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Hayden Panettiere is a GENIUS

Hayden Panettiere is a GENIUS

Hayden Panettiere wears a “This Girl’s a Genius” t-shirt on Tuesday as she exits Koi restaurant in Los Angeles with mom genius Lesley.

And if you believe Kristen Bell, she burst the HALO bubble last night at The Alliance for Children’s Rights benefit in Beverly Hills.

“[Hayden and Milo Ventimiglia] just great friends,” the former Veronica Mars star told OK!. ” They’re not dating.”

Genius? Stupid for not dating Milo!

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Photos: Clayton/Bauer-Griffin
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  • candy

    she`s a litlle fat,. but i like her

  • emuwhee

    haha jared, halo supporters?

  • nicola

    oooo i love heros 100%

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    1 candy : 10/17/2007 at 3:32 pm

    she`s a litlle fat,. but i like her


    dumb comment

  • Kat

    i usually like her but she went to koi? aha seems like her and her mom love the attention

  • emuwhee

    I didn’t say that it was funny that jj likes halo… but i kinda liked it when stephen and hayden dated
    seh is a little chunky

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    She’s normal..I hope more people take after her =)

  • Aly

    what is it with your weight issues in america, 60% of americans are overweight, but your celebs have to be anorexic?? wtf?
    I think she has a great body, she is definitely thin for my standards, but she is still healthy and toned.
    nice t-shirt! ;)

  • Julz

    supercool shirt.

  • Natalie

    Haha, I love that shirt. Anyone know where she got it?

  • justmeAGAIN!

    it should say, “this girls is stupid” instead.

  • justmeAGAIN!

    girl not girls.

  • Jim

    LOL @ Jared ” Genius? Stupid for not dating Milo ” comment.

    That was Genius Jared !!! LOL

  • Spirit

    I don’t think she’s fat. She’s healthy. Love her.

  • irrelevant

    Stupid for not dating Milo!

    I highly doubt that’s by her choice.

    You people that think she’s a little fat are insane.

  • Danny

    she is not chunky!
    i think she is perfect
    women dont have to be the size of a toothpick to be beautiful
    get over yourselves

  • karina

    I don’t understand how someone can say that she’s a little fat! People come on !She’s healthy girl…
    Hayden’s t-shirt rulezz

  • candy

    sorry, but im still thinking shes fat, thats my opinion, shes pretty, but a litlle fat.

  • Just me…

    Jared you are right … she’s very stupid for no dating Milo!!!

  • parisbynight

    candy, I’m sure you think Angelina Jolie is fat (not using Nicole Richie, as pregnant, but I think that Angie is not that far from the non pregnant Nicole so…)! That’s what happen when you are pro-ana!

  • Maude

    candy : 10/17/2007 at 3:32 pm

    candy : 10/17/2007 at 5:06 pm

    What a stupid thing to say, I hope you have a perfect body. I dont really like Hayden, I am sure she is not a genius but she is cute, healthy and absolutely NOT FAT.

  • lilly

    I saw Greg Grunburg deny it ages ago, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dating. The cast have to say that if it’s a secret. You could tell Greg was uncomfortable…

  • Just me…

    Hayden is not fat she just have a bizarre body!!

  • CJ

    I think she looks great and very cute. Definitely not fat. I agree with comment #8. It’s fascinating that Americans are the fattest people in the world and yet the public are scathing of people who are normal and not painfully thin. BUT then when they are thin they immediately get labelled as anorexic! USA is a strange place……….

  • candy

    parisbynight i dont think angelina jolie is fat, im only think hayden is a litle fat, i think she has a pretty face, but i dont like her body. and i dont like anorexic people, i like bodies like christina aguilera, rihanna, not anorexic ok?

  • candy

    parisbynight i dont think angelina jolie is fat, im only think hayden is a litle fat, i think she has a pretty face, but i dont like her body. and i dont like anorexic people, i like bodies like christina aguilera, rihanna, not anorexic ok?

