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Tom Cruise Had Me at Hello

Tom Cruise Had Me at Hello

Katie Holmes opens up to InStyle magazine in its January 2008 edition.

On meeting Tom: Katie Holmes says she was swept off her feet “in an instant” by Tom Cruise, but that was just the beginning of a family life that she says grows richer by the day.

On the daily challenges of marriage: “I try every day to let him know how much I love him,” Holmes says of her husband. “It gets better and better. It has made my life.”

On having another kid: Holmes admits she’d love to have another child. “But I’m in no particular rush,” she adds – perhaps because she already has her hands full with Suri.

On her career: After taking a break professionally, Holmes is also returning to movie acting, starring in the upcoming Mad Money. But as befits a working wife and mother, she’s looking at life now through a wider lens.

Katie also mentions that Tom likes her in a suit and mini every so often. Tom, is that pinstripes or solid?

For more of the interview, visit here.

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  • Diana

    hey! por fin soy la primera en escribir un comentario! amo este sitio me mantiene informadade to2 los artitas! gracias
    i love this site! i’m infformed about all the artists, thanks!
    kisses 4 all! :D

  • sarah

    first!! =]

  • sarah

    ok maybe second =]

  • bataglio

    …yeah, bet he digs her in a suit, maybe a pipe and a beard too

  • Here’s The Deal

    Pfft, if she could hear herself talk, she’d realize the only thing marrying Tom has done for her is turn her into a robot. A robot who says and does anything its Master tells it too. Poor, poor Katie.

  • Jack’s Smirking Revenge

    I like how people who says she is a robot are themselves robots for repeating the same sort of message every other person says. Sing me a different tune, will ya!

  • Chey

    Ok #6, I’ve got a different tune. I DON’T think she’s a robot. I think she’s a highly paid employee simply doing her job. Not doing it very convincingly, mind you, but doing it, nonetheless.

  • Melissa

    I agree with number 5 and 7, and number six is a robot

  • Tom c

    She so shallow. There’s no depth or anything beyond the shopping or “marrying her dream man”. I have utterly no respect for her and her shopping ways.

  • zanessa luv

    justjared a smell some good zanessa pix tomorrow for her birthday.

  • sam p

    her interviews are all the same.someone should give her a new script

  • me

    I just read the article and they did word association-and nothing she said had anything to do with him or love. I used to think maybe we were all wrong, maybe she wasn’t a gold digger, but with answers such as “security” and “partnership” when they said marriage, I now really think it is just a business arrangement. And she’s no robot-she knew exactly what she was doing.

  • Anthony to the S.
  • Yorick

    She’s a robot because she doesn’t entertain you in interviews of all things and because she loves Cruise, the guy who you so desperately want to say is a controlling bastard but there’s no proof of?

  • emily santiago

    her family life grows richer by the day? what a ditz, how she chooses her words, she means SHE IS GETTING
    RICHER by the day. Yes, KH, we know that.
    Don’t you have anything ANYTHING to say, a message,
    You are grabbing at anything to try to make like you have a career, ridiculous, gonna run another marathon?
    These escapades get you nowhere, you are a flop.

  • Lisa

    who really cares about her and her stupid husband. She is so self absorbed. Why doesn’t she ever talk about how she can help charities or other people in need like Angelina Jolie.

  • salk

    I think that they are a cute couple. And very likeable.

  • Halli

    It is totally arranged. She is totally 100% uninspiring as a human being. Crap actress, bumbling idiot, gold-digger, dependent-freak with no real friends or real life. Lets get some REAL woman on covers of magazines thank you.

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    yeah wierd courting ritual..dissapearing for days after the first meeting with the church elders

    The newly engaged Katie Holmes still has some explaining to do to her friends and family.

    There were 16 days in April during which no one seems to know where she was.

    Holmes made a public appearance on April 4 at the premiere of “Steel Magnolias” on Broadway.

    She came with her publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, and a couple of other friends. They were there to support Rebecca Gayheart, who was making her Broadway debut.

    I know this because I spoke to Holmes at length during the play’s intermission. She said she had just moved into her New York apartment and was looking forward to seeing the city.

    I also know that on April 4, she had not yet made the acquaintance of Tom Cruise. She briefly dated Josh Hartnett after breaking up with actor Chris Klein.

    Hartnett, Klein, Cruise: Which of these three is not like the others?

    (Story continues below),2933,160192,00.html

  • malibumom

    uh-let’s see, secure financially, no cooking, cleaning, or stress from multi-tasking, no marathon sex every other night, sounds like a plan to me!

  • Yorick

    “She is so self absorbed. Why doesn’t she ever talk about how she can help charities or other people in need like Angelina Jolie.”

    Angelina Jolie didn’t raise a bar all celebrities have to meet to not be considered self-absorbed.

    Holmes lives her life well and free of drama and has a nice reputation as a sweet person. There’s nothing else she needs to do.

  • anna

    There’s nothing else she needs to do.

    …except shop, shop, shop, oh, and be a part of the golden couple for their religion

  • yoyo


  • Ladybug

    I find that interview so hollow and unconvincing – maybe it is true but it sounds like she is just repeating lines fed to her by a marriage counselor.

  • Dana

    Lovely girl and soulfilled

  • lol

    I’d take her happy fruitful than the lowlives here that just judge,hate,whine and spending many hours on this site. Dont you have any lives or loved-ones to be with? Oh wait being here ALL THE TIME SAYS IT ALL

  • pena

    LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!!!!!!

  • Lou

    I have yet to buy the magazine tomorrow. Thanks JJ.The magazine sold out at my local Target. *sob*

  • Agnes

    Keep on rocking and living,Katie!

  • Niamh C

    excuse me but photoshop award for this? there is a perfectly straight and unnatural-looking line from her thumb down to her hip?! who is shaped like that?

  • 911

    ewww Anna…you capture on camera every second of Katie’s life since you know everything about her.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA some here are peeping pervs

  • Gwen

    God bless Katie
    and her family —–

  • cheers

    Such a blessed girl who has it all. Even with some challenges like many of us face she rises above it and has a lot of grace. Advance Happy Birthday to Katie. She shares the same birthday as Spielberg and Brad Pitt. She’s 30 isnt she?

  • delