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Brad Shoots Softbank -- Take Three!

Brad Shoots Softbank -- Take Three!

Brad‘s back!!

After dropping the kids off at school in the morning, Brad Pitt was back on the set of Softbank, a Japanese telecommunications company, in Prague, Czech Republic.

The father-of-four filmed the third segment of a commercial for Softbank’s latest cell phone model dressed in a snappy white suit. (The first segment was a gray suit and the second segment was a black suit.)

The scene of the commercial involved everyone dressed in white playing soccer — nuns, body builders, and a large group of children. It doesn’t look like a typical soccer match since Brad is touching the soccer ball with his hands but he does get more and more involved as the commercial goes on. In the pictures, you can also see lots of white buttondown shirts hanging from clotheslines.

Shoud be an interesting cell phone commercial… 10+ pictures inside…

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01 brad pitt softbank white suit
02 brad pitt softbank white suit
03 brad pitt softbank white suit
04 brad pitt softbank white suit
brad pitt softbank white suit 01
brad pitt softbank white suit 02
brad pitt softbank white suit 03
brad pitt softbank white suit 04
brad pitt softbank white suit 05
brad pitt softbank white suit 06

Photos: Simon Earl/Mark Raishbrook/Splash News Online
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  • Marivic

    so hot

  • dorito girl

    He looks good.

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  • Estelle

    ntt- can you re-post the quotes here on this threads…thanks, very interesting quotes so far.

  • sexy

    I wonder what’s the storyline of the commercial? lol

  • nton1

    First here

  • Wwwwww

    He look hot no matter what he is wearing!!!1

  • Curious

    So where are these commercials being filmed? I thought at first in Japan, but that could not be if he is dropping the kids off at daycare. He didn’t yesterday.

  • Elizabeth

    What a sexy son of a b*tch!!…j/k but he is sexy!!

  • Estelle

    12 Curious
    the commercial is being film in Prague. JJ has 2 more threads about the commercial and on Splash Video also has a video of Brad in the streets of Prague.



  • Frenchy

    Bringing from older thread:


    Release dates for
    The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)

    USA 21 September 2007 (limited)
    Spain 5 October 2007
    France 10 October 2007
    Japan 20 October 2007
    Belgium 24 October 2007
    Germany 25 October 2007
    Australia 1 November 2007
    Norway 9 November 2007

  • irma

    He looks good in white like Angelina.

  • Wwwwww

    Won’t it be cool to be an extra in a commerical with Brad Pitt!!!!! Yeah!!!!

  • ucla

    He looks like he’s filming a miami vice episode lol

  • sharon

    he is hot on everything he wears.

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  • OT

    I want a subway turkey hoggie so bad right now.

  • piper, with a low

    19 ucla | 06/26/2007 at 4:04 pm

    If the woman in the background is any indication, you may be right. She’s rocking the feathered, REO Speedwagon 80s hair!

  • lora

    famous is back with his ticks again. maybe he needs to see a vet.

  • uke-chan

    I was comparing AMH with Capote (Philip Seymour Hoffman got the Oscar for this movie) and Capote openned with $2,291,075, $1,849 average. Ended with $28,750,530 domestic and $20,482,631 foreign. AMH will do great in the end, because the reviews are very very good and it’s a important history

  • Andrómeda

    11: Agree, no matter what he is wearing he looks hot!!.
    I miss Shi, I would love to see some pics of Shiloh…

  • duk

    Brad in Tyler Durden’s style

  • Observation

    The suit looks exactly like the one he used in cannes to do promo of oceans 13. I didn’t know he had to take his own clothes to the commercial.

  • Passing Through

    These two are the hardest working movie stars NOT in HW!

  • piper, with a low

    Brad’s Japanese Commercials:

  • Burpie

    Oh God, he is so HOT. White looks really good on him.

  • Diana

    ohh my God!! I can’t take my eyes off you BRAD!!!!

  • julia

    good God Jared, are you trying to kill us..
    LOL. He looks so hot..

    Thank you.

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  • Pavel

    Local newspapers report that most of the scenes were filmed inside Czech national theatre in the city center. The traffic in close area collapsed :)

    One more photo:

  • hehe

    In touch is in trouble

    You don’t play with Marty Singer.

  • Frenchy

    Kinda ot:

    Dan Futterman discusses AMH and working with Angelina Jolie.

    INTERVIEW: Dan Futterman on “A Mighty Heart”
    POSTED 06/23/2007 AT 7:19 PM ET

    Dan Futterman, who won an Oscar nomination for his screenplay for “Capote,” stars as Daniel in the Michael Winterbottom-directed film. We spoke to him recently at a press day to ask him about taking on such a heavy role.

    Q: Being a writer in addition to an actor, were there instances where you wanted to write things for the script or make your own changes?

