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Jude Law @ Letterman

Jude Law @ Letterman

Jude Law promotes his new movie Sleuth (he produced and acts in it) on Tuesday’s episode of The Late Show with David Letterman. The film is a remake of the 1972 movie, in which Michael Caine played the role of hair salon owner Milo Tindle. Jude takes on this role in the 2007 version.

“Because of the way it evolved, it really felt it was really an original take on it,” Jude has said. “So I don’t feel like I was stepping on (Caine‘s) toes. [And] working with Michael is extraordinary. I feel very lucky. I’ve worked with some great actors. Michael is an icon, you know, he’s also a gentleman, he’s also incredibly modest, he’s also very good fun.”

Sleuth opens in limited release on October 12.

Watch Jude on Letterman below! He talks a bit about his little scuffle with paparazzi and him being booked at the police station. You can also watch his appearance from this morning on The Today Show with Michael Caine here.

Jude LawThe Late Show with David Letterman, 10/2

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  • Regina

    Thank god he has that hat covering his awful new hair because he’s perfect other than that.

  • sheryl

    First? YAY!!!

  • sheryl

    Nope, not first…oh well…

    Here’s the Today Show clip from this morning with Jude and Michael…he’s such a dang smooth hottie…

  • Regina

    Ok, I saw the thread of him at the ‘Sleuth’ premiere, he seems like he’s not even liking his new haircut, either.

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  • sheryl

    Regina, probably not, but it’s probably for his new movie that he starts filming soon. I hope he lets it grow back out. I could sit and watch him talk all day, though, regardless. He has the best eyes and smile.

  • violin

    I’m in the sky. Thank you 100 times Jared. You made my day!

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    alfie – 30 years later. lol

  • angie

    Looks like he packed light for this trip after Michael’s comments in the TIFF Sleuth press conference…LOL. Thanks for the Letterman clip! And thanks #3 sheryl for the Today Show clip.

  • Besane

    This is the kind of classy interview Letterman is capable of. It goes to show how much he despises Paris Hilton to completely humiliate her. Good for him!

  • Sandy

    Good observation Besane, I don’t usually like Letterman because he
    shows wht he thinks of hss guests and its really impolite but of course when he like the person or respects them and treats them as he treats Jude its great and so is Jude. There truly is no one greater
    than Jude. He just grabs you and mesmerizes you with his looks his
    eyes and mouth and what he says and the animated and charismatic way
    he handles himself. Leaves you tingling all over. Thanks again Jared,


  • sharyllee

    Wow, I am lucky I watched Jude Law with David Letterman and Today.He is very cute.

  • none

    Jude Law was a fantastic guest, however, he looks awful these days.

  • Alberto

    He´s such a good actor and very style man!

  • ericap

    I prefer his hair longer over the style he has now, but the rest of him makes up for it.

  • liz

    Many people that recently attended TIFF, etc., say that he is even more gorgeous in person.

  • Mery

    Of course, he’s a very style man!

  • Brenda

    I just love, love, love him!

  • Belinda

    I love him, too.

  • sheryl

    10 Besane : 10/03/2007 at 11:41 am
    This is the kind of classy interview Letterman is capable of. It goes to show how much he despises Paris Hilton to completely humiliate her. Good for him!

    I think it’s usually easy to tell when Letterman respects a celebrity…and Jude is so good at handling conversation.

    These pics with the hat remind me of the hat scenes in Ripley…love that movie…

  • prettygirl

    i love jude law!!!!a toatal hottiexx

  • sheryl

    Someone posted this link on the previous Jude thread but I thought I would bring it here, too…it’s a nice little interview with him and Michael on Entertainment Tonight.

  • Belinda

    “This is the kind of classy interview Letterman is capable of. It goes to show how much he despises Paris Hilton to completely humiliate her. Good for him!”

    I love David Letterman. When he despises certain people and lets them know it, I usually agree with him and think they deserve it. Paris Hilton deserved everything that she got from him.

    But, as you noted, he treated Jude with total respect and class which he deserved also.

  • Pole

    I really like him and I think he’s goodlooking and a great actor but I think this outfit is rather awful :( Oh well – he looks great otherwise. Thanks Jared.

  • al

    im the only one that thinks he is too skinny????

  • angie

    I don’t think it’s that he’s skinny (there are pics with him shirtless, and he is NOT skinny…he looks good) I think he just likes wearing the skinny pants as part of his style right now.

  • Zkunis

    I love his skinny pants!! And I love him! gosh…

  • Sandy

    P.L.E.A.S.E. F.I.X. T H E L E T T E R M A N T A P E
    I can never get enough of this man and never judge his looks on one picture, he can turn his head and you have a greek god in the next shot. How wonderful that is; I hope SLEUTH does really well. Jude has
    invested a lot of himself in the movie, as an actor, producer, and
    emotionaly which is obvious when he talks about it. Bravo, Bravo, Jude.

  • sheryl

    Sandy, I didn’t have any problems with the Letterman clip…? I watched it all the way through without any hangups.

  • what happened to his hair?

    He is one hot guy, but his hair is awful! He’s looking old though…he started to show signs of male pattern baldness before his new haircut, and his face is starting to look a little bloated….

  • Belinda


    I’m not having any problem with the David Letterman clip either.


