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Paparazzi Throw Coffee at Britney's Car

Paparazzi Throw Coffee at Britney's Car

Britney Spears and music producer pal J.R. Rotem shop at New York Speed on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood on Friday.

The pop princess shopped around for 15 minutes and picked up a fur wrap, a cropped leather jacket and a military-inspired cap. Britney wore her brand new jacket and cap as she left the store. (Video here.)

Later in the day, Britney and J.R. stopped off at — where else? — Starbucks. J.R. went inside to pick up drinks while paparazzi fought over a shot of Britney sitting in her car. One wanna female photographer got so fed up with the other photogs, she threw a cup of coffee onto Brit‘s car and the paparazzi surrounding it. Somebody needs a car wash now! Watch the crazy video below –

Finally, Britney and J.R. finished off her day at Rite Aid. Video here!

One photographer throws a cup of coffee at Britney’s car
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10 new demos/songs of Britney‘s have leaked into the Internet. Check out the new songs here.

The song “Radar” sounds like the only legit song, as it was produced by Swedish team Bloodshy & Avant (“Toxic”). To download just the song “Radar”, click here. Brit‘s new album, Blackout, is still scheduled to drop November 13th.

10+ pictures inside of Britney and J.R. shopping at New York Speed…

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paparazzi throwing coffee at britneys car 02
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  • Itis

    She looks f’in nuts. While the paparazzi are flashing at her…she just has this crazy, “I’ve lost all touch with reality” smile on her face.

  • kiki

    IM SECOND !!

  • Michelle

    Although I am no fan, this ALMOST makes me feel bad for her. No one should have their space invaded like that. This video really puts into perspective the bullshit that all celebrities have to deal with.

  • ace

    that paparazzi shld be sued and fired for being rude and a bitch. britney did nthg

  • Yily

    Damn…Brit Brit seriously cannot go anywhere. Poor thing. People should seriously just leave her alone.

  • Yily

    And PS, that lady in the video is a bit**ch for throwing coffee on Brit’s car. What the hell is she doing anyway? Stupid photographer lady.

  • purple gem

    Not nice.

  • Sarah

    This time I actually feel sorry for her. Stupid scánk of a photographer had no right doing that.

  • Sarah

    I actually looked at the video and I take back what I said! I thought she threw the coffee right at Britney! I’d say the paparazzi got it more than Brit’s car.

  • emch

    What is she buying at Rite Aid??
    Looks like candle is it??

  • Bored.

    i dont think that lady was a “wanna-be photographer”, i think she just went into get coffe earlier, and was trying to leave the parking lot and got she tried to pour it over the paps, and it spilled onto the car…thats all.

  • emch

    Is there a dent on the left hand of her Mercedes??
    The light bulb cover is broken…
    Gee..anybody knows how did it happen??

  • emch

    OMG The way she whisper to the pap.
    She looks hor..nee..
    She probably would love to F 2 or 3 of them..
    Perhaps those from X17…..

  • ze

    Soooo disgusting the way these photographer haunt her!

  • Anon

    I have been disgusted with Britney’s behavior for a while now, but seeing this video makes me realize that the paparazzi are animals and if I had to live with this 24/7 I would be totally crazy by now. I never saw such terrible stuff. What I cannot accept is that it is well known that Britney calles them up and tells them when she will be leaving her house and where she will be. To have this bizzarre caravan of cars following you and then this pack of animals all over you constantly is enough to drive any sane person crazy. And Britney is’nt sane. I think her parents and a court of law needs to intervene and she should be locked away in a hospital. Look at what they are doing to Lindsay Lohan. She went all the way to Utah and the damned paps followed her there. The pictures they took in Utah clearly show Lindsay is unhappy with the attention. I think Britney needs to be hospitalized. If something bad happens to her, the paps will have to share the blame.

  • alex

    lol this britney business is just driving me nuts lol
    i use to love this girl
    i grew up listening to her music
    and now that im older ive lost all bloody faith in her
    but this
    this is just going too far
    they should at least gve her sme space
    poor brit
    all i can say

  • photoB

    Ok, I was there this afternoon, the lady in question is NOT a photog, I am a pap and she was just a crazy person..assaulting people left and right. She was not a pap, JustJared has incorrect info…We where trying to stop the crazy bitch!

  • kate.

    my god STOP SWEARING!
    you guys need to learn some proper language.

  • Yily

    PhotoB are you sure? That lady is sure crazy alright. She was screaming and swerving around like a maniac. Thank God, Britney didn’t get out of the car. She could have been attack by that crazy pyscho.

  • Margaux

    Poor britney…
    She is go to be crazy!!!!!!

  • lki

    She loves all the attention, its sick, shes sick!

  • angelina_mmm

    this is harassment

  • ???

    What next is gonna happen to her? It’s just crazy. Her parents don’t seem to have done much. Does she have a father? She needs help.

  • http://yahoo markie

    i like the cap…

  • linda

    She was buying fur. That brings her down lower than she was in my opinion. Who buys fur anymore?

  • kathastic

    she does seems to be dealing with the paparazi better these days…i guess u would get used to it sooner or later

    and i like that leather jacket she bought!

  • Gsus

    Uhm its quite clear in the video that the lady was just someone getting a starbucks drink and saw the paps and thought it was absurd because well it is. Anyway Britney clearly loves the attention because she’s one crazy indenial girl.

  • Carol

    Why doesn’t she just STAY HOME!!! Surely she has enough “assistants” to pick up her Rite Aid products. She just loves the attention and will never stop seeking it. She’s pathetic!

