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Jessica Alba is 'Awake' Enough to Shop

Jessica Alba is 'Awake' Enough to Shop

Jessica Alba does some late afternoon NYC shopping in SoHo on Friday.

The 26-year-old Fantastic actress picked up a few items as she stopped off at the Calvin Klein Underwear store on Prince Street and the Yohji Yamamoto store on Grand Street.

Jessica‘s new thriller Awake about anesthesia awareness opens this weekend. The film also stars Hayden Christensen, Terrence Howard and Lena Olin. No major publications have reviewed the film yet and it so far as garnered a pathetic 9% on RottenTomatoes. Yikes!

Even Maxim says, “The filmmakers of Awake have crafted a domestic thriller that just may end up putting you ASLEEP.” Zzzzz.

DO YOU THINK “Awake” is going to be a box office HIT or FLOP?

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Photos: Anderson-DiSciullo/Bauer-Griffin
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  • joy

    I wanna see it!

  • http://justjared nicole


  • +++

    Of course , Flop !!!
    If a film was not previewed for the movie critics, you knew how bad it is .

  • c

    I can’t say how it’s going to be until I see it. I will reserve judgement until then.

  • FLO


  • OMG

    rotten tomatoes meter was only 0.9 %.
    Do you expect it to be good ? nah….

  • Sanjuanpuma

    I wanna see it! Jessica is sooo pretty and Hayden is sooo hot! Such a pity they are not hooked up in real life!

  • OMG

    Here’s a funny review from rotten toamtoes

    Shot over two years ago, released on the least-attended movie weekend of the year, and withheld from press screenings. Yowsa. The odds were against “Awake” from the very start. It’s a shame that the clues pointing to ultimate failure were accurate, for this is one goofy thriller that can barely sustain a running time, much less provide heart-stopping chills.

  • LV

    This is gonna be another flop for Alba, her last effort is “the Eye”, a remake of the hit HK movie. if that flop again which I think might flop because of poor acting. Well, probably a wake up call for Alba, and let her go back to acting school and please, take the other 2 Jessica with her (Biel and Simpson).
    Can’t stand the three Jessica.

  • SkankyHO

    That movie looks straight up RETARDED. You could not pay me to see it.

  • Thelostgirl

    Lets face it… she’s had a couple of flops lately!

  • Kayla

    Looks awful. Definitely a flop!

  • SadieLady


  • SadieLady


  • seymore

    Another FLOP for Jessica “I’m NOT latina, but i have HERPES” Alba!!

  • lisa

    i just actually saw it, and i thought it was really good to be honest. i haven’t seen something like this before, and it had me on edge. hayden was yummy also, haha. :D

  • purple gem

    Jessica “I am not Mexican” Alba needs to stop making movies. She’s a horrible actress.

  • kiooul

    she is Mexican?

  • Yv3tt3

    As much as I love Jessica Alba, I haven’t really like her choice in movies like the Dane Cook movie or this one …. I can’t see the movie going to number 1

  • dang

    i just saw it today. and loved it. obviously it isnt the best movie of the year no standing ovations but it was good and very entertaining. and i was surprised by jessica alba’s preformance, go see it. i highly highly doubt youll be dissappointed.

  • bada bing

    i think this movie will earn big, bad reviews don’t really mean anything now.

  • syl c.

    Jessica “I am not Latina” Alba is a stuck-up horrible actress who is ashamed of her Latin roots and I find her to be a repulsive snob.

  • toolip

    she always looks put together A+

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  • Ninjas Against Jinsa

    By next month the media will report that the Jewish run studios are making a new movie called “Boo!” It will probably come out of Ben Stilverstein’s Jewish regime/cabal. Possibly an animation from the Jews at Schemeworks now over at It’s Parmount To Skim Millions Off The Top And Produce Movies Of Thieves Studio.

  • Ninjas Against Jinsa

    Yes, some of us do think.

  • fresh

    everyone knows she cant act, no surprise there.

  • verdad

    my friend took me to se this movie and i fall sleep
    so freaking boring!!

  • Jane Doe

    From the previews I still can’t tell what the hell its about? It looks like a B movie I rented one night that I couldn’t force myself to may attention to. If she wants to stay afloat then another half naked photo shoot might be in order….

  • kan

    jane you took the words righ outta my mouth

  • get some class

    i thought she didn’t want to be known as a piece of meat but yet again she comes out half nudyy in the film then of course she probably realizes that this is the only way she can sell tickets because she has no real talent to begin with Oscar in her future? her denial of being an American- Mexican actress doesn’t help either i went back to her wikepedia a few days ago and saw that someone changed it she wants to be someone she is not and most likely will fail in the end

  • aninhax

    I love site…

  • kan

    she should leave hollywood asap babes

  • sam

    I seen this movie last night and liked it.

  • kan

    ninjas that was one long reading session…!

  • Jamie

    Jessica Alba + bathtub sex scene = must see!

  • go sox

    They may be great to look at, but both Hayden and Jessica are not very good actors. They both need a lot of work……..

  • marzgurl

    hayden is a great actor jessica cannot fuckin act i dont even know y ppl put her in there movies!! she sux!!