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Paris Hilton: Christina Aguilera is Pregnant!

Paris Hilton: Christina Aguilera is Pregnant!

Christina Aguilera shows her visible bump beneath her pink chiffon mini-dress as she hosts a party at LAX Nightclub at the Luxor Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Big mouth Paris Hilton spilled the beans at 2 a.m. today when she got on the microphone telling Christina, “Congratulations to the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world, Christina Aguilera. You’re gorgeous.” Not BFF Nicole Richie?

Here’s People‘s account:

Aguilera, who has never confirmed being pregnant, appeared temporarily shocked as she sat in her perch in the elevated VIP booth. She sank her head into the shoulder of husband Jordan Bratman as her friends looked stunned.

But she quickly recovered, and the two looked at each other and laughed as the crowd – which included Adrien Grenier, Melanie Brown, Criss Angel and cast members from The Hills – erupted in applause.”

Congrats to the happy couple!

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Photos: Jacob Andrzejczak/Getty
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  • claudia


  • claudia youre a looser

    like we didnt know she is pregnant. paris stfu

  • ohmy

    How is it that Paris is ‘spilling the beans’? As if people who see that dress won’t make the obvious assumption that she is pregnant?

  • Sheema

    It’s AdriAN Grenier

  • coalharbourqt

    I don’t understand why Christina won’t acknowledge that she is pregnant when it is so obvious and everyone has known for a while now… hope everything is okay and that she and Jordan have a healthy, happy baby(ies)! :-)

  • Nana

    Well duh..

  • Jamie


  • zzz

    her belly is the one that spilled the beans, people are so dumb

  • piper, with a low

    Of course everyone knew… but it wasn’t Paris’ place to tell.

    She was seeking attention b/c her STD-soaked @$$ didn’t get any love in Canada.

  • [~Famous~]

    ugly breast implants.

  • ashley

    i guess when its obvious there is no need to tell. remember isla fisher? she never said anything until like a month ago when she was really showing.

  • Mari

    A dig at Nicole Richie?

  • Kelly

    Paris is really stupid. She wanted to say that Aguillera is the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world just because she is jealous about Nicole’s pregnancy and wanted to throw poison against Nicole.there is nothing new about Aguillera’s pregnancy.Everybody knew before. Paris just wanted to show how she is bad educated.

  • J3$$!C@

    Xtina looks awful here. Her make-up is just gross and that lipstick color is so hideous. Ugh and I am not even going to get into what she decided to wear.

  • Puh-lease

    Yeah, a definite blow to Nicole. I believe celebs sometimes don’t confirm their pregancies b/c what if they have a miscarriage? Do you really want the whole world to know you lost your child? Remember Charlotte in Sex and the City. It was mortifying, not real, but still tragic. Who was the celeb that was so excited to get pregnant and told the world but then lost the baby? Does anyone remember?

  • Hi

    Yeah, a definite blow to Nicole. I believe celebs sometimes don’t confirm their pregancies b/c what if they have a miscarriage? Do you really want the whole world to know you lost your child? Remember Charlotte in Sex and the City. It was mortifying, not real, but still tragic. Who was the celeb that was so excited to get pregnant and told the world but then lost the baby? Does anyone remember?

  • shoes4life

    I think she is not annoucing it because she don’t won’t to be constantly hounded by the papso’s with every move she makes.

    She is one of the few that don’t go looking for the papso’s all the time like Britney, Paris & Lindsey. Big mouth Paris had no right to tell her private business, she was totally wrong. I hope Christina put her in her place after the event, if she saw her.

  • Mediterranean

    “The most beautiful pregnant woman!”????? Get over it Paris, you are obviously jealous of Nicole.

    By the way, Paris is the most ugly, stupid, wasted, ignorant woman in the world!!!

  • mel

    Christina usually gets it right but she’s completely off the mark here. The hair is the only redeeming factor everything else, blech! urgh!

  • msguidedmama

    oh my. those implants need a bra sweetie!

  • Me

    based on the picture of Christina here, it is blatantly obvious that Nicole Richie is the most beautiful pregnant woman ever!

