way. They will look much different as they grow as well. What’s wrong with her clothes? She has a cute little rash guard on, a swim diaper, and a hat to protect her from the sun? People can be so rude!

  • Belle

    The more I think about this, even though I was excited to see the pictures of these CUTE babies, I’m wondering if they shouldn’t be removed. It seems a few people here don’t realize that judging/attacking innocent children (who didn’t ask to be in the media….. and their parents try to keep them OUT of the media) isn’t appropriate.


    Is Jennifer Garner Pregnant with her second baby.


    Is jennfier Genner Pregnant with her second baby.