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Simone Sestito: Mena Survari's New Boyfriend

Simone Sestito: Mena Survari's New Boyfriend

Mena Suvari lets her hair grow back slowly as she enjoys a vacation with her boyfriend on Sunday in Rome, Italy.

Her boyfriend is (supposedly) Simone Sestito, an Italian-American dancer.

After strolling through the streets of Rome hand-in-hand, Mena, 28, and Simone got picked up by some of his relatives.

Mena certainly seems to have a “type.” 10+ pictures inside of Mena and Simone

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Mena’s new boy toy, Simone Sestito?

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Photos: Venturini/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Me

    I thought she was 28.

  • Nicole


  • Mel

    mena is not 38!

  • Umm NO

    No way she is 38.

  • Emilie


  • tina

    she IS 28, born in 79′. simple typo, though, we all make mistakes.

  • Diana

    Anyway, she is looking old with all those clothes on and heavy makeup. He looks very very young. Wasnt she married to an older guy before?

  • Spirit

    She looks so fierce! LOL… Pat Benatar~esque…

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    She’s growing her hair back in a cool, funky, retro, lesbo kinda way.. I like it..

    Britney could’ve had cool hair like this, reinvented herself, created a new image.. Like Madonna, Kylie, etc..

    Instead the stupid bi-atch dyes it more often then she showers, and looks like the same old trashy britney we all love to hate..

  • Stellartes

    The boy is just a puppy.Meow.

  • Shrugging an atlas

    Ooooh Rome! The BEST city in the whole world, I’m gonna move there one day :)

  • cubanita

    The guy she was married to looked like her father & now she’s with someone who looks like he quit high school last week.

  • jenny

    her father is estonian…
    elagu eesti!!!

  • Julz

    how old is he?

  • magnus MFA

    She takes it in the butt.

    True story.

  • Natalie

    Her new boyfriend looks pretty cute

  • anonymus

    I agree with #16 :D

  • sasha

    he’s cute, he looks young though.
    but that’s okay :]

  • Liz

    The guy she’s with looks too young for her. He looks like he just got out of high school. Maybe her ex husband had trouble keeping it up and now she has a taste for younger men.

  • dd

    The boy looks like a punk, and she looks like a lesbo. She looks like she’s having an early mid life crisis.

  • lily

    I am not too sure what to make of her look. Anyway, he is way better for her than that grandfather she married.

  • Rae

    I like her. She goes her own way when she has the looks to be just another pretty little blonde starlet. Her new look is fierce. The boyfriend is hot.

  • Jessie


    Awesome clothing.

  • Tom

    So what happened to Mike Carrasco, the breakdancer that she’s been with before? I haven’t heard that much about him recently…

  • EvilLynn

    #19 LIZ!!! You rock my world w/that comment! LOL, and he probably had saggy ‘ol manballs too!

    Definitely more age-appropriate, Mena. Now, if we could only do something about his cheesy faux-thug look……

  • anonymous


  • N/a

    simone’s 21. i also went to high school with him. this is so funny.

  • jocelyn

    lol. what a dumber

  • bela

    HAHAHAH i went to highschool with him in Toronto… he is 21 and very nice!! work ur young boy toy biatch!!

  • guess who

    he falls asleep after sex… lol

    had to post something! (k)

  • jennifer

    hes 21

  • fool

    lol i went to school with him in toronto
    true story we used to sit around at his house and he would fart with his dick and we would all start laughing hahahaha
    an now hes with mena suvari thats dope. keep ballin bro

  • Alessandra

    omgggg SIMONEEE!!!! lmaaao little DJ Destinyyy all grown up and banging an actress! good for u bud!

  • amanda marie

    i think he’s cute. he’s actually a good friend of my big brother’s and he’s a sweetheart. they’re a cute couple

  • you know who

    simone is 21 and is canadian born. He is a pathological liar and left canada and moved to Italy cuz he was in debt with a shitload of ppl. Hes a loser drug addict promotor who tried to put togther a party together and it flopped so he skipped town and left his best friend out of $15 000!

  • Jason

    he’s HOT!!

  • Lindz

    This guy is from Toronto Canada , he’s a concert promoter/ Dj. I used to know him.

  • Jackfrost

    I just saw a photo of her with him in Globe…yeah I know it is a rag but the photo looks real to me. Anyway, the photo is of them on the beach and he is bare-chested and has a number 13 (fairly large) tattooed on his upper left chest. So far as I know, that is a gang tattoo. And, if what I’ve heard about gang tats is true, he’s fairly hard core to be able to have that. I wonder if she has any clue?

  • California

    13 is a symbol for the sureno gangs of Southern California and is associated with the mexican mafia. I’m curious to learn if he’s an actual gang member.

  • toronto

    omg @ #35, ur one of the few who’s got it right. he’s messed up

  • steph


    went to high school with him

    i had a major crush on him

  • Torontonian

    Italian yes, American no.
    He’s from Toronto, Canada. We went to highschool together!

  • The truth


    Shaving your head and dropping 50 bucks for a “trece” tat doesn’t make you hardcore. Just another punk gangster wanna-be trying to align himself with the gangsta rap lifestyle and milk the Hollywood bad boy image for all it’s worth.

    When you’re that scrawny and try to act like a badass, you risk getting your ass beat…a lot. I guess the the theory is if just bulk up on enough ink, people will think you’re a badass.

    Clearly, lots of young women in Hollywood are eating that S#!T up.

  • ……..

    my god Simone, never would of thought. i grew up with this kid! good luck sweets xo

  • Sash q

    he’s cheating on her…

  • dee

    simones an alright guy hes not bad. im dating his younger brother. looks like good looks run in the family.

  • Richard


    RE: Mena Suvari and her boyfriend:

    You should really mind your own business. I think you need professonal help. My guess is you won’t seek out the help you need, like many disturbed people out there in the world getting into others lives……………

  • houguy

    I think she is confused and does not know what she wants, by being with a guy who looks like a thug, that is a sign of immaturity . That woman she chose to portray in Stuck does nothing positive for her image and runs the risk of being stereotyped as a cheap whore in future movies. Just an opinion.

    I think she married the older guy because she was a young impressionable girl who was swept away by an influential, charismatic character who had wealth, connections and experience in bed but soon realized she did not love him, it was just a phase like the one she going through now. This new guy is going to break her heart, I guarantee it, mark my words. Hopefully she will find herself and be more like lets see, maybe Reese W. or Jennifer L. H. who have made better choices as they age.

  • 123


  • 009876

    Simone is a dirtbag.. comes to the small city where I live and bangs numerous girls while promoting his concerts.. its kinda disturbing to think a hollywood actress would settle for a kid from Woodbridge.