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Orlando Bloom's Father Bonding Time

Orlando Bloom's Father Bonding Time

Orlando Bloom and his father Colin Stone spend some quality time together in Hollywood on Sunday. Orly and Papa Bloom walked down Vine Street, passing by The Ricardo Montalbán Theatre.

The father-son pair was seen walking Orly‘s dogs earlier in the day. Stone is the the principal of the Concorde International language school.

Do you think Orly will sit front and center Tuesday when supermodel Miranda Kerr walks the Victoria’s Secret fashion show at LA’s Kodak Theatre? Their love may be blooming!

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  • Jennifer

    awww :)

  • baba

    second :)

  • eva

    Good morning girls :) , and a very good morning for me after seeing Orlando. He’s so irresistible. Can you imagine Orlando getting fat and looking horrible in a few years??? that could happen. Take for example Britney Spears, she was so sexy, she had such a body… and now she looks like **** . Is the truth. I hope Orlando never gets like that, but if you think about the superstars we had… then Michael Jackson (lets not even talk about him), Whitney Houston a crack head, and the list can continue. Britney 2 was a super stars, but now she can’t get out of the problems, that she causes herself. Now, Britney ended up IN COURT because she jumped on a red light with the kids on the backseat. . Here Kevin is right, Britney can’t be controlled anymore, she is putting her kids life in danger. You see, all the superstars end up to be trash, 99% of them.

  • discouraged

    sad that Orlando’s life started out as a lie.

    No wonder he is now in a reltionship that started with cheating.

    His mother had an affar with Colin Stone, the man above, while they worked at the same language school while she was married to Harry Bloom, which is why Orlando has the last name of someone who isn’t is dad. Look it up.

    I guess that is why he doesn’t care about cheating.

    the pictures JJ is referring to yesterday show Orlando walking Miranda’s dog.

    Interesting that she has the papers say she just broke up with her boyfriend the day before she comes to LA again and will most likely be seen with Orlando. She was still dating him when she and Orlando started going out.

    He sure proven he has no character this past few months. He seems really cold hearted. I thought he was caring buddhist?

  • drama king

    Orlando looks ticked off!!

  • Lala

    Discouraged, what makes you think that Orlando was the one that told MK to break up with her boyfriend? We don’t know why they split and I don’t think that Orlando would be someone who destroys relationships as a hobby. We don’t know what exactly happened and we never will.
    If he and Miranda are giving it a go I’ll say more power to him. If she really fell in love with him – and I really hope for him that it is love, he deserves being loved after Kategate – I’ll wish them all the best. You cannot decide yourself who you fall in love with and with whom you go from lovers to friends. Life is a process of changing and this is just another era for both of them.

    but it’s nice to see colin and orlando together =) He has such a loving family!

  • fat guy in a little coat

    Jeez, discouraged, you sure do seem to love assuming the worst about people. Where has it ever been proven, outside of silly Internet gossip, that he is dating Miranda Kerr or that she cheated on her boyfriend with him? You’re condemning him based on what the gossip rags are feeding you, and that’s a shame. I hope you’re never the deciding member on a jury. You’d probably want to give someone the death penalty for a traffic violation.

  • yuyu

    He is a cute and handsome guy!I like him so much. I saw that he is in the top 50 men list of askmen. He should be the TOP1 in my mind.

  • discouraged

    #7, I am capable of putting the pieces together. Yeah, right, they are just friends, who just happens to break up with long time boyfriend after a dinner with Orlando, who just happens to drop her dog with Orlando as soon as she comes to town. I am sure they just play board games when they are together.I know his fans will run through hoops-as they always do- not to see the obvious about this situation but it doesn’t look good. It has nothing to do with being jealous of some pretty model-as people always say if you don’t like a celebrity. Looks only go so far and show nothing about your heart or character. Orlando always tried to come across as a man of character in his interviews but his actions the past few months show him to be nothing of the sort.