    Paris is so jealous of Nicole and all the good in her life that she is using Christina to get back at her LOL

    Christina needs to improve her style, she is a beautiful girl, she just has no idea how to dress, remember less in more.

  • Louise

    Paris didn’t spill the beans. For the past couple of months it’s obvious she is pregnant. Personally I don’t think Paris even knows Christina well. I doubt this is something Christina would tell Paris of all people. She just wanted the attention. Also I never understood why celebrities feel the need to release a press release if they are pregnant, brokenup, getting married ect. It’s refreshing that Christina doesn’t need to pull a publicity stunt.

  • Nadia

    she’s so creepy in these pics

  • Yayness

    It is pretty obvious Christina is judging by those pics, anyhoo Christina isnt like the other wasters out there, she has taken her career very seriously and keeps her private life, private, I admire her because fame hasnt ruined her! I wish her and Jordan all the best for the future!

  • sdsf

    Xtina is FUGLYYYY
    Nicole is a lot prettier. Xtine forgot how to put on makeup correctly and shes been that way forever

  • gonz

    xtia is beautiful girlll… OK¡¡ SHUT UP BITCHESSS

  • mm

    way too much makeup..only ugly girls wear a lot of makeup to cover up their ugly faces..she looks like a clown as usual.

  • Katie

    I thought she had confirmed she was pregnant? =s
    Either way, if you look at the dress she’s wearing in the second her bump is really obvious. Well, to me it is. lol
    And I agree with everyone who’s said about Paris saying it to probably spite Nicole. Thought they were mates, but maybe not. Who knows?

  • H

    like a german panzer

  • anon

    typical Paris..isnt it up to christina when and if she wants her pragnancy made public

  • KrungKrung

    don’t like her dress. red lipstick looks a lot better for her, glad to know that she’s preggers y’all, congrats xtina.

  • betduke

    Duh. What are we supposed to think that uglyera actually ate something thus gaining weight?

  • Chizaa

    Oh, Paris… get a brain!
    of course it’s obvious she’s pregnant, people can see! but the fact that she herself never confirmed it is reason enough to keep the matter private! that’s one thing stupid dumb whore Paris won’t understand.
    She did the announcement for her own purposes! like for attention and the whole thing with ex-BFF Nicole being pregnant.
    Personally, i agree with Aguilera’s decision for not bothering to confirm the pregnancy; in case of a miscarriage, or anything of the sort.
    I wish her all the best tho!

  • Ugh

    she looks awful! Nicole looks so much better.

  • pancakebottom

    Sorry but her face scares me. :(

  • ZzaRaZza

    OMG, is she playing dead or something? What’s with the make-up?? And those tights…

  • I know the truth

    She should stop trying to look like Marylin Monroe.

  • kate.

    um we all knew she was preggers aLONG time ago jared. =]

  • patricia night

    I admire Christina Aguilera! She is great!
    Christina is really talented!
    And baby is her private business

    Paris Hilton is a moron.. Nothing new

  • (‘@’)

    Don’t blame Paris, everybody knows already!!! Congrats!!!

  • cassandra


  • j

    Uh did Paris forget her “best friend” is pregnant too? and about a million times prettier.

  • Nele

    Christina was so beautiful last year! Now she just denegrates her own style. Why didn’t she opt for a black chique wrapdress with some beautiful heels? People would have told her she looked gorgeous. She could have been the best dressed of that evening!
    She needs a new bra as well, obviously. Yet the dress that she’s wearing makes her look even more heavy-breasted.
    And beautiful christina, loose the make-up, remember: less is more and more is less! Go for a natural look, yet you should still use your bombshell red lipstick!
    Maybe I should become her stylist!

  • ShySteph

    Man, all you people who are hating on Christina are a bunch of jealous tards. Show a little respect and don’t worry about what other people look like. She will wear what she wants, she will look any way that she chooses to and not one of you haters will make her do differently. She is absolutely beautiful the way she and will always be beautiful. Congrats to you Christina, continue to be yourself and don’t let these fools words get you down and make you feel bad about yourself, their the ones who need to look to theirself first. Thanks.

  • ccchrissy

    christina is sooo prettyyy!
    stfu haters.