    DAN: When I had met with Michael initially I had read John Orloff’s script and I thought it was fantastic. He talked about a couple of things he was going to work on. I didn’t see much of a need for it. It was in his mind to do. I had very little to say about changing the script. I thought it was terrific. We did do some improvisation but you’re working with this terrific foundation. It’s a script that assimilates so much information about that part of the world, the particular situation and this relationship that Daniel and Marianne had. So you feel really supported with that and you return to the script after the improvisation.

    Q: What were your impressions of Angelina Jolie?

    DAN: I think she’s truly one of my generation’s great, great actors. I had a chance to see my friend Phil Hoffman perform up close a few years ago and you think, “O.K. I’ve had that experience. I can write that one down and tell it to my kids.” Two years later, I’m working with someone who’s giving a scene an utter transformational, beautifully emotional performance. She’s incredibly smart and finely tuned. I was completely knocked out by her. With her, it seems like it’s the easiest thing in the world. She’s improvising, she’s doing an accent that’s not her own and she’s comfortable as can be. You cannot dare her to do anything she’s not willing to do. She’s just utterly and completely a pleasure to work with.

  • lora

    Thanks Frenchy for that interview!

  • http://justjared bermy girl

    Brad: “Sure, I’ll do the commercial. But you gotta film me in India, Prague – wherever my family is ’cause that’s where I’ll be!”

  • piper, with a low

    36 hehe | 06/26/2007 at 4:27 pm

    I have mixed emotions about that. On one hand, VV’s rank went down in my book when he sued the British tabs about his cheating with another woman; on the other hand, the tabs here are getting out of hand. And while I totally got why someone like Carol Burnett sued the tabs for a story similar to Jesse Metcalfe’s, I’m not so sure if his really has weight. False stories can damage a career, but what ‘career’ does Metcalfe have? Has he done anything lately besides exit rehab?

    I just think that many other stars have greater cause to sue; but then again, if he has a lawyer, he can do whatever he wants, I guess.

  • serious

    The life of this whole family outside the privacy of their hotels, planes and homes is one big commercial (oh to be a fly on the wall) – Everything is staged for the paps – one big commercial shoot. Thier lives as we see them are not reality – it is Brangellywood.

  • bdj

    Thanks for the pictures Just Jared. BP and AJ work hard for the money. They are also good people that give back. Not many celebrites can say the same. Whether you think it is a photo op or paps tracking their every move, they are living their lives, taking care of their family and earning their pay. At the end of the day, they go home to 4 loving, loud and happy children. This commerical is turning into a 3 part epic. It will be interesting and fun to see it. Best wishes to BAMPZS and peace to all.

  • SimplyMe

    Hiya JOANN, i’m from Tulsa

  • please

    They are truly hardworking individuals. I wish them the best. Go and watch AMH.



  • Peaches

    25 uke-chan | 06/26/2007 at 4:11 pm
    I was comparing AMH with Capote (Philip Seymour Hoffman got the Oscar for this movie) and Capote openned with $2,291,075, $1,849 average. Ended with $28,750,530 domestic and $20,482,631 foreign. AMH will do great in the end, because the reviews are very very good and it’s a important history

    It is right on target with other Indie movies. After Babel’s first opening weekend it went down by 63% the following Monday and another 35% the following Tuesday. Not a lot of people go to movies the beginning of a work week. Babel started gaining by 43% on Wednesday and went on to have a more productive weekend than its opening weekend earning $919,235 in comparison to its opening weekend of $389,351. Then of course went on to make $34 mill domestically and $135 mill total. So, actually AMH is right on target. It should go down at least another 35% tomorrow and then start gaining speed on Wednesday for the weekend.

  • are you serious

    41 serious

    A Big DUH! Because they are followed by the paps.
    You don’t see the intimate times of the family just the public outings. Do you want them to never leave the house?

  • omg

    Thanks Maria for posting this.

    Mark Millar has made a report of his trip to the set of Wanted

    He say’s nice things anout Angelina:
    Angelina was shooting the main day I was on the set and could not have been more friendly. It was weird meeting here after seeing her face on the cover of almost every magazine in the airport, but she’s very easy-going, super-smart and pretty hot too. She can engage about everything from Henry Kissinger to British comedies and has a huge DVD collection, her impression of Little Britain’s chav teenager being a jaw-dropper as it’s the last thing I expected to come out of her mouth. Got on very well with her and she seemed into the material so all looking good.
    For those who aren’t familiar with Vicky Pollard I found a clip on youtube.

    Can you imagine Angie doing this impression.

    ‘Yeah but, no but, yeah…’ :lol:

  • http://MSN gena

    Hubba-hubba! Brad can I take you home! Great dad and great money maker and great companion! Love this man. It is amazing, never paid this much attention to him until he got with Angie! I looked throught all the posts and Angie and Brad had the most comments! These too are so loved! Even the haters love them or they would not read about them. The bet Jen out hands down!

  • aimee

    whoa!!!! I need some coffee, I thought the title said Brad shoots blanks! Course we know that isnt true..thanks to little Shi.