    I used to think he was too skinny before Cold Mountain but not since then. He’s a little heavier and more muscular since Cold Mountain and I think he’s hot, hot, hot!

    what happened to his hair:

    His face is bloated? I think you need to fix your computer screen. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • angie

    “#30 what happened to his hair,
    He is one hot guy, but his hair is awful! He’s looking old though…he started to show signs of male pattern baldness before his new haircut, and his face is starting to look a little bloated….”

    Yeah, same hairline for the last 10 years….and?

    He’s looking OLD-ER…as everybody does eventually…or, are you Peter Pan and won’t ever grow old? I’d say having to travel across international time lines as he has had to do lately DOES eventually take its toll. He’s a busy person, plus has 3 kids that he attends to. Very easy for us to sit here in our tiny world and give ‘em hell, ain’t it?

  • PurpleWorm

    He looks so happy & relaxed! It’s about time. And that sweet shy smile of his…makes a girl go all squelchy inside. What a sweetie. Looking forward to tomorrow’s interview on Live with R&K………

  • Belinda

    I think he looks happy and relaxed also and that is so good to see. I’m looking forward to seeing him on Regis and Kelly tomorrow too.

  • sheryl

    Oooh, yes, PurpleWorm…I LOVE his little-boy smile…I loved his smile on the Today Show clip….and did you see how Ann Curry reacted to him as they were walking up to be interviewed?

  • dolorescraeg

    nobody gives a better interview than jude law. he is so charismatic he mesmerizes you. i don’t love his hair either but he’ll grow it back. it’s just for the new movie. in sleuth it’s blonde and my blueberry nights it’s the holiday it was ooh la la…..jude is tired. he lives on planes and he doesn’t have entourages to take care of everything. he’s with his children all the time. he’s doing publicity for his films. he’s flying here and there. we all would look tired. he can’t look like dickie greenleaf all the time. he may be gorgeous but he’s a human being with concerns and problems like all of us and sometimes it shows on that beautiful face.

  • Sandy

    It’s been taken off now Sheryl so maybe there were others who had a
    problem. It just stopped after a fw minutes and nothing culd get it
    goingg again. I saw it the other night but I was tryiny to keep a copy.

  • sheryl

    Sandy, I just now was able to watch it again here…?

  • PurpleWorm

    sheryl: I wish I *could* see Ann Curry’s reaction to him! The Today Show clip (on my mac) is very stuttery (know what I mean?) when I watch it so you get the general gyst, but not the details. What exactly did she do?

  • sheryl

    Well, she just looks all excited when he and Michael are walking up for the interview…and then at the end, she can’t keep from nudging him a couple of times…it’s so funny…

  • Daphne

    Thank you for the photos and the clips. I love him to bits. I want to the full interview on Letterman but haven’t been able to yet.

    The jacket is certainly an interesting look — no lapel, with pockets where lapels usually go. Hmmm… he doesn’t bore, that’s for sure.

  • Daphne

    OK I can see the full Letterman thing now. It didn’t work for me before but now I can see it fine with no stuttering. I normally cannot stand Letterman but fortunately he’s not his usual patronizing self here. Thanks again JJared.

  • sheryl

    Daphne, were you able to see the Today Show clip okay?

  • PurpleWorm

    Thanks Sheryl: your comments inspired me to go back and take a (ahem…) 3rd-4th look at the Today show clip and this time it was much smoother & more detailed. !! Anyway, I see what you mean about Ann Curry. I have a funny feeling she’s a big JL fan, ya know? She looked like she was pretty excited but trying to be cool – and wouldn’t we all be working like mad to keep from squealing at least a little!?! too funny.

  • sheryl

    Can you imagine looking at those eyes at such close range?? My gosh!!! I read an article once where the interviewer wrote that Jude has the distinction of being the only celeb with which she became tongue tied. I think Ann sorta experienced something along those lines…like after she was poking him at the end (seriously, I don’t think she knew what to do with herself), she then folded her arms, like, “sh*t, why did I do that?”

  • PurpleWorm

    yeah, I’m pretty sure I’d be a complete weirdo in his presence or shut down completely. Better to be thought an idiot than open your mouth and remove all doubt….

    On second thought, you know, I think being the nice guy that he is, he works hard to put people at ease who meet him that way (unless they’re stalkers or paps, I suppose!)

  • sheryl

    Purpleworm, I’m sometimes afraid my response would be just to tackle him, like, an involuntary reaction…which would lead to my arrest…it’d be all over the news and tabloids…paps would hang out at the homes of my extended family, trying to get all the info about me they could…they would disown me for bringing them that kind of publicity…my neighbors would politely ask me to please move…my kids would ask me to drop them off, like, a block away from school…it would be a mess…

  • Daphne

    Thanks Sheryl, I can see the Today Show clip fine from the link you provided at IMDb. I don’t know why Sandy has problems with Jared’s video of Letterman. Except for the first run, it all went smooth for me.

  • dolorescraeg

    i just saw him on regis and kelly. i have just died and gone to heaven….so i’m reporting from the pearly gates. he wore his grey cashmere sweater and jeans and was absolutely hot….hot….hot…one woman in the audience screamed oh my god………jude laughed. he looked amazing….talked about rudy loving to dance but not wanting anybody to watch him…talked about afghanistan, the french medal…he was a delight and looked better today than on letterman.
    jared please put the videon on. it’s dynamite.

  • sheryl

    I saw him on Regis and Kelly this morning, too…great interview. Kenneth Branaugh and Conan talking about him on Conan O’Brien last night was pretty funny/interesting, too.