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Ioan Gruffudd Wedding Pictures

Ioan Gruffudd Wedding Pictures

Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd and British actress Alice Evans married in Mexico on Friday night.

Ioan, 33, wore a midnight blue Giorgio Armani suit of wool crepe, while Alice, 36, walked down the aisle in a Giorgio Armani antique white strapless gown made of cascading tiers of organza.

The couple tied the knot on the beach at the exquisite One and Only Palmilla Hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico. Gruffudd‘s best man was actor pal Matthew Rhys.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic!

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Photos: Nick Stern/Splash News Online
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  • Grâce

    Well, that’s pure waste!
    I mean, the guy is gorgeous and the chick seems just like garbage.

  • Maja

    Awwww, I think it’s great! There together for so long! Hope they will be happy!


  • Sandbitch

    Such a nice look for a bride – bouquet in one hand, smoke and drink in the other.

  • Della

    Alice is pregnant too! Or maybe she’s already had the baby, I don’t know…

  • Anadi

    I also thought the drink thing was kind of out of place, I mean can’t she wait a little while before she starts drinking.


    ohhhhhhhhhh, HE IS SO CUTE.

  • Susan

    Congrats to them but um, who are they? lol I don’t recall seeing them in anything I’ve seen before.

  • the_original_nika


  • TheoD

    She shouldn’t be smoking near kids! She looks skanky, even on her wedding day. I sure hope he signed a pre-nup!

  • blah

    She disgusts me. He was most likely forced into it by her since he’s her lil puppy.

  • Anon

    How sweet – marrying the woman who is so pathetically insecure that she essentially destroyed his fanbase. (Not to mention trolling his IMDb boards. The very definition of sad.) Where’s the ring in his nose? He may as well make it official.

  • lc

    i may be in love with matthew rhys –where’s he?

  • steph

    wheres the vanessa pics?

  • shelly

    Could someone please explain the whole Alice/fan war thing? I keep hearing rumors about it but don’t know the whole story. Thanks in advance.

  • AddictedtoBAMPZs

    Who are these people? Television? Movies?

  • laura

    Ioan Gruffudd was in King Arthur and in Fantastic Four th girl I don’t know. He’s in a lot of other things but those are the only two I know of on the top of my head.

  • Susan

    Thank you Laura.

  • Anon

    #13: Pretty much the ‘original’ Ioan fansite had been in existence since just after Titanic premiered (it included a treasure trove of clips, photos, and a great message board); it was getting too expensive for the owner to run on her own, so he started helping with the server costs ‘quietly’. Alice characteristically accused one of the Mods of posting nasty things about her on IMDb (which wasn’t even remotely true), and demanded that she be ‘fired’. No proof, just her paranoia. The incident was kept under wraps for a while, and I’m not sure of all of the lurid details, but she eventually made Ioan choose between her and the site. He had to withdraw his ‘support’ and the original owner had no choice but to shut it down – which was likely Alice’s intent from the start. She managed to make non-fans out of nearly all who had been there to support him from Day 1. I’d never been to any event/premiere, but I understand she was not very nice to fans. As if they were any ‘threat’ to her.

    #14, He was Horatio Hornblower in the BBC/A&E shows, plus was the stretchy guy in Fantastic 4. She, an ‘actress’ who hasn’t really been in much of anything, other than the 101/102, whatever, Dalmations live-action movie, which is where they met.

  • Fleasha

    What a coincidence, I was just reading about them after having visited Matthew Rhys’ IMDB page.

  • laura

    You’re welcome, Susan :)

  • Ex Ioan Fan

    I’ve seen better weddings than this in Kentucky and West Virginia. Nothing like a bride with a cigarette and booze in her hand – right next to her new mother-in-law.

    And what the hell is up with the WHITE wedding dress? That’s a great joke.

    He’s standing so far away from her, like she’s got cooties or something.

  • Aisley

    Wow. She seems like the biggest B I T C H.
    I don’t know what he sees in her, other than the fact that she’s semi-ok-looking and not hideously deformed (on the outside at least) and that her “career”, if you could call it that, won’t ever outshine his.

  • lala

    huh, and i just saw them last weekend shopping together (i didn’t know who she was, just thought who’s this loser wearing huge sunglasses pretending to be better known than ioan?)… she didn’t look remotely interested in him, but he was walking around smiling and actually paying attention to people.

    at least i’m glad to say he’s even more fantastic looking in person :)

  • Marg

    NOOOOO!!! I’m heart-broken!

  • Jess

    Aww. I honestly don’t like her… she just seems like a slave driver and Ioan seems like such a nice guy.

    I was rooting for Ioan and Jessica Alba.

    Cash Warren and Alice should hook up. x.X

  • ka

    Not happy at all! Bodylanguage says it all and these pictures don’t lie. My goodness, Alice, what are you doing to him? Set the guy free and let him get his life back!

