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Madonna is $120 Million Richer

Madonna is $120 Million Richer

Madonna and longtime friend Ingrid Casares (a Miami nightclub owner) work-out together at a Midtown Gym club on Thursday morning. Other pictures include Madge and Ingrid exiting the Reebok Sports Club on the Upper East Side yesterday.

The Queen of Pop will reportedly sign a $120 million recording and touring deal with live entertainment promoter Live Nation Inc. and leave her longtime record label at Warner Music Group Corp.

Under terms of the proposed deal, Madonna, 49, would receive a signing bonus of about $18 million and a roughly $17 million advance for each of three albums, a source familiar with the talks said.

Madge has recorded for the Warner Music label since her 1983 self-titled debut album.

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Photos: Mario Magnani/Mike DiSciullo/Bauer-Griffin
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  • sarah

    2nd!!!!!luv madonna

  • Okay?

    First Oprah getting NBC to buy her Oxygen network, now Madge getting all this moolah to record. Very nice ladies. Who said that men are the only ones who can be moguls?

  • laura

    This news is ZZZZZZZZ to Britney fans. I guess it’s more interesting for them to read the goings on in the life of their trainwreck trailer trash idol. Way to go Madge.

  • miamiheat

    I work in the Miami nightlife scene and Ingrid is certainly not as hot on the beach as she used to be….she basically just hosts philanthropic dinner parties as a way of saying ‘I’m grown up and classy now and this is how I throw my weight and reputation around’ since she doesn’t have a hot husband, beautiful kids, and a multimillion dollar entertainment empire like Madge….Ingrid ingnores the past that she and Madge, along with Chris Paciello, JLo, Puffy and all them very much enjoyed here….any news on Chris, BTW?


    Good for her. She’s always one step ahead of the game and she’s self made, gotta love that.

  • Naomi

    i luv luv luv luv luv luv luv Madonna!!!!!!!!

  • TINA


  • love her

    I love you for reporting this!

  • bec


  • SIN

    go Madge!!!

  • Nona

    the ole skank still workin it. well more power to her. and by the way, ingrid is an ex lover of madge’s.

  • LOLA

    She deserves it, shes a great performer. Good for her.

  • lene

    She deserves money. But not that amount. No Celeb do (Only Angelina & Brad!!).

    But.. Seriously.. what did Madonna do? Save a life? Doctors should get that kind of money.. Cause they do save lives!

  • Jane

    fck so rich~

  • gini

    Good for her! She’s great. Love you Madonna!!!

  • Nancy

    Madonna is the queen…Love you….

  • Nancy

    Why does Brad and Angelina deserve that kind of money but not Madonna?……give me a break.

  • ann of leaves

    Big deal, Madonna doesn’t need a label. Virgin did a similar thing with Mariah seven years ago, AND THEN HAD TO BUY HER CONTRACT BACK for less money because she couldn’t sell CDs. I suppose Madonna may have SOME life left to her as long as there are baby-booming gay men on earth, but she’s totally on her way to being irrelevant to the CD buying & downloading public. When’s the last time Madonna had a big radio hit? EXACTLY.

  • Iris


    What are you getting at? Are you saying that anyone without a husband and kids is useless?


    Actually the last time Madonna had any radio hits was from her last album with Hung Up, Sorry, Get Together and Jump. I don’t know where you’re blogging from but I am from Australia and these tracks recieved heaps of airplay here and were some of the most requested across a large veriety of stations. I wouldn’t hold my breath because I don’t think she’ll be fading into insignifigance any time soon.

  • Nadia

    she looks like a troll

  • anastasia

    120 million – very-very good!!!
    About Ingrid – i think M still love’s her

  • just M

    Madonna is the best selling female artist of all time with 280 million records sold since 1982.

  • D.a.s.

    u r all such fools… & don’t get me twisted cuz i’m not a bible thumper or anything like that…. but how can u love her (Madonna) so much if she is so involved with The Elite… yes stupid the Illuminati…. she is all about Black Magic, Devil worshiping and much much more! But I guess all of you wouldn’t know anything about that because the truth about this ”Queen” of yours isn’t put all over the media, or in the most popular mag’s pple buy and read… no no, u have to do ur home work and u have to look for it! SOON ENOUGH THO, MADONNA WILL SHOW U ALL HOW MUCH SHE REALLY LOVES U GUYS! ..but too bad for you, when she does it will b too late! …all of humanity and man kind is going to change very soon, they refer to it as ”The New World Order”…. there is no exact date but it’s in all of our faces …I DARE YOU TO GOOGLE ILLUMINATI AND JUST GUESS WHAT CELEBERTY UR GOING TO SEE FIRST! UR QUEEN MADONNA….followed by Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Rihanna and the list goes on!!! or Google the video Run This Town and if u don’t start to feel weird after watching that video then it’s to bad for u but ur right where they want you! Ignorant and unaware… YOU shud all educate yourselves on this shit, u deserve to know! THAT’S ALL! I wonder how pple would feel if they had footage of these celeberties actually doing richuals and sacrificing new born babies!… u think this doesn’t happen, think again! and if some1 reads this and decides not to post it, then u are just as evil as the rest of them…….. Like I said don’t get it twisted cuz I don’t even attend church or any bull shit like that… religion kills, i just wish our planet wasn’t the way it is….we live in a world filled with ignorance… yet it’s the way ”THEY” (the illuminati) want it to be……….