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The Beckhams Enter Through 'The Little Door'

The Beckhams Enter Through 'The Little Door'

The Beckhams, David and Victoria, enjoy a date night out on Monday at French-Mediterranean restaurant The Little Door in Beverly Hills (8164 West 3rd Street).

Scary Spice, aka Mel B, was also spotted in a different limo after coming out the same restaurant.

Becks was wearing a fetching red cardigan over his button-down shirt and tie whilst Posh opted for a tight black-and-white mini.

DID YOU WATCH last night’s “Victoria Beckham: Coming to America? Enjoy the glimpse into the life of Mrs. Beckham?

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  • thinista

    She looks harder with every picture

  • lg

    she looks hot , you people lie.
    you wish you could look half as good as she does.

  • LJ

    Great that she was dinner with Mel..Thanks Jared..

  • Bit me


  • Ashley

    YES I did watch her special, and she was normal, funny…everything I thought Vix wasn’t. And she seemed like a protective mother. I have to say I’m liking her a lot more after that one hour!

  • king pennis


  • Lica


  • jessica

    i have to admit that up until yesturday i thought victoria beckham was an absolute miserable bitch…but i watched the show last night and omg i love her! she was soo funny, and seemed like the kind of girl id really want to know. and i totally get her now!

    they both always look good, and i love her hair. thanx for the pix jared.

  • http://justjared star

    enjoyed the show alot. i find her to be very cool, loves her family. the british have such great sense of humor. welcome to america.

  • Jill

    I watched her show and thought she was an absolute doll. Very funny personality and seemed very easy to get along with.

  • Jaf

    I havnt laughed so hard in ages! I now have a clearer picture of VB and i like her much.

  • Bella Blue

    She is so beyond vapid and self-involved. She thinks she’s the funniest person in the room. Guess what? You’re not Miss Vicky.

    Miss Vicky. Perfect name for her as she’s married to someone who sounds like Tiny Tim.

  • Brenna

    You know, I have been a very outspoken “critic” of VB… I will admit, I watched her on the Jay Leno show and really thought that maybe, just maybe I was wrong about her… but then last night comes this over-the-top, self-indulgent, self-obsessed reality show about how great her life is… Sorry, I definitely was NOT impressed- she came across as what I’ve always thought her to be: a vain, self-absorbed, self-centered, media-fame-$$$ hungry SNOB!! She absolutely lives in her own self-indulgent fantasy world and totally believes her own “hype”– she is a complete WASTE OF A HUMAN BEING- no substance at ALL- just self-indulgent fluff!

  • indiesr

    She’s a fake…PEOPLE, but she was funny and looks fabulous. :)

  • Melanie

    I must admit, i always hated “posh spice” the most, thought she was a total tart. But after last nights show, I LOVE HER!! she is now my favorite “spice girl”. She is too funny. that whole DMV thing was “major” and her getting drunk.. omg, that show was great. The brits do have a great sense of humor and the words they use. oh man, she is too much.. loved it, love her! (glad she did the show, the pics the paps put out there do make her look like a total robot, but once you actually see her smile and talk she is normal, and looks like someone i would hang out with.) also, drunk VB is HILARIOUS!!

  • B

    hahahhahah she’s SUCH a so glad they moved here so I have something to LAUGH AT first thing in the work morning…


    She looks more like an alien than Katie Holmes ET PHONE HOME. ET PHONE HOME. ET PHONE HOME. ET PHONE HOME!

  • question

    Does anyone know what the dark spot is under her armpit?

  • gini

    victoria is very frightening

  • brookbeck

    if i wanted to be as half as she is there will not be anything worth being but i have to admit her show was a reality show an it wasn’t that bad.

  • Mmmmm

    I didnt watch but I could seeing her being funny, in a Paula Abdul way. Love her hair tho, HOT!

  • Sophia

    Wow shes so funny! Loved her show last night!
    she looks good in those pics! So does David! HOT!

  • Melanie

    Ok, so she’s beautiful and rich and married to a hunk of a man. But, as funny and self-depreciating as she tries to be, I still find her to be pretentious. It seems as though she tries really hard to be the center of attention while acting as though she doesn’t like the attention. It’s easy to see right through her.

  • Louisa

    Americans will never understand British humour, they’re too thick.

  • lola

    i love da show last night she was very funny, lots of personality and really down to earth…

  • linda

    the show was hilarious, after watching it, I now wish it was a series and not just a one hour special. She really has a good sense of humor, she even let herself be shown drunk after the little tea party. Are those old women with money really that crazy in LA?

  • jojo

    her mouth is absoulutely not sexy … in fact ugly

  • derek

    maybe someone should tell david that he’s dressed up like a valet…

  • [~Famous~]

    They make a great couple. I seen Victoria’s show last night, it was cool. She has an adorable personality, I just love the way she says paparazzi its so cute.


  • RyKas

    Have you noticed how Becks only scowls when he’s with Posh?!! He needs to smile more as he’s so HOT :)

  • Posh is hot!

    That show completely changed my mind about VB! I love her! She’s so funny. She does look like a ‘miserable bitch’ in a lot of pictures but like she said, it’s an image. They are taking her picture all the time so why not work it. And, props to them for not putting their children through a lot of that media attention!

