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Britney Wears Purple Panties

Britney Wears Purple Panties

Chronic panties flasher Britney Spears flashes her purple polka dot panties on Monday night while out to dinner with 10-month-old son Jayden James (clothing tags still in tact!) at Cravings in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Recently, Britney and ex-hubby Kevin Federline have been in a sordid mess, fighting for custody of Jayden and older son Sean Preston, 23 months.

Last Wednesday, K-Fed filed documents requesting “primary physical custody of his two children” in Los Angeles Superior Court. The next hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

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  • katie


  • katie

    * Again * and does anyone know when britney’s new single is coming out ??

  • ~*~Get Real~*~

    EEEWWWWWWWWW…jared…not this early in the morning ok! just ate my breakfast!!!

  • AnonGyal


  • xy

    sorry, jared, i think it’s lame to post photos like this without an actual story. we’ve seen her tatas, butt and even more private parts often enough. what is this post supposed to show us this time?

    i think it’s time to post jake gyllenhaal, orlando bloom, johnny depp, heath ledger, nathalie portman, heid klum… again.

    hint hint

    thanks :-)

  • Nancy

    “good job”, Jared. Get your clicks by showing her underwear. That’s low.

  • Dollina

    I think she thinks it would actually kill her to wear clothes that fit.

  • Diana

    At least she is wearing panties.

    I hope she doesnt lose her kids to K’Fed.

  • Leo

    What’s the BIG issue… c´mon…

  • Blondie

    I hope Britney gets her act togeher and I will pray for her. Her sons deserve a good mom.

  • LanieCroft

    Just wondering, doesn’t anyone really care about her panties, boobs, bras or lack of anymore?

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]

    Jayden is SO cute! & you know what? Britney doesn’t look so bad! I mean she’s wearing cute dress and make up… But I don’t wanna see her ass anymore.

  • sarah

    Uuummm…. Why does Jayden have the clothes tags still on his clothes?

  • lili

    Go see the video.

    she was geting JJ out of the car and the paprzzi bent to take the pic the car door was covring her but they still took the pic.

    Its not brit fult that people and paprzi became voyers when it comes to her.

    she can have mini dress and go and get her kid from the car it’s not a crime,.

    The crime is to show no respect and take the pic or post it.

    If ever something hepens to Brit (I hope not) the blood will be on The US media and public.

    Becouse out of the us, people maybe like to see pic but are not dum enoght to belive the storys and the us media.

    You are shipes of the media like always you learnd nothing, have a mind of your own.

  • kate.

    so over her.

  • sad but so true

    Britney kids have spoken their first words out loud.. “HELP”!!

  • PinkRose

    Come on…Britney wanted them to shoot her ass. She knows she is being followed by them, she wears next to nothing, knowing she is taking care of a baby and will have to bend to pick him up. Ever heard of shorts or slacks, Britney? She turned her ass to them and bent over deliberately. Why not simply wear adequate clothes?

  • PinkRose

    You don’t wear clothes like that and bend over exposing your ass. Britney has no class. If she knows she has a child to take care of and will have to bend over, then wears shorts or slacks!! she knew the paparazzi were there with the camera and wanted them to shoot her ass. she cannot be that unconscious!!!

  • BBperfume

    It’s sick and pervetible,how you photogs lurk around just so u could flash for pics of Britneys privates. You are trying to bring her down, and giving the impression that she’s doing thi on purpose, but if evry women were followed around, I guess Britney wouldn’t be the only guilty crotch! Get a life

  • boredtodayboredtomorrow

    wow.she’s a class act all the way.

  • Jill

    I have to say the dress is cute. She should have picked some matching panties to go with it though. Baby girls have matching bottoms to go with the little dresses. It could work:)

  • lili

    now that is something knew- now Brit can’t ever wear a dress.

    anythink else Brit can do, like any other humen being.

    Stay lucked in her house like animal right.

