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Victoria Beckham's Leg Lumps

Victoria Beckham's Leg Lumps

Victoria Beckham steps her way up a set of stairs, showing off a cavernous leg lump/dimple at a Beverly Hills mansion on Wednesday.

She was headed to a four-hour video shoot donning a jersey bustier top and badage pencil skirt (both by Proenza Schouler). Posh accessorized her look with a Bill Blass belt, Christian Louboutin pumps and dVb sunglasses.

If these are the lovely lady lumps Fergie wants us to check out, no thank you!!!

This isn’t the first time Posh‘s legs have showed off their imperfections. Back in May when she was caught for “speeding”, Posh had a few knee wrinkles to iron out!

UPDATE: These pictures have not be doctored or Photoshopped in any way, shape or form. Even UK’s The Daily Mail is reporting the same story with pictures from a different angle as well.

10+ pictures inside of Victoria‘s lovely leggy lumps…

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victoria beckham leg lumps 01
victoria beckham leg lumps 02
victoria beckham leg lumps 03
victoria beckham leg lumps 04
victoria beckham leg lumps 05
victoria beckham leg lumps 06
victoria beckham leg lumps 07
victoria beckham leg lumps 08
victoria beckham leg lumps 09
victoria beckham leg lumps 10

Photos:, Johnstone/Jones/
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  • Tucker

    What in the name of Puppies and Ponys is that shit!
    She is scary looking sometimes, the wierdest body
    kids thats what happens when you eat nothing

  • Anony

    An obvious photoshop job. And no, i couldn’t give two hoots about the ‘poshtitute’. Jared please have more integrity with the postings on your site…

  • mackenzie

    I’m not a fan of victoria but this is so PHOTOSHOP
    People are not stupid she’s just 34 or something not 50

  • Iris

    Ouch! These pics will no doubt hurt her ego. Don’t worry Victoria, we still love you. You’re a great mum and a good wife and that’s all that matters so rock on girl!

  • Just Jared

    FYI: These images have not been Photoshop-ed.

  • Iris

    P.s. Jared, who is the cute guy with the shaved head in the photo?

  • tm

    uh, her leg looks fine in the other pictures…looks photoshop, still disgusting nevertheless. also, i hate how she wears such tight clothes all the time, they’re hardly ever flattering on her body.

  • Nicole

    It looks as if they were burned. Doublt it is real

  • ginny

    how low is that? someone photoshop-ed that! just for what?

    her legs look fine on the other pics and most of her other pictures. which is so contradicting and now that pic is not believable.

    FYI: if someones going to do that on one pic, might aswell do that on the rest of her pictures.

    i dont think people who read this site are stupid enough

  • lila

    i think is just a bad picture with funny shadows from the plants. i don’t believe are lumps.

  • M

    It’s so obviously photoshopped. Compare the photos 02 and 10 … same pose, yet pic 02 has ‘leg lumps’ but pic 10 doesn’t. Just Jared says they have not been photoshopped … yes, he may not have doctored the pics, but the originals may have been! Anyone who believes otherwise is definitely not high on intelligence. LOL.

  • vicky

    I am looking the original picture and looks perfect ! Sorry Jared 1 These are photoshopped !

  • amle

    To see the real pics go to Imnotobsessed

  • AnnaD

    Skinny legs can’t look like that. at least her legs don’t in all the other pics. so clearly: PHOTOSHOP.

  • vicky

    The originals are picture 5 and 10 ! How could u make this mistake Jared ! You wanna be like Perez ?

  • vicky

    You can say anything about Victoria apart from her amazing legs !

  • Jill

    It looks like shadow images on her leg. I don’t believe that a person that is such a perfectionist would allow herself to walk around in skirts/dresses all the time if her legs looked like that.

  • melly

    they are FAKE!!!!

  • Polly

    There is no question that is photoshop-ed!! All the other pics her legs are PERFECT. ALSO if you look closely the legs aren’t even the same size or color!!! SOOO FAKE!! You’re just dumb for posting this!

