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Rihanna Has Haters in Her Hometown

Rihanna Has Haters in Her Hometown

Rihanna kills it at the Entertainment Weekly‘s Annual Must-List Party at Gotham Hall on Thursday in New York City. Spectacular Aurelio Costarella minidress and fantastic fuchsia pumps!

The 20-year-old R&B singer is even featured in this week’s issue of EW. Here’s a snippet:

What’s it like when you go back to visit Barbados these days? Do you still have a lot of friends there? Are people mostly happy for you or do you get hated on a lot? A lot of them hate me, but a lot of them love me. I don’t really let the ones that hate me stop me from doing what I wanna do. They always have something to say about what I’m wearing, what I’m not wearing, like in the “Umbrella” video. If I wear a swimsuit to the beach, it’s a problem, they put it on the front of the newspaper and call into programs. It really annoys me when people that I try to represent and I try to put them on the map as much as I can – you know, I didn’t have to put Tridents in my videos.

Put what in your videos? Trident, which is the symbol of the flag. I didn’t have to talk about them. I didn’t have to even mention that I’m from Barbados. But I do and people kind of take it for granted. They hate me. They talk s” about me all the time. But I’m like, “Whatever. I’m still doing this cause I love to do it and you’re not going to stop me.”

Check out the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly for the rest of the Rihanna interview!

15+ pictures inside of Rihanna getting her Must-List party on…

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Photos: Evan Agostini/Getty, Edward Le Poulin/Splash News Online
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  • becca

    Umbrella is a rubbish song

  • Salaa

    Rihanna….The problem is you bursted on the scene with an island flavor (Pon de Replay). That made you unique and stand out from the crowd. Now you have morphed into a clone of every other female singer who is trying to use her butt, tits & legs to sell music. You sound generic and mundane and you look like a Beyonce clone. In my book, yes you are a huge sell-out… how many other young female singers can bring that island vibe to the mix? But you sold out… and that is a damn shame.

  • Caribbean JoliePitt Lover

    Oh dear, we’ve gone and hurt poor Rihanna’s feelings. I’m from Barbados, and I can relate to what she’s saying. Sometimes people can be very critical of their own…a prophet in his own land and all that. I’m not condoning those persons who’re unnecessarily critical of Rihanna, but I think it’s the novelty of having someone from Barbados in the international spotlight. Not to mention lots of persons have been slogging away in the music industry here for years and haven’t achieved an eighth of what Rihana’s done in three years! Jealousy will rear its ugly head.
    Anyway, have no fear Rih-Rih. We may rag on you from time to time (check out but we still love you. Keep the flag flying Rihanna! Thanks Jared!

  • Nando

    It’s cool she’s from Barbados and all but she doesn’t have to get skanky when doing it.

    I agree with Salaa that she sold out. I actually liked Pon de Replay cos it was very unique. No, she’s all tits and ass.

  • be

    Correct me if I’m wrong but was she not born in 1988 and only turned 19 earlier this year?

  • Burpie

    I like her…I agree that she was more unique in the beginning, but I don’t think she’s a sell-out…she still has great, popular songs: SOS, Umbrella…and a good voice.

    She’s really pretty, too. Love how the highlights in her hair match her shoes LOL :lol:

  • Lynn

    Sweetie, just because you’re a singer from a place, does not make you their official rep. But since you are a reflcetion on your native people they just may want to weigh in on how youre being portrayed. Lindsey Lohan’s from America, does that mean she represnts all of us? hardly. And btw, no one is asking you to put anyone on any map. Dont let your ego explode.

  • julia weinstein

    She is gorgeous and has a unique voice.

  • Sarah

    I hate her, too.

  • Rainman

    #8 You mean unique as in she cant sing?

  • [Famous]

    Salaa, how many times can you regurgitate the same comment over and over?


    wellll she is quite the beauty!

  • Nando

    ^ With makeup on…

  • Scooby Doo

    3 Caribbean JoliePitt Lover | 06/22/2007 at 9:48 am
    Oh dear, we’ve gone and hurt poor Rihanna’s feelings. I’m from Barbados, and I can relate to what she’s saying. Sometimes people can be very critical of their own…a prophet in his own land and all that. I’m not condoning those persons who’re unnecessarily critical of Rihanna, but I think it’s the novelty of having someone from Barbados in the international spotlight. Not to mention lots of persons have been slogging away in the music industry here for years and haven’t achieved an eighth of what Rihana’s done in three years! Jealousy will rear its ugly head.
    Anyway, have no fear Rih-Rih. We may rag on you from time to time (check out but we still love you. Keep the flag flying Rihanna! Thanks Jared!

