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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gives Birth to Son

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gives Birth to Son

The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck gave birth to a baby boy Friday morning in Arizona.

His name will be shared during Monday’s The View in a phone call to her fellow co-hosts.

NFL quarterback husband Tim Hasselbeck said in a statement, “Elisabeth and I are happy to announce the arrival of our son and we’re thrilled he arrived safely. Both mom and son are happy and healthy.”

Congrats to the Hasselbecks!

UPDATE: They named their son Taylor Thomas Hasselbeck.

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  • go sox

    Congratulations, Elisabeth! So nice to see happy, young married couples having children and be successful too!

  • fresh

    congrats! hopefully she’ll stay on maternity leave forever.

  • Visa Fan

    The baby popped it’s head out and uttered Holy Kakapoopy! :)

  • oscar

    there is a typo in here last name.

  • oscar
  • boggy

    ugliest creature!

  • heather

    Do you all remember the scandal between her and Rosie? I was on Elisabeth’s side. But I could be wrong. How many of you love Avril Lavigne? have you heard about her begin BEHIND BARS? I am sorry for her but I am sure she will have the same destiny Britney Spears did, from a superstar to train-wreck. Being photographed with full bottles of vodka, is way 2 much :( . To Elisabeth, Congratulations

  • oscar

    hahahahahahahahaha that is funny bout avril

  • wtf

    who cares about this b*tch… an eye-sore

  • Sophie

    i don’t know..where she is…sry..!

  • bite me


  • Pikes

    Maybe “famous” Rumer will bless the child!

  • msgudidedmama

    Congrats and yes, I agree take FOREVER to stay home with your devil republican spawn. Have fun with that free infant formula that you promote!

  • yea

    Good to see she is expecting a new babe! I like her! I am her big fan! It is said she was dating on millionaire dating site this May. “She was very picky about guys at that time,” according to the officials of that site!

  • KrungKrung

    whatevs y’all.

  • Preesi

    The best thing that can happen to Elisabitch is that she returns to NYC and on her long time away from her hubby, he cheats on her with a Transvestite hooker and its all caught on video.
    Then Grace grows up to be a fat loud lesbian.
    And George and Dick are indicted for 9-11 and war crimes worldwide!

  • TheLostGirl



    I’m gonna have to secound WTF and boggy’s post. WHO THE F*CK CARES! I HATE THIS BI-OCH

  • YoYo

    Oh good she popped out another potential brainless hardcore repuklican troll. Why can’t these people be involuntarily fixed?? Or at least cement her gapping hole shut.

  • Getajob

    I feel the same way about the Democrats who think the rest of us ought to work and support these sorry people who want to keep popping out babies that they can’t afford. At least my tax dollars won’t be going to support Elisabeth’s kids.

  • dont come back hasselmouth

    she should name it ‘mitch’ it rhymes with her name ELIZARDBI*TCH! CANT STOMACH HER!!GO EAT ANOTHER -RODENT-U -LOSER!!

  • bottle dumb blonde

    Gawd she’s fug!!
    She challenges Rummer! ewwwwwwwww..

  • AnOldieButaGoodie

    Congratulations to her. She isn’t my favorite panelist but a birth is always a happy occasion. Glad that they are both doing well.

  • Amy

    Preesi has so much hate in her that she needs to rethink her life. Wishing ill on celebrity babies. Seriously?

    Elisabeth isn’t the bitch. Until Rosie came onto the view it was a pretty good dynamic. Elizabeth is there to be the conservative voice. That’s what the show is about, a bunch of women with varying opinions having discussion and every other host understands that and respects her. It was when Rosie came on and started interrupting Elizabeth and accusing her of hating her because “oh no I’m a big fat lesbian” (and I’m sorry Rosie, but you can help being that fat) that Elizabeth started to look like a bitch to some people.

    You would too if someone came onto a show you’d been on for years and insulted you and cut you off every time you tried to talk.

  • Preesi

    GetAJob? But your tax dollars are going to ISRAELIS to give them all free health insurance and free housing and also to KILL MILLIONS of innocent Iraqis…
    Your priorities are screwed up!!!

  • Heid

    Who cares??? Do you think i will weather The View,just because l need to know the name’s Elizabeth son?O can mo, people l wish she never back to the View!!!

  • Preesi

    Amy? Its not “hate”, its hoping those things will happen to her so she’ll wake the fuck up!

    Most Neocons are Prolife UNTIL their darling virginal (gag) lil girl gets pregnant, then they drive her to Planned Parenthood outta state..
    Most Neocons are anti gay rights UNTIL they give birth to one, then they contact PFLAG and become a member.
    Most Neocons are anti Stem Cell research UNTIL a loved one develops a disease, then they will fight to get laws passed.
    Most Neocons Elisabitch’s age think they know EVERYTHING and proselytize like they have a direct line to God, until their husbands are caught in a WIDE STANCE rubbing feet with a bathroom hustler…

    Elisabitch needs to live a lil longer before she has rights to tell anyone older and wiser how life is…
    She needs to learn from Kathie Lee Gifford about what happens when you proselytize about your morals and your perfect marriage!
    Or ask Dr Laura what happens when you boast that you are “your kids mom” and that Bunchkin grows up to proclaim on his MySpace page how he LOVES THE ARMY CAUSE HE CAN TORTURE AND LIVE OUT HIS SICKEST DEVIANT FANTASIES ON INNOCENT IRAQIS”!!
    Then she needs to STFU!

    BTW- everyone hated Elisabitch even prior to Rosie coming on The View! Imagine a young, naiive, newlywed telling seasoned older women what morals and life is!
    Elisabitch is just another sheltered American Soccer Mom SHEEP!
    bahhh bahhhh!

  • EliB*tch has strange looking kids

    Maybe this second little ugly creature will keep her stuck-up ass at home. Her daughter looks like Frankenstein’s daughter.

  • trevor

    Can’t stand her either, but the view is boring now, with everyone one the same page, the show is more like regis and kelly now.

  • Violets Auntie

    Have a happy life, Bitsy and family. Now, just go away and leave us alone. You’re not needed on The View. It’s just a better show without you. Go survive somehwere else.

  • no like

    cant stand that whining chidish bish..she can get lost..

  • Sanjuanpuma

    @ # 3,
    Well, said! Congrat’s and, please stay on maternity leave permanently you, whiny b*tch!!!

  • Diane

    I respect Elisabeth for standing up to that lesbian freak, Rosie O’Donnell. Congratulations to the Hasselbecks on the new addition. Hope daughter Grace isn’t too jealous!

  • lops723

    TO: #28 Preesi, AMEN!!! you took the words right out of my mouth, as a poli sci grad student, it irks me when people who know nothing about politics (except brainwashed propoganda) open their mouths like they are well versed. Her backwards opinions are dangerous because she has a voice to so many people. Hope she’s gone for good.

  • Preesi

    So the name is Taylor Thomas?
    Taylor is a GIRLS name!

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