  • Donna

    Fame and fortune are not worth it. I would go nuts with people in my face all the time. I will take the normal boring life
    over that any day. Also the people in Hollywood seem to go crazy after a short time. Not worth it one little bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KrungKrung

    i don’t feel sorry for her at all, she needs to grow up, she’s so childish y’all, and those stupid low life papz, i think most of them are men, they follow brit everywhere she goes, i think the papz love the idea that brit once in awhile she don’t wear panty and the papz loves it, loves to see her vajayjay the papz are waiting for that moment.

  • JP

    please she tips off the paparazzi to where she’s gonna be so a big media frenzy ensues and everyone will see. she’s a pathetic excuse for a woman.

  • Lulu.B

    Brit must’ve felt so special.
    She’s so loving all that attention.

  • Eathan

    That was NOT a paparazzi, just some woman whose car was blocked!

    Britney should move out of LA already and try to fix her life, isn’t she sick from all this things that are happening to her 24/7? She’s pretty dumb and obviously has nobody smart around her to tell her what to do.

    She lost her kids and she’s still there smiling and talking with her best friends – LA paparazzi. Sick.

  • http://jj whatever

    ok that photograper was rude
    it was funna how everyone was yellin’ at her LOL

  • lala

    After seeing stuff like this you can’t really blame her for how she turned out!

  • lavagirl

    Did Britney pay for JR Rotten’s purchase?

  • gigi

    damn that was really rude

    she should give them shit like go to court or watever

    cuz that coffe on HER car was REALLY UN CALLED FOR

  • Shy

    Britney Spears – Gimme more (Verka Serduchka Version)

    Anyone remember Ukraine’s Verka that came second in this years Eurovision with Lasha Tumbai? Someone put her against Britney. Quite funny….

  • Shy

    P.S They are dancing in that video better than Britney ih hers…. :-)
    Go watch it – it funny.

  • parv

    im not a fan i dont support her….but watching this…isn’t this a little excessive? i havent seen other celebs being this bad off…someone should do something…is it any wonder ppl hate britney…the paps catch her every second of the day! oh like…hmmm…im pretty sure the chances of catching her burping is very high…and u know what…im sure soon after ppl r gonna label her trash again cos of that…rite, wat human doesnt burp!?
    let her be!

  • KC

    People talk about Britney being crazy what about those animals with the cameras. That is completely ridiculous and inhumane for adults to act like that. Kids have more sense than those animals :(

  • Boo

    Did some of you miss the fact that Britney’s stupid ass was blocking all the other cars behind her because she was waiting on someone? Please. She can have Alli or someone go and get her damn Starbucks (or whatever it is she got) if it’s so important.

    And I don’t feel sorry for her about the paps. She courts them, tells them where she is going. She creates this mess and then gets people to feel sorry for her! Unreal.

  • lola

    hmmm where is the rest of the video …. where the photographer threw down this 110 pound girl and threw her car keys…? this woman was trying to leave the parking lot…. after being called names that ryme with bunt she thrw her coffee at the photographers not brittneys car…. later the police asked victim …. did you know who was in car …. victim replied no but photographers were harassing her and blocking traffic …. horns were beeping i was trying to get to my car…. photographer said out of my way u dirty —-… i need to make money….this is how i work…!
    the photographer was chased down by the malibu police….hndcuffed and questioned on the side of the road…..

  • lola

    wow ….hmmm where i the rest of the video ….where the photographer was handcuffed and questiond for throwing down this 110 pound woman who was trying to leave parking lot …? later the victim was asked what happened she told police that photographer called her a dirty cunt when she asked him and all 50 photographers to move so she could leave parking lot…. victim was assaulted and photographer stole her car keys….listen in the video she is yelling gimmee my fukin keys back…. woman threw drink at rude photo guy….!

  • rachael

    wow….clearly this woman was trying to get in her car…. the paparazziti was blocking traffic….
    where are the rights of the citzens… is this a forshadow of brittneys future… kinda of like princ dianna….
    three cheers for lady throwing coffee on paparattzzi

  • Sinister Movements

    Hey LOLA, why dont you learn to read and write before you start s**t on this website….the woman in question was a nutcase from the start, even the Malibu sherriff agreed. Premeditated assualt on her part…

  • andrea

    stay home brit! stay home brit! just freaken stay home already girl!

  • fabien

    i was there…. the woman was yelling cause she was trying to leave …. photographers were blocking womans car in …. she was completly attacked by 50 excon photographers… this is why she threw coffee on them….
    three cop cars showed up ….where is this part of the video… or where the man drinving the honda element….who was later handcuffed and questioned
    there was about 100 witnesses who watched this man in question throw down this woman…. that is why she was screaming and yelling someone help call the police…

  • wow.

    omg! what is the world coming to?
    okay. if you listen closley..that
    paps women or whoever she was said to
    one of the guy paps in the beginning she
    said something along the lines of you guys
    stop bothering her let her drive&then the guy was
    like shut up you fu**in bi8ch..&then she started
    curssing&stuff blah blah&then i think she tired to
    through her coffee on the paps&they were like omfg
    you b*tch your dusche(sp?) bag f u! &stuff goshhh!
    mann, ohh &the part that cracks me up is when their
    all like britney britney omgshhh! r u okay. it was f’in
    coffee on her car its called a car wash she’s not going to
    die!&&you could totally tell britney was just soaking all
    the attention up! thats socking! NOT!

  • richard

    yes siree.. looks to me like photographers have no regard for regular people with 9-5 jobs…. yes this woman could of hurt men with coffee… but do these photograohers have mothers… they were yelling and taunting girl… calling her names cause she wanted to leave the circus they create around her