    It’s nice that cheese-on-bread gave JustJared a shout-out! I wonder if he knows? Even though she is not my favorite, Rihanna just needs to relax and enjoy the ride, regardless of what other people say…

  • Mondo Bongo

    Rihanna the road to success is full of haters,
    walk over then, or kick them out of the way!
    [don't forget to say excuse me] peace!

  • MARY


  • R

    gimme a break; barbados should be grateful b/c she puts the trident in the video!

    barbados has been ‘on the map’ in all kinds of ways since well before this chick’s parents were a gleam in anyone’s eye… she can put that trident well up her you know what, and barbados won’t give a _, or anyone else for that matter…

    that umbrellah-ellah-ellah-hah-hah tune would be great were it not for the stupid refrain

  • kate.

    so much hate up in here.

  • tridentflag

    rihanna dem haters wish they were you. so wave the fag up because also us in barbados love you too. you know you’re the talk and when you’re the talk you’re on top. that’s why them haters jump on every topic with ur name on it. we are very proud of you

  • [Famous]

    I’m from Barbados, well my parents are, but nobody was talking about Barbados other than it being a great vacationing spot. Lol Rihanna brought some more light there.

  • questioning rainman’s existance

    rihanna’s worshiper up in da de place!!!!!!!!!

  • babyt

    she has a tattoo in her ear what?

  • flagflyers

    I’m surprised about her claims of being so criticised by her fellow Barbadians. Barbadians are WELL known throughout the Caribbean as being nauseatingly patriotic and supportive of all things Bajan(not that there’s anything wrong with that). I’m surprised girlfriend doesn’t have a statute in Bridgetown or a road or something named after her already.

  • Lovely

    My dad is from Barbados & all of his relatives are the same way (very critical) Dont trip girl…LET THESE HATERS HATE, the only make you stronger!!!

  • Lovely

    PS i dont think she is a sell out…

  • GAgurl

    I went to hs w/Rhianna–she’s from GEORGIA!
    It cracks me up b/c she had several albums before that went no where–she adopts her parents’ accents (they are from Barbados, not her) and BAM she’s on the charts. Good to see a local girl do well, but I hate it’s under false pretenses, but nothing is real in “Hollywood”, is it?

  • Abstruse

    Rihanna is a glowing doll who will only get better with time. Jay-Z won’t allow a tarnished image of his protege. Now me being a sound BEYONCE fan, I do see similarities but you caught my attention with Umbrella baby girl. I wasn’t a huge fan until you showed me that you are capable of so much more. If you must follow in footsteps, shadow Beyonce who knows how to keep her mouth closed and enjoy fame. Barbados will support you and fans will appreciate you.

  • questioning rainman’s existance

    GAgirl, what a fucking liar, wow. she’s from georgia now,u’re so fucked up in the head, wait i’m not done laughing yet! oh shit, this made my day

  • Dana

    I don’t think Rihanna sold out because Pon De Replay was one song on an album of mostly R&B/hip hop like tracks. So how can she sell out from what she was always doing?

    As for Bajans? The less said about them the better. Trinis rule!

  • shecks19

    hahaha georgia, that’s hilarious.

  • barbie

    She’s only a tweenie (just past a teenager). Of course she’s going to be hurt by really critical remarks from people in her home country. Barbados is tiny so indeed, at this point in time when there is nothing else going for Barbados, Rihanna is representing them. As for keeping her mouth shut like Beyonce, the latter has been on the game since she was like 10 or 11 years old. She’s had over 15 years to learn how to react to the Press.

  • lena

    How can you expect someone to continue singing “pon the replay” type songs if they want to gain a wider audience, hence a more profitable career. THIS IS A BUSINESS, PEOPLE!!!.

    If she was continuously singing “pon the replay” songs, there would be critics who brand her as talentless and limited. I think Rihanna is great and talented.

    She’s right, she didn’t and doesn’t have a say anything about B’dos. She could say how she was thankful for America and hated B’dos, but, she doesn’t, cudos to her, she loves her country. She is one of the few Caribbean artists that have been able to sing Caribbean style music and American music she is talented.
    Leave her alone and be proud of her. By the way, I’m from Trinidad, been in the U.S. for 32 years; since childhood. BIG UP TO RIHANNA!!!.

  • Shaneque

    Well I think that Rihanna is a Great singer and people just need to stop comparing here to Beyonce because she is her own person. Also everyone knows in some of Beyonce songs she be streaming now dont get me wrong beyonce can sing when she want to.Also Rihanna dont have to have on alittle bite of clothes for her songs to sale because look at Unfaithful,Sos and both of her CD’s went platinum and they are still selling nation wide not all singer even rapper can do that and if u really want to hear the girl sang go to dont thank that she is a sellout becauce its not a crime to try out other styles of music and she still stays true look at her song Dem Haters and her A Girl Like Me cd it has that Island feel it. So to all the haters out there keep hating because if I was Rihanna I would be happy because that shows her that she stays on yall mind and that is my feel and as long as she has fans she has nothing to worry about because she will always have more fans that haters

    And Im out!

  • zuka

    you didnt have to mention you were from barbados? roflmao! hehehe! that accent will give you away eveytime.

  • ikke

    Who the f**k is a fan of this baby?
    She just got out of her nappies…
    Boobs or no boobs, legs or no legs… She cant sing trough her mouth but only the nose what creates an anoying sound! She’s making some cash now so she thinks she’s a star and nobody can live without her! WRONG !! She’s just another kid who a producer like Jay-Z hopes to fu**…. Thats the way to suc(k)ces..

  • Caribbean JoliePitt Lover

    Thanks, Dana, for reminding me why some people think CSME won’t work except in the minds of politicians. The final part of your comment was uncalled for, but being a proud Bajan with some level of class, I won’t bother to give you the cyber smackdown you deserve. Peace to you, Trini sistren.



  • Vachick

    look Ikke 4 onething if that was the case then Beyonce must be sleeping with produces to get her beats and so is everyone else and if u think im wrong then thank about have u ever thought that they might want to produce a song 4 her because she can sing and one more thing Beyonce is the one who ones around giving her self all the credit and not thinking about anyone else and like i said before everyone knows Beyonce be streaming not singing and i have nothing against her but yall are going to stop talking about rihanna like that and Yes i am a fan of her no let me change that BIGGEST fan and if u want to hear her really sang go to and go to Redemption songs

    And Im Out

  • Sequoia

    Rihanna , nobody hates you. They just hate the way you dress. And its not just the Bajans, it’s the americans as well as people from other lands who have values. Just the other day i was on There were no bajans comments, but most of the comments said that you dressed like a cheap hoe at age 19!! So what the bajans are saying is that they would prefer not to see your butt and shielded fronts gaping at them everytime ok. So chill on the haters talk.

    Cuz you dunn know if anybody up there mess wit you. We coming for them!!!

    Besides that we love you muchly. I personally do not like the celeb beeswax.. but girl you rock!! I love the punk rock you betta not mess with me style.

    You my celeb.. Keep rocking no stopping Riri!!

  • Topaz


    What are you fretting yourself about? You know we don’t hate you, you know we talk because we love you and want you to continue to do well. You know how Barbadians are..they only talk about you because they think you are worth it. You have us concerned Riri. We are appealing for you to keep it covered. So just cover your backside and stop showing what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner and we’d be less concerned. And as for not coming to do anymore projects on this here island. Girl that’s up to you..nobody cares that much. We are striving up and on ..and I’d suggest you do the same. But plz , dear Riri, stop skinning out and showing out you fronts and we’d be cool, we won’t hate u no more.

    Chow now..

  • Barbadoslight

    Rihanna that’s how you know your a star, when one set of people can’t wait to kiss your ass and the others can’t wait to kick it.

    Poor baby many Barbadians hate you? get over yourself, you know how this society rolls, much like Hollywood in America does, they love to pull you down when you get too big.

    Hence all the tabloids and gossip columns over there, so stop ragging on our homeland, whether you are a star or the average Joe, there is always someone who hates your ass.

  • Objective Observer

    Rihanna is young and needs to realise that there are Barbadians who love her and Americans who love her and vice versa. It is all part of being a celebrity.

    Furthermore, I used to live in Barbados and it is a very conservative culture due to its British background. I don’t think Barbadians hate Rihanna, I think they feel their culture is being disrespected by the scanty clothes and the nudity in ‘Umbrella’. The same way Richard Gere accidently offended India with his kiss and Cameron Diaz offended Peru with her bag.

  • lion n zion

    At her age theres no telling how successful she will become. There are alot of people that probably tried to hold her down before her first track was ever completed. Don’t be a hater(jealous and insecure with an envious personality defect)

  • BAJAN-nyc

    This is why I will never move back to barbados and why when I visit I stay the f_ _ K away for bajans as much as I can, including family. She is absolutely right in saying that she could as easily not mention anything about barbados. It does not do anything for her by doing so and a whole lot for the island as per promotion. Bajans are notorious for their jealousy and talking crap. They hate to see their own rise. She is young and she is finding herself and her way. There will be successes and mistakes in her choices as with all those that have made a mark in the world. Without any doubt I say that most of you that criticize her are doing so from the sidelines of life with your fingers up your asses. Who the f_ _ k are any of you to give advice on her music career and the life she chooses to lead. Rihanna, go pop, go rock, be scandalous, be introspective, be a challenging, be magnanimous, sing opera, do a track duet Maralyn Manson, do whatever is from the heart. The biggest mistake you can make in your life and career is to have these people make you feel as though you should be ashamed or that you sold out. In the end the these same bastards back stabbed Caesar and crucified Jesus. So F_ _ K em!!!