    I beat there is 1000 great Pic from that night of Brit as she looked good see the video, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Pepole have to pot pic of her getting her kid from the care for god sake

    and pic of her doing a face becouse of the paprazzi (she is doen it since she was a child it’s not a crime, every1 has their faces, she has this 1 and when she lught she has 2 chin- Big f# dell didn’t you seen it 100 times)

    Don’t you think that you are the 1 the are worng her, and the paprazzi and the site por buying the pic and posting it,

    why not the 998 when she looked great, why??????????????

    You have not hurt, not soul

    and like I said if you can’t see the Brit world is her kids, if anything happens to Brit:

    AMrica the blood is on your heand and don’t say “we didn’t know” – you all know and you all did it.

  • aveeno

    my only question is why the kids are up that late at night… according to other sites it was at least 10pm…. aren’t they supposed to be asleep by then?

    oh wait no, mum wanted a photo op with the kids… to “show” the world that she’s a good mother, can take kids to the toilet and place them in their car seats!

    at 10pm no less.

  • Jessey

    Her skin! It’s terrible, did she used to have acne?

  • Julotta

    I wish that Britney would make up with her mom. I think that Lynne could offer some good advice for Brit and be a rock solid support system. Too bad that Britney thinks her mom betrayed her, because I don’t think she did – Lynne wanted to help her daughter.

  • Takethat

    I have often wondered the intent of the Razzi’s when taking pictures of Brits azz. She has a right just like everyone else to live free of fear and being pursued/intimidated for a cheap shot. That was unnecessary and uncalled for. They should not dictate what she wears and where she goes. The last time I checked america was a free country. What was the damn photographer doing on/in/near her azz?? That should be the question and not the color of her panties. clearly she did not pose for that picture,, it was taken as she was trying to lead her normal daily life. They just wont let her be.

    Leave Britney alone, they have taken pictures of almost all the parts of her body, there is nothing left. This is extreme intrusion of privacy what other power shot do they need,, dont they have them all including that of her crotch?? the Razzi’s are just disgusting lowlife scum bags. I would take Britney anytime as compared to them.

  • [~Famous~]

    She better have fun playing pretending, cause pretty soon Kevin will be taken those kids.

  • just in time

    the kid looks worried

  • Francophile

    Oh come on !

    Why is she promoting her ass over and over again ? I mean, she should know by now how to dress to not let it shows…every little girls by the time they reached 5, knows how to hide their panties !

    As if every woman her age (nearly 26 !) who are dressed with a mini skirt are often see in public showing their goodies while doing the simple gestures or moves !

    She just love the sickening attention to that part of her body and always make sure that she is dressed accordingly with the ultimate outfit to flash it !

    We all know as women that they are many tricks like panthyose, ect for those type of accident but yet proffessional Brit make sure that she always flashes GLADLY her goodies to the photograph who she KNOWS DAMN WELL will imortalize her soft porn chronic antics !

  • q

    does she go out every night

  • White Trash

    She doesn’t deserve her children. They need a better mother. her career is done. she can’t sing. all she does is flip her hair when she sings. like Pink said, she is a performer, not a singer.

  • Jill

    I don’t think that because she wears small dresses and sometimes looks a mess means she is a bad mother. The kids being up late doesn’t mean she’s bad either. Atleast she’s always with them and that shows a good mother. She just lacks mommy skills and needs some guidance.

  • Takethat

    Francophile and White Trash,

    And you are judging her because you are??

    You dont know her like that,, just because you se her pictures online doesnt make you a judge of her character or personality.

    Concentrate on your own issue and your own life, leave Britney alone, dont judge her based on your standards.

  • [~Famous~]

    both Jayden Jailbird James and Sean Pathetic Preston look like alcoholic drug abusing criminals.

  • Francophile

    Hey takethat and you are judging us because you are ?

    This is a PUBLIC blog !

    My opinion about a celebrity who is shown over and over again in the same degrading position is as valid as of anyone as long as they are not insults, ect.

    I haven’t called her a names, I state what I think she is doin REPETIVELY DELIBERATLY which is inappropriate as a woman of her age.