  • Kells

    Miranda said she broke with her boyfriend recently so if they are dating that’s really quick and it does look shady. I’ve been having this bad feeling about him since the night of that accident. I just don’t like the way he acted that night or the way he handled the situation and he seems so gloomy in the latest candids. I hope he’s in a good place but I’m really not feeling him anymore. I sense a fakeness about him and like his image and career has been a lot of smoke and mirrors.

  • discouraged

    I agree with you Kells. It seems like the vail has been lifted but some fangirls will still refuse to see the main behind the curtain. No one even seems to question his actions with the other model the night of the accident. That was after he was seen going out with Miranda. So, the don’t want to believe he was drunk or hight that night so that leaves it to he was sober and still did those things. He still tried to pick up another girl right after spending time with her in New York. That was all caught of tape.If that is the he acts then it is no wonder that he wouldn’t care if she also cheats and then leaves her boyfriend for him.Maybe it is a much needed ego boost for him since things haven’t been going so well.

  • Lala


    I don’t know you but should I judge you because of the image I might paint of you? I won’t judge him because he might be with a girl that happened to have a bf before. You know how OFTEN this shit happens with ordinary people like you and me? Yes, it’s not the best thing to do but it doesn’t make him or her a bad person just because of THAT.

  • Yep I’m A$$

    Didn’t his momma cheat and then lie about Harry Bloom being his dad when it was the guy in the pics above all along? Maybe cheating runs in the family. He gives a bad name to Buddhists and so does that model.

  • Oy

    Lol, this is becoming a second Brangelina or something. Girl leaves bf for other man, people are either okay with it or jump the “this is a SINNNNN!!” train. Nice.

  • discouraged

    Yes, #13 thats what I am saying. His mom did the same thing and therefore his life was based on a lie. The fangirls will try and sell it as his mothers husband Harry Bloom was just to old to have children so he allowed her to have sex with Colin, the man above, so they could have children together. He just happened to be a close family friend who worked with his mother. She also worked at that language school.
    They will believe anything to keep the image alive.

    They will now jump through hoops to convince themselves that he hasn’t been cheating with Miranda while she was with her boyfriend.

    Isn’t there a quote by Orlando where he said “If you want to cheat it is your choice but then you have to deal with the consequences”. It wasn’t like he thought cheating was wrong but just that you don’t want to get caught.

    If that is the way he thinks then I guess the Karma he says he believes in will come back to get him soon enough.Maybe Miranda will meet someone richer and dump him

  • Kells

    Good comparison OY let’s pick teams. Is it going to be TEAM CHEATERS or TEAM EXFANS?

  • ManWhorE

    have to agree. this shows the real bloom. too bad, I liked the guy. oh well, all men are dogs! LOL

  • piss pott

    hopefully his dad is there to knock some sense into him.

  • piss pott

    wait, I take that back. How can his dad knock some sense into him since he did the same thing with Orland’s mom. My bad,He is probably there to teach him the ropes and make it look okay.
    Cheaters Suck!

  • Tera

    Discouraged- I’d like to know how you can even PRESUME to know anything about Mrs. Bloom or her life 30 years ago. Who are you, anyway? No one. How do you know, beyond any shadow of doubt, that the conception of Orlando and his sister was not arranged artificially because Harry Bloom was very ill and perhaps to frail? He was many years her senior at the time, and her child-bearing years were dwindling. Perhaps her husband a generous man who knew of his wife’s desire for children and an agreement was made that she should be free to seek a relationship that might afford her that opportunity. You simply don’t know, and how dare you presume to know. Any number of circumstances, many which are perfectly well-intentioned and innocent, could have resulted in the birth of these two kids. The result is a pair of very well adjusted, loving, talented, beautiful people. By comparison, your parent’s union, pristine as it may have been in the eyes of all such judgmental people as yourself, has resulted in a cynical, negative person who like to beat others down. Such a shame. You also know absolutely nothing about Miranda Kerr, nor her relationship to any man. You only know what you’ve read in the so-called press. This obsession you seem to have with thinking you know the life story of complete and utter strangers is disturbing.

  • @Tera

    Another delusional fan defending Bloom. This situation is a pattern with him.

  • Oy

    More likely Team Orli or Team unknown Ex-BF of that model girl. LOL!

    I guess I’ll be on Team Wait And See Where This Will Lead To. Or Team Don’t Judge As Long As You Don’t Know The Real Facts. Or Team It’s None Of Our Business Who The Boy Decides To Bang. Or something like that ;)

  • discouraged

    Oh please Tera
    I am not obsessed but I can see what is in front of me.
    Yes, a man lets his wife have children by another man -who just happens to be a close family friend? believe that if you want to.

    Where are you getting his story about it being okayed by Harry Bloom? I think that was invented by fangirls.

    I don’t know everything about Orlando but to say we know nothing is foolish also. I can see what he is doing and it was clear from other press statements that Miranda was still dating Brent Tuthan when she started up with Orlando

    BTW: My parents did a fine job teaching me to use my critical thinking skills and I have NEVER cheated in any relationship. Therefore I think they have done a better job then Mr Stone and Mrs. Copeland. (she is not mrs. bloom as you called her)

  • lala

    It was also clear from these other press statements that they actually are NOT dating. Don’t take the things as facts that you like. Either you say the whole article is true or false. there’s no such thing as “I think”-Truth.

  • a


    Do you happen to have the link to the pictures showing Orlando walking Miranda’s dog?

    Just curious; thanks!

  • a


    Do you have a link to pass on that shows Orlando walking Miranda’s dog? Just curious; thanks!

  • anna
  • a

    Thanks, Anna!

  • Tera

    You can see what’s in front of you, can you? And what might that be, pray tell? The latest issue of some gossip rag where material is routinely fabricated so mindless, sniveling low life’s such as yourself will buy them? Never cheated in any relationship, huh? I’m sure you haven’t. Not many 14 year olds have lived long enough to have many such opportunities, much less the life experience that entitles them to judge the decisions of complete strangers about whom they know next to nothing. Your thought process is that of a naive child. The scenarios I presented are just as likely as anything you could manufacture and present here as a theory, and everyone knows it. You simply DO NOT KNOW. You can speculate for the rest of your life, and you still won’t know because you don’t know them and don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever knowing them. Yet, you’ve formed a solid opinion of someone based on your lack of knowledge.
    What’s more delusional…someone using mature, reasoned thinking to assert that many situations beyond your ability to consider could result in the relationship between a man and woman not married to one another, leading to the birth of children–or someone making all sorts of presumptions of guilt and immorality based on a few scaps of tabloid news. Even the intellectually challenged people that frequent this trash heap can figure that out, though I’m sure they’ll post to the contrary just to be…well, contrary. That’s what places like this are all about, right? ;)

  • discouraged

    Here is the link to dog pictures. I am a memeber, I’m not sure if you need to be to view them or not.

    compare this dog to Miranda’s dog. If you do a seach with her name her you will see the article from April

  • discouraged

    sure tera
    Orlando is a saint and would never ever cheat.He would never leave a club at 2AM drunk, He only drinks water. He would never leave the scene of an accident.
    Colin was just being a good neighbor when he fathered her children while she was married to someone else.
    Nice guys run in the family.

    I think you are the one that lives in LALA land.

    If you want to believe the fairytales go ahead.

    c’mon, this family isn’t what they are giving you. You know his cousin use to date Brigette Neilson right? How messed up do you need to be to date that?LOL, Now orlando has his six degrees of separation to flavor flav!

  • Kells

    All your teams are practical OY that doesn’t work around here lol!

  • mAXIM

    Discouraged can see what’s in front of her/him/it. And what’s in front of her/him/it is a sad and dreary life. She/He/It projects all of her/his/its own negative energy on others. The overboard defensiveness is laughable. I would suggest a therapist but it’s obviously to late in the game for that.

  • discouraged

    Whatever it takes for you to justify bloomie go right aheaed. Anything to turn people away from the facts so assume it must be the messanger. Even if I was those things-it doesn’t change the fact that Orlando has cheated with Miranda. If you are one of those that can justify cheating than I think that says alot about you than me.