  • sarahjane

    My God arn’t we all a little too critical and harsh.If you had what she has you’d flaunt it too.
    I don’t feel the love ……:(

  • littlebopeepbajan

    Bajans hate Rihanna because she made it! And Americans hate her because they hate a foreigner coming to America and given an opportunity that they think an AMERICAN deserves. And this is suppose to be the land of many opportunities, but that’s another topic. Rihanna has to do what ever it takes to keep her in the game, so if she has to sing American pop and rock to keep her highligted then more power to her. Barbados is beautiful with its food, culture, calypso music and so on, but come on people, Barbados in NOT rich enough to give her a record label making her so famous nation wide, unless she’s Bob Marley. Not even Shawn Paul and other reggae singers from the caribbean has been and are respected as much as Bob to this day. Her inspiration came from Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Destiny’s Child since she was eight years old and these are all American singers. If Barbados had the money to make super stars like Rihanna, I am sure she wouldn’t have to come to the USA and a lot of other talents WILL be coming out of Barbados. God knows that Barbados has so many talented people including myself. Rihanna ALWAYS represents Barbados, in her accent, her videos and her interviews. What more do you want from her? I don’t agree with her saying that she put us on the map. We were Barbados before she was born 13 years ago and years before that! We were Barbados when we got our indepedance; However, I do believe that she gaved us more recognition and people no longer ask us stupid questions like, “Is Barbados in Jamaica or some other country. You guys just mad it isn’t you. What did she do sooo wrong that you can say she is a sell out? So what if she changed in her music, she was signed to an American label, why would they promote calypso and West Indian sounds and lyrics? I knew it was a matter of time that would change. She probably did it on her first album because she knew people like you (bajans) would find some problem with it. She DID represent Barbados and it still was a problem. She’s right, she didn’t had to put the trident in her videos. Yes her accent would give her away anyway, but she represented with more than her accent. We don’t make American music in Barbados, we play it and have concerts there, but we difinately don’t make it our culture. Her life was planned out from her mother’s womb, by the hand of God himself. She was destined to be a star. Hate all you want because she’s laughing her way to the bank. However she got there, that is her business, but it doesn’t change the fact that she IS beautiful and talented. That girl has GOT to feel good, I know I would and you would too if given the same opportunity.

  • littlebopeepbajan

    Sorry in the above statement I said that Barbados was on the map 13 years ago before Rihanna was born, I meant 19 years ago and before.

  • Bajan-nyc

    Barbados on what map? Let’s face it. The only Caribbean islands that have any notable influence on the world are Jamaica and Cuba (less so). Calypso / Soca is garbage music. Good for one day a year of partying and maybe 4 1/2 minutes on the radio. It’s an absolute joke. Worse when trying to sound political. Who the hell listens to that incoherent cacophonous mess?

    Rihanna’s twist on it was cool. Let it remain just that. A twist diluted in something more digestible. As for the rest of this Bajan talent…what island are you on.

    Come to think of it, when I was a kid in barbados there was a sound called Spooge. That should have been developed and embraced. But would never have reached reggae’s status. To do so you would have to throw in abject poverty and all the associated adversities of ghetto. Barbados does not not have ghettos. So we ended up with Calypso and Soca…horrible music.

  • Jessica

    Rihanna you are so cool and you can dance good and sing too and my brithday is Feb 9, 1994 and your brithday is Feb 20, 1988 and you are 18 are 19 and I hope you can call me {323}750-1443 and her is my address 3320 west 77 street and I am in Los Vegas and I caming home sunday moring and so you can call me at 7:00pm and I live in Los Angeles and I hope you can come to my house . Love,Jessica M.Young and I am 13 years old and when I get 14 I hope you can come to sing Shut up and drive and Pon De Replay and I love your songs and you are so cool . Its’ the good girl going bad. bi, Rihanna and tell Neyo I side hi okay . and Jay-z too. and I saw you at the Ama you were so pretty in that dress when you did Umbrella and Hate that I love you with Neyo it was so good.

  • littltebopeepbajan

    Bajan-nyc, you are and idiot to say that calypso is crappy music. Reread my statment you fool!