  • Julz

    She rocks anyways!

  • Jen

    I don’t particularly care for her, but that is a fake pic. Her legs don’t look like that.

  • msguidedmama

    please. not real.

  • Jamie

    There is NO WAY thats real! She is always showing off her HOT legs and ive never seen them look like that pic before *cough*photoshot*cough* Plus her legs look fine in the other pics. Her legs look more then fine in the other pics i have seen on other sites.

    She looks awesome in that outfit!!

  • Shari

    Someone hate her that bad that they put an obvious photoshop job of her out. I am surprise Jared whould have excepted that photo-umm very strange.

  • Lica

    Photoshop, of course, haha, not real!

  • celia

    welcome to America you pig-faced attention whore. you wanted attention, here it is.

  • Raquai

    JJ I thought you were too smart to post downgrading photoshopped pics like that. That’s an insult hope Vix doesn’t take it to heart! nx!

  • Susiq


    Very odd.

    Why haven’t we seen this before? Not like she never wears short skirts…

  • Layla

    Not a fan of Posh or her Minnie Mouse hubby but there was some obvious tinkering with that picture. Just do a comparison of the legs in the other shots and its pretty clear. In pics 5 & 10, she’s literally in the same pose as the picture in question and yet, no bumps, no lumps.

  • Iris

    Jared, please tell me your people didn’t photoshop these! Please, please, please, please don’t become like Perez!

    Celia, don’t be grosse. Take your foul mouth elsewhere.

  • Raquai

    Gosh what’s wrong JJ, i THOUGHT YOU WERE SMARTER THAN THIS. Clearly this not Vix leg, looks like an elephantitis leg, come JJ this is photoshopped hello!

  • veve

    Oh! god , what it is?

  • Colleen

    Really fake looking. Her leg doesn’t look anything like that in the other photos.

  • h
  • [~Famous~]


  • sal


  • twokids2

    No way those are Posh legs. I don’t believe it for a minute.

  • JessicaJay

    however much you hate victoria beckham theres no denying that her legs are perfect. this is just photoshopped – it would have been photoshopped by the pap agency in order for them to have a tag line to sell it….and jared fell hook line and sinker for it!

    is it me or is victoria filling out abit more, shes certainly not as skinny as she used to be, she looks real hot now!

  • EvilLynn

    Bad lipo? Ketosis from starvation? Photoshop? Who knows. It’s nasty, though.

  • gossipaddicted

    it’s a ugly fake…Why?? Victoria has good legs…0___o

  • lilflowa

    Check out the true picutres on HERE!!!!! those are soo FAKE!!

  • PoshFan

    It’s obviously photoshopped. I’ve seen the real ones, and her legs do not look like that!

  • lilflowa


  • lilflowa

    and why is one foot lumpy and the oher 1 perfectly normal….could have evend it out bit…………* rolls eyes*

  • Constanza Cabrera

    I think that one has the beautiful on the inside. I do not mean that Victoria is ugly, In fact always has been my prima donna. I do not like not even if they criticize her(subj) , but thus she is her life.

    beatiful forever !


    PD: im from chile, sorry for the english !

  • Nando

    It’s not photoshopped, it’s what happens to legs when you step down…like, all the fat/muscles/etc. get weighed down and it makes your legs look weird…but it’s only for a split second.

  • Eve

    It clearly looks like she keeps her “figure” with the “not eating” diet. Not with the healthy combo: diet + exercises. If she exercised she wouldn´t have those legs. Period.

  • (‘@’)

    Are you serious? Picture# 5 looks fine… but she is nothing close to pretty or sexy to me anyway.

  • yuck

    this woman is thin because she has an eating disorder and not much muscle to hold the flesh. kate moss has the same problem too.
    pic 1 shows how soft her body is. GROSS.

  • xsleekx

    so her legs are a bit wrinkly, she is human. not attack on the person who wrote about this but id love to find ur insecurities and broad cast them. seriously i dont really think anyones botherd about somones bloody leg