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Blake Lewis Has a Girlfriend

Blake Lewis Has a Girlfriend

American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis leaves nightclub Les Deux, snuggling up with a female friend and leaving with her this past weekend. And no, it wasn’t Idol champ Jordin Sparks!

Sorry Blaker Girls, looks like your man is taken!

Earlier this month, Blake, 26, disclosed he has already recorded six songs for his upcoming album, out end of 2007.

“I try not to be put in a box,” he said. “I’m inspired by everything. I’ve got six tracks done. I’ve got a track that’s very Erasure-sounding, a track that’s Sting-meets-Neverending Story and a track that’s very electro-poppy Depeche Mode. It’s all over the map.”

Playing third wheel to Blake and his new babe? Fellow Idol contestant Haley Scarnato (pictured below).

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  • loveme

    i heart blake. i hope his new chick treats him nice!

  • cute

    I hope Blake treats his new girl right.

  • [~Famous~]

    I hope Blake gets a new girlfriend cause this was is ugh.

  • Mmmmm

    Yuck how old is she? Comon Blake, what is up with no tshirt under that shirt, we can see his Pepperonis

  • Julzz

    I thought he’s gay?!?

  • Mr

    Look at how he’s holding her, eyes open and not even looking at her… fag hag alert! Come on Blake, who you think you fooling with this fug?

  • Mr

    You cant say faghag?

  • Sarah

    Ew, this girl is too ugly for Blake (seriously I’m not jealous, if she was much more beautiful, I’d be jealous!).

  • Pam

    He can definitely do better than this one. She’s no looker by any means.

  • *

    Um… Girlfriend? He’s not even looking at her in any of the pictures, even when she’s all up in his now.

  • Natalie

    Weird. I would have expected Blake to date someone better looking or more “edgy”. She looks like an old Plain Jane. But I’m sure she’s a nice person and if they’re actually a couple, good for them. As long as they’re happy our opinion doesn’t matter.

  • Pam

    haha! It’s kind of obvious isn’t it?

  • Ms. sugar walls

    d.a.m.n.! She is no looker! Her face is fug! I like that black dress! I like him..his tat’s are a turn on! D.a.m.n.!

  • Bobby

    The 3rd wheel is a producer for American Idol. Her name is Jessica Kelly.

  • uh

    That is just…stupid. I don’t know what they’re doing there but I certainly hope they don’t think they’re looking like a hot couple!

  • Con

    This could be some crazy fan attacking Blake. Come on. Get real. He said he was single and I am going to take his word for it.

  • Dieter

    she has a nice ass, nice legs – everything perfect. I´d do her in a heartbeat !!!

  • Kallie

    Hahaha. I’ve never seen a guy less interested in a girl all up in his grill. Seriously. His eyes are open and he’s looking up in the sky somewhere and his hands are just lifelessly sitting on her hips.

    In comparison to the other girls he’s been spotted with, she’s incredibly unattractive. Not that any of them matter because he is gay. (and before anyone even starts with the whole, why does everyone start saying he’s gay everytime a story comes out? We say it because it’s true.)

  • lh


  • annie

    look at her hands. may be she is really a man in drag and blake is taking babysteps to coming out?

  • you are entitled to my opinion

    she’s ugly? dudes, look at his very short self carefully. littlely beadily eys, lizard lips, and a deformed snout. he’s lucky to get someone who can walk on hind legs.

  • Babysis

    he’s just trying to get Jordin jealous!

  • Amandaaa

    Faghag..Blake is obviously with Chris Rich.

  • roxy

    shut up …that’s his mom. nice try selling her as his girlfriend.

  • racy lacy

    Yuck! His shirt is ugly, his girl friend is ugly. Why didn’t just hook up with Haley? She was hot.

  • brucella

    Blake is ugly

  • Jamm

    I’d totally lick him.. like all over.

    Like front and back.

  • el polacko

    maybe he’s one of those “last one to know” guys.. but ya ARE blake, ya ARE. this kind of trying to ‘prove’ that you aren’t is just creepy. she’s probably his publicist’s mom… haha

  • steph

    Tiny pic of Jessica Kelly, an assoc producer for AI here:

    I think we have a winner…

  • Marie

    Calling her ugly is all kinds of wrong. I’m sure most of you people don’t even have a normal body. Anyway, it’s so weird when bloggers and fans think that just because a man and a women are hugging or kissing (or even fucking) they are like, getting married the next week. But it’s the internet; I guess 95% of the internet weirdos don’t have a social life to know any better.

  • Marie

    oh, and she’s a AI producer. They are so not dating. *laugh*

  • layla

    For goodness sake the other idols are in the background. So yeah, people know they’re not dating.

  • emi

    she’s a perfectly nice-looking woman, but if that’s canoodling i’m simon cowell. they’re dancing. like friends do when friends go out.

  • Paula

    Blake doesn’t have a girlfriend, I can tell you that.

  • loffles


    First off, she looks likes she’s in her thirties, she’s also not attractive AT ALL. His past girlfriends were much hotter.. Laura was like, gorgeous.. This girl is like, hideous. Urgh. I doubt they’re dating anyway, Blake has better taste in women than this.. He must have been drunk or something. She’s TOTALLY not his type, like really.

  • Lauren


  • Dieter

    Marie – I love your for the wonderful words you found. Amazing !!!

  • usagirl#1

    blake is cute but he wouldnot take you of course he is very picky and choosey!!!!!!!you should go to you meet all kinds of people!!!!!

  • …..

    first of all…blake is NOT gay!!!
    second….she is sooo ugly!! she looks sooo old!!
    i really hope they are not dating..i think blake deserves
    someone soooooooo much better!!

  • bataglio

    his g/f = a butterface

  • Anne

    It is Jessica Kelly an assoc. producer for AI, and they are not dating. She was just up close talking to him. And man you people are mean.

  • Shayne (from BLMM)

    don’t worry guys! at blake lewis multimedia we cleared everything up for ya. this is a quote from blake’s best friend (since 10) kristi who answered a question regarding this lady at BLMM:

    “i knew this question was coming. LOL no worries. they are definitely NOT dating. she is one of the producers on idol (i met her/hung out with her when i was in LA for the show). last i heard she was dating someon – who wasn’t blake. lol”


    see! it’s just a rumor.

  • Marty

    She nasty!

  • jwelz

    They’re obviously not dating, why would Blake be interested in some idol producer isn’t that even against the rules? And shes old. He was probably drunk and they were just dancing.

  • jjj

    Do people talk with hands on each other’s face and butt?

  • “Boris”

    That “new girlfriend” of Blake’s is just an assistant director from American Idol. She is friends with Blake and several other Idols. She also has a boyfriend. It seems that the two of them had a bit too much to drink and were a bit free with their hands. Also, she’s a very pretty, intelligent, and good-hearted woman. You people who are calling her insulting names are pathetic and mean-spirited. Everyone knows that Blake is already dating someone: the person to whom he said “I love you” and “For us; for us” during the AI finale. And that person was certainly not Jordin.

  • blakerboy

    That photo of her and him close together says, “Hold on, you’ve got something stuck in your teeth.” It’s very mothering.

  • Tina

    No – that is definitely Haley Scarnato.

  • KD

    Ew, she looks like she could be related to Cindy Sheehan. She has a nice figure, though.

  • Mrs

    Look closer “she” looks like a drag queen. hummmm