  • @Discouraged

    Discouraged these are Orlando fans. They don’t want to see him in a bad way so if you don’t have hard proof then they ain’t buying it. They don’t want to put two and two together, they want the truth to smack them in face hard. It will eventually. Until then if you don’t want to support a cheater don’t. Don’t see his movies, don’t buy the magazines, don’t pay attention. Trust me you won’t miss anything, he isn’t going anywhere. His career peaked years ago and now he’s entering another phase. The phase where he’ll be featured in more tabloid stories than movie roles and those type of actors deserve the beating they get.

  • piss pot

    Well it looks like her dog alright.
    Next thing you know we will have those
    who think he is gay saying that
    they aren’t dating. He doesn’t want to
    hump her he is just a nice guy that
    walks VS models dogs for them.
    Surely nothing is going on with them.

  • destiny

    sometimes I wonder why he’s sticking around there, that place is swarmed with paparrazzi and he would know there like one around every corner. I would’ve done what i had to do there and head back to london but that’s just my opinion

  • karma girl

    He is so handsome. ORLANDO YOU ARE THE BEST.

  • mel

    all hater stop hating on my baby, i won’tt believe any gossip from you today. If he is with Miranda that is good for him because she is hot as hell.
    Happy bloomkerr to all of you.

  • sun

    Awwwwww that’s is so sweet, he’s spending some quality time with is dad what a sweetie. Orlando is a true gentleman that’s why i love him.

  • no kate

    I prefer Miranda because Kate Bosworth is a talentless WH%%%%%. I hope she going to give him pleasure (with that hot body it shouldn’t be hard).
    By the way Orlando looks so hot in those pictures….

  • dis what?

    °°Discouraged what’s wrong with you? Are you sad because your life is so empty? that’s is so sad. I hope that’s you will find hapiness in your life. I really hope so.°°°
    You are right to be jealous because Orlie has everything for him. He is talented and he’s got a beautiful girlfriend. You might going have this one day…… might.(°°lol°°)

  • discouraged

    LOL, you are so typical. If someone points out something about their favorite celeb they scream that you must be jealous.
    I am not jealous. I have a clear conscience. I don’t cheat on people or leave accidents with my friends bleeding in the car behind me. Class act there orli.

    Call me what you want. It still doesn’t change the fact that he is a cheater.

    Worship away though,I am sure you will be getting your best fan ever signed picture in the mail any day now for supporting him no matter what he does.

  • Melody Fair

    speaking of being a buddhist, aren’t they against lying?
    I thought Miranda said she wasn’t dating anyone at the moment and she doesn’t have anyone in her life right now?That was just yesterday.
    I hate when celebrities come out with their religion as their badge of honor and then they don’t practice what it preaches.
    Are we suppose to think she and Orlando are just dog walking buddies?Orlando does the same thing and he gets invited to speak at these buddhist retreats but if he is going along with her cheating with him then he is no better.
    At least stop telling the world your religion if you aren’t going to live it out.

  • IT’s Me

    Celebrities have compromised morals and they say things and do things for their image. Who they really are is often a different story.

    Orlando speaks about how important having more Hybrid vehicles on the road is = He does not own a Hybrid

    Orlando said he was a technophobe who barely knew how to use his cell phone = He seems pretty handy with his blackberry

    Orlando says he prefers Britain and that he’s a Home boy at heart = He owns a home in the Hollywood Hills and spends most of his down time there.

    Orlando says he is a Buddhist and has a strong faith in it = He drinks, smokes, lies, flirts with women who has boyfriends, flirted with women when he had a girlfriend and displays other non Buddhist behavior.

    Orlando says he likes his privacy = Spends a considertable amount of time at well known paparazzi hangouts.

    Orlando = Hypocrite

  • bloom’s girl

    speaking of being a buddhist, aren’t they against lying?
    I thought Miranda said she wasn’t dating anyone at the moment and she doesn’t have anyone in her life right now?That was just yesterday.

    eh, isn’t it possible that they really are friends and she didn’t lie? yes, i know, omg she’s a vs model and omg he’s so hot of course they are f*cking! its totally 100% impossible that the truth is they are friends. so they both must be liars!!! y’all need to grow the f*ck up. men and woman can be friends. even hot men and women. now go back to being chicken little, kiddies.