    You are not a judge or a police in here to decide who point is valid or not when they are only opinion with no slurs. As I say, only direct insults and slurs are questionable and should be dismissed !

    As for my issues, you crossed a line as you don’t know me so it’s pot calling the kettle black !


    i am so tired of seeing this tramps nasty ass butt, ive seen it more than my kids and i have changed 4 kids pampers. she is past sick she is just plain stupid. and for those who say dont look, what the fuck do you think i do i turn my head but its thrown up in my face every where. damn

  • lili

    britney life from the us public and media, the blood is on your heand (read it):

    Mona lise by brutney spears:

    This is the story about… Mona Lisa

    About Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa

    [verse 1]
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve got a little story to tell
    About Mona Lisa, and how she suddenly fell (huh)
    See everyone knew her, they knew her oh so well
    Now I am taking over, to release her from her spell

    She’s the original, she’s unforgettable
    She wants you to know (yeah) she’s been gone
    It’s kind of incredible
    She’s so unpredictable (yeah, yeah)
    She wants you to know (yeah) cuz she’s been gone, cuz she’s been gone, cuz she’s been gone

    [verse 2]
    She was taken under, drowning in her seat (huh)
    Running like an angel, she was crying and she could not see (oh no!)
    Now see everyone’s watching, as she starts to fall
    They want her to break down
    There will be a legend of her fall…

    [repeat chorus]

    [verse 3]
    Now Ladies does that make you cry? (huh)
    Mona Lisa’s got to fly
    Nobody really does
    Everyone, may we have a moment of silence? Right Here

    rebellion by britney spears

    Be wary of others
    The ones closest to you
    The poison they feed you
    And the voodoo that they do

    But in rebellion
    There’s a sparkle of truth
    Don’t just stand there
    Do what you got to do

    You’ll find it in rebellion
    Your body starts breathing
    They’re not believing what they’re seeing
    ‘Cause you’re rebellion

    You’ll find it so compelling
    With everyone yelling
    ‘Cause your soul, you’re not selling
    ‘Cause you’re rebellion

  • lili


    You have no heart amrica, no heart.

    :( :(

  • vegagirl

    Good God! This woman is white trash to the extreme. She does not know how to dress or get out of cars, or she is loving showing off her fugly fat parts. What a wack job.

  • karma

    This wackjob has a need to keep showing off her gross body. WTF is with her? She is just a pig.

  • badonk

    Did anyone notice the diamond ring on her left hand ring finger? Is she actually engaged to someone? I am surprised the gossip sites aren’t all over that already and speculating like they normally do over stupid baby bumps and rings and other stupid stuff.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Eeewww! Purple panty’s w/ a green dress. Okay. Right. Whatever. Oopps! OMFG! She’s done it again! Blinded us w/ her fugly fashion sense! LMAO!

  • nona

    why is that baby being dragged to a restaurant late at nite.

  • naba

    Not only is she a sick exhibitionist, she is also tacky to the max. All of the money and clothes at her hands and she is still white trash down deep. Putting fugly purple panties under a too short dress. She is just gross.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    HoooOOOWWWdEEEEY, I’m Minnie Pearl, ya’ll. Such a Trashion Plate, this one and her little booboos.

  • jammsie

    To flea brained Britney, this is being ‘good mother’. Taking your infant out at night for dinner and showing off your fat butt and undies to the paparazzi.

  • kathy

    i like Britney its so sad how they cant just leave her alone , its hot in LA she is wearing a short dress like most LA women do , she cant even do that in peace..

  • Sheila

    Well, at least she’s wearing panties! She just needs to better coodinate her undies and dresses if she’s really bent on exposing herself.

  • nadine

    Lili please stop posting. Your spelling is horrible just like Brit’s (remember the roll thing? Hmmm…is that you, Britney????). It makes me want to hit my head against a wall over and over again!

  • Donna Trump

    Lord she is ugly and so is that kid!

    SPF is lucky he looks like Kevin!