  • From Lainey

    Posh: the Primetime Debut
    Virtually every critic has slammed her special with every disparaging adjective possible. Meanwhile, the British papers are salivating over the savage reviews, gleeful in their premature assessment that the Beckham defection has not gone unpunished. And though the numbers have yet to be announced (at press time), going purely from print at least, it would appear that Victoria Beckham’s one hour debut was a colossal failure.

    And still… I loved it. Most of it. Kinda tailed off rather abruptly at the end there but for the most part, especially the first half hour, she killed me. Then again, I like the snotty condescending ones. And truth to be told, if you were going in expecting honesty from Posh Spice, I’m not surprised that you were met with bitter disappointment. She’s a caricature, she knows it, she plays up to it, she won’t apologise for it. And most importantly, she’s not a stuck up plastic twat trying to come off the girl next door.

    Like that other elitist bitch Gwyneth Paltrow Victoria Beckham will never be the girl next door and she will never want to be your friend. Any expectation that she’d ever stoop to that is downright absurd and therefore any expectation that she would have demonstrated any redeemable qualities during an entirely choreographed “reality” special is downright naïve.

    Better the Fraud you know than the Fraud disguised as America’s Sweetheart at the Central Perk, you know what I mean? All Posh is a tan and concrete tits. The point is not to love her in spite of it but to love her because of it. Maybe you just have to be gay and gossipy to get it.

    My favourite lines:

    When getting up to answer the door for someone interviewing to be her assistant:
    I normally wouldn’t do something like answer the door.

    When describing the preferred attributes of an assistant:
    She can’t be too goodlooking, she can’t be too thin – it’s all about me.

    And of course the best best best ever – following her notorious first pitch delivery at the Dodgers game (hilarity unto itself), Victoria makes a long awaited admission:

    I really thought my silicone was gonna fly out my armpit.


    Also worthy of note: her best friend shares her hairstyle. And her Main Gay is the hotness.

    I’m telling you, my own gays were going bananas.

    But still… if she still doesn’t do it for you, there is still her husband. Right off the top of the show, David in the desert, shirt off, pants hung low, blonde and beautiful and lean and unf*ckingbelievably quivering, wrapped around his wife in a variety of affectionate poses. That alone made the hour worthwhile.

  • Beckett

    I watched the show last night and I find her quite charming and funny. She didn’t take herself to serious and had a great since of humor. did I mention her husband was hot.

  • Lee

    I saw her show “Being Victoria Beckham” ages ago, and thought she is one of the funniest people ever. Her face when that woman did her dolphin thing was classic!!!

  • ghfgc

    The show was too short. I wanted more!

    She was pretty good in it, wasn’t she?

  • yara

    Vic is a cool girl we cant judge someone only when we see her in paps photo. she a cool london girl

  • Julotta

    More Beckhams, less Jolie-Pitts.

  • Prue H,

    #37 Julotta:

    You had to go there and put in your snide comments against the Jolie-Pitts, didn’t you? JustJared has EIGHT Beckham threads in the first three pages, versus ONE of Angelina. Yet you still are not happy, and had to snark. What a miserable person you are!

  • Julotta

    At least I’m not counting the Beckham threads versus the Jolie-Pitt threads. Jealous much?!!!

  • [~Famous~]

    People who hated her yesterday, loves her today. Lmao

    The take over’s almost complete. muwahaha!!

  • Prue H,

    #39 Julotta:

    No, you are just bitc*ing for the sake of bitc*ing!

  • http://justjared Mexican Baby Luv

    wat channel is victorias show on , but i gotta say david beckham is cute but ohh ma mexican cuty frncisco mendoza [[chivas usa]] is wa better, thanks for da pics jared very good info!!!

  • [~Famous~]

    speaking about mexican’s, I completely forogot I need my lawn cut.

  • sexybeasts

    Crap , I missed the show.Incidently, who cares what a critic says, they are wrong most of the time anyways. It’s only one opinion. What were the ratings?

  • MJStyle

    I loved the show…she is definitely funny and she makes fun of herself too!

  • Rae

    I loved the show. She’s fabulous and hilarious. What did people really expect? To see her washing the floors? Of course her life was going to be different than mine! It was insane and I loved it. She’s hilarious. ‘whilst he was dancing on the ceiling?’ ‘aren’t all houses built from the ground up?’ Hee!

  • Ashley

    #46 I agree … that line was so funny!

    I really was shocked Posh was so funny and that she actually laughed. She was very frank about herself and the stereotypes and the boob job. Definitely still superficial, but a lot less alien like.

  • Christina

    GORGEOUS! Victoria look AMAZING and Becks loks HOT!


  • luv becks

    does anyone know if the primetime special is on you tube? i missed it. thanks!

  • Jane

    She was much more likable than expected and her sense of humor surprised me, since she doesn’t smile in photos.

    Yes, Posh is obsessed with her looks and loves being in the limelight, but she seemed to genuinely care about her husband and kids, part of her is a traditional wife and mom.

    The rich LA ladies scene was incredible!! All that plastic surgery, their faces looked so weird. And the house, talk about totally tasteless! Guess money can’t buy everything.