  • cassie

    Jeeeez…couldn’t put down the drink and fag long enough to take wedding pictures. That’s just sad. They sure don’t look happy in any of these pics. No one does actually.

    BTW…Should I know who these two are?

  • Andrea

    Didn’t Ioan cheat on Alice with some other woman a while ago? I remember reading something about that.

  • carla

    Apparently he cheated with a woman (or could be a man; witness couldn’t be sure :), during his bachelor party in Vegas a few weeks ago, at the Venetian. He was also pictured looking very cosy with a young woman in London a few years back.

    But then apparently Alice has had a few on-set romances as well. What can you expect from someone who strung her ex-fiancee along for six months, cheating on him with Ioan.

  • rgigi

    I think that the wedding dress is pretty. BUT SHE HAS ENORMOUS LEGS.

  • Utah

    It seems Jared has had an influx of Ioan Grufford fans come in here and spew the same hatred for his wife that caused Ioan to stop fudning his own fan site because of the lines they crossed.

    They sent Alice Evans hate mail due to their jealousy of their relationship

  • Liz

    This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • shelly

    Thanks for the explanation, anon 18.

  • julie

    what a joke!
    I heard that hes been secretly seeing someone else for YEARS!
    lets hope shes less trahsier! :))

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Good for Ioan and Alice. Hope they’ll be very happy. Loooved him in Horatio! Wishing them all the best.

  • Alice Is Evil

    #31 It is not jealousy. Jealous of what? That she is a beard? They k now what a bitch she is (people have met her and she is not nice), Ioan is an idiot for believing her lies and has become an egotistical ass ever since he’s been with her.

    No one is jealous of Jamie Bamber’s wife and don’t hate her but she is the complete opposite of Alice. She is nice, has class, encourages her husband to keep in touch with his fans and Jamie is still the same down to earth guy everyone adores.

  • senior

    I do not know these two people. Read the posts, went back looked at the pictures. Yes, she could have put the drink and the cigarette down for the picture, geezzz. Never saw such, during the bridal party portraits; reception OK to drink and smoke(usually no pictures of the bride with a cigarette and drinking!)not a good look. I wish them the best on their nuptials, anyway!

  • elliebelle


  • http://none Dagon

    Congratulations to Ioan, but his new wife’s talent is not elegance or good taste! (except for men…)

  • lou

    Alice told a group of his fans at the “King Arthur” premiere in NYC that he is not easy to live with. WTF is that all about? It seems to me that Alice is the one with the jealousy problem-jealous of HIS success.

  • elliebelle

    Actually, I’ve never seen her with a cigarette, and is it possible she took that drink, perhaps soda, from the little girl, just to get a swig of something for a dry throat, hence the sorta bendingover thing, “hey, can I have a sip?”…loved the white trash jokes, but perhaps that’s not a ciggie and booze.

  • carla

    She’s a smoker. She’s confirmed that in interviews, and I’ve seen plenty of pictures where she’s had a smoke in hand. And that definately isn’t soda.

  • Sunny

    She totally seems like an absolute b!tch. That picture with the drink and the cigarette in her hand urk me alot. She don’t care that next to her are children or her parents (in law)?! Also saw pictures of her and Ioan on imdb. OMG. Ioan deserves someone good.

  • Sophie

    Wow – what a tacky low class event – well it is appropriate for the tacky low class bride and groom.

  • Fleasha

    41 elliebelle : 09/17/2007 at 12:46 am
    Actually, I’ve never seen her with a cigarette, and is it possible she took that drink, perhaps soda, from the little girl, just to get a swig of something for a dry throat, hence the sorta bendingover thing, “hey, can I have a sip?”…loved the white trash jokes, but perhaps that’s not a ciggie and booze.

    Looks like a mojito to me.
    Mmm mojitos~

  • Just me

    My last office lunch meeting looked better.

  • Biffy

    Maybe it’s all a joke on the fans…Alice has the last laugh;)

  • Alex

    How dreadful. A decent bloke that’s give up his roots and beliefs for the sake of his stardom and a smoking female. What a disaster – what’s the betting that they’ll be separated within two years. All this expense for absolutely nothing — while thousands starve in Darfur. How Ioan can relate to his Christian upbringing I really do not know. Thank goodness for Matthew – a decent bloke.

  • jo

    ah well

  • Ex Ioan Fan

    Elliebelle, no offense, but are you really that naive? I’ve heard of making lemonade out of lemons but come on! You can see the limes in the glass for crying out loud!! Besides, everybody knows that Alice the Swizzle loves to throw back the mojitos! It where the o’ so classy Ioan put her dang engagement ring. She thought it was ice clinking her teeth.

    That poor little girl is looking at Alice like WTF???