  • dis what?

    Discourageg GO GET A LIFE SOMEWHERE ELSE you’re beyond stubid for me, you’re just a hater so I won’t spent my day chatting with you, sorry but you’ll have to stay alone like usual. “it’me” I won’t even pay attention tou you, you seems to be in great pain, poor you.

  • Anon

    Orlando speaks about how important having more Hybrid vehicles on the road is = He does not own a Hybrid
    ~ Orlando has said himself that you don’t have to do ‘everything’ to support environmental change. He has said you can drive an SUV if you choose, but find other ways to conserve. Everyone needs to at least do something.

    Orlando said he was a technophobe who barely knew how to use his cell phone = He seems pretty handy with his blackberry
    ~ He said he was a technophobe 4 or 5 years ago. Maybe he’s learned since then? Have YOU learned anything in the past 4-5 years? (And that’s not a blackberry – it’s a CELL PHONE.

    Orlando says he prefers Britain and that he’s a Home boy at heart = He owns a home in the Hollywood Hills and spends most of his down time there.
    ~ He doesn’t own a home in the Hollywood Hills, that was fabricated by the press – otherwise, why would he stay at a Hotel every time he’s in L.A.? His chosen profession, and path of that profession, requires he be in L.A. for a good portion of his time. Doesn’t mean that his heart isn’t in England.

    Orlando says he is a Buddhist and has a strong faith in it = He drinks, smokes, lies, flirts with women who has boyfriends, flirted with women when he had a girlfriend and displays other non Buddhist behavior.
    ~ He hasn’t ever denied he drinks from time to time. He’s acknowledged he has been an off-and-on smoker. Right now, it appears he’s ‘off’. I’ve known many men who are like him, flirting is natural. Flirting doesn’t equate to ‘cheating’, for God’s sake. (And these reports of flirting are in the tabs, which we know are NEVER wrong.) BTW, how do you know what ‘Buddhist behavior’ is?

    Orlando says he likes his privacy = Spends a considertable amount of time at well known paparazzi hangouts.
    ~ Any place any celebrity goes is a ‘celebrity hangout’, eh? Like the supermarket or the gas station? He goes where he wants to go, and he should have that right. Places popular with celebs don’t get that way because they’re crappy – they become that because they are good.

    Orlando = Hypocrite
    ~ I suppose he isn’t perfect, but I certainly don’t think he’s a hypocrite.

    For those accusing his mother and father of cheating: Colin Stone was named his legal guardian (in addition to his mother, of course) after Harry Bloom died, so he was obviously close to the family. We don’t know the particulars of his conception and birth, nor do we have any right to. To accuse someone of cheating is uncalled for, but not surprising from those for who are protected by the anonymity the internet provides. I suppose anyone who is born ‘out of wedlock’ means his parents were scum, as is the child. When were you born, in the dark ages, when they stoned people for that?

  • piloh

    hasn’t he been looking miserable lately?
    he doesn’t seem like a man who is doing
    a VS model if you ask me.
    Maybe it isn’t all that he thought it would be.
    Maybe he has to talk to her the next day and doesn’t like that.Or his buddhist conscience is in conflict with him cheating with another man’s girl who shakes her booty and tata’s for a living.
    Too bad if she ditched old bf and it doesn’t work out
    with new bf of the day.Oh well, thats hollywood. We can get a new one tomorrow. Just have your assistant go get another box of trojans and start again.

    In any of the pictues this past month there is no excitment about him. No new love joy coming from him.

    let’s start the bets on how long this one will last. I’m guessing it will last through the holidays at least. Put me down for break-up right after Valentines Day 08.

  • @Anon 12:30

    Orlando does own a house in LA in the Hollywood Hills. He purchased it earlier this year before he went to London to do his play. But I understand you are a fan and will find any excuse for him.