  • Terri

    She is certainly not fat. I have met her and her teeny height doesnt help but her waist is as thin as the next hollywood actress. But the fact that she is only just over 5ft tall and has a round face people will jump to these conclusions.

  • genevieve

    yeah, i totally thought she would date milo, too. i mean, there was so much chemistry between those two that it made me uncomfortable watching claire’s scenes with her uncle peter petrelli on heroes.

    but here’s the thing: milo is 30. hayden is only a few months into her 18th year. that age difference is kinda disgusting!

  • http://d mel

    hayden’s tshirt is from local celebrity! I have one too. Check out

  • Amor

    candy : 10/17/2007 at 3:32 pm
    she`s a litlle fat,. but i like her
    fat?? you’re crazy
    maybe she is not soo skinny like other anorexic celebrities, but shee looks pretty and she has helthy great body.

  • Bianca

    lol i absolutely love your posts, jared.

    yes, she is stupid for not dating milo! who the hell would want to pass an offer that good?

  • JAcqui

    hayden looks healty! she’s not fat! “i smell Jealousy!!”

  • lol

    candy ~

    you are insane!
    I’m guessing if your figure is anything like your name, you’re really unhealthy & have body issues you need to deal with…Hayden is the size of Thumbalina & just because she has visible thighs & a bum & doesn’t disappear when she turns sideways – like Kate Bosworth & Renee Zellweger – it DOES NOT MEAN SHE IS FAT!! EVEN A LITTLE BIT!!

    Sort it out woman.


    that shirt is a local celebrity t-shirt that can be bought for $25.00 at

  • Sneux

    Hey where do you see haydens fat? WTF I mean she fit and healthy she likes to keep fit she doesn’t have to look like a walking stick its best if celebs have some weight on them at least she isnt starving herself damn. Shes very talented and hope young kid celebs learn from her so when they grow up they dont have to think they have to be a size 1 or 0 Its hollywood come on guys fat averge or even skinny no matter what they still can make themselfs look good. Am I right? Plus haydens done a lot of cheerleading exercise for movies and heroes I dont see where you get the chunkyness from or that shes a little fat..??

  • lil-hayden

    I really love Hayden and Milo…
    They look so cute together…
    I think they ARE couple.. whatever anyone says

  • LOlo

    Yea they better be, cuz Milo’s my boyfriend!

  • Lilah

    Fat!? Are you crazy?! She’s perfectly fit! That is one healthy good lookin bod. Im not really into her, but there’s no way she’s fat. Im not into skeletons, luckily.

  • sarah

    i predict a bell/ventimiglia hook up soon. in other news hayden is just totally gawjuz!

  • Annie

    i think that she should of stayed together with stephen. why did they break up??? if it was age i mean she is know 18 and he’s like what in his early 20′s that’s not bad at all. i don’t belive that there is anything going on between her and milo cause there is a thing called just friends unless there is a photo of them kissing i will be stunned and abit shocked. i don’t care about the youtube dancing thing cause i do it all the time with my guy friends so yeah.

  • Geneviv

    Candy, Fat? Really? WOW. I don’t want to live in a world where a girl who weighs less than 120 pounds and wears size small and extra small is considered “a little fat” ! What do you call the girls that wear a size “gasp” medium?
    She is a beautiful and talented girl and in NO WAY is she overweight!

  • brittany

    whatever…shes not fat…y do people always judge others on there size…wtf is wrong with u people…shes pretty.i bet u all r jelouse…just cuz she ent anorexic like every other famous girl doesnt mean shes fat….i agree wit aly..

  • Summer

    Kat… hayden hates the attention? She said that on an interview, she thinks going out is a nightmare! I don’t think she’s fat… at all. she has big muscles, but i think it looks great on her! i think many celebrities are way to skinny, some of them look sick. Hayden is fit and has a great body, plus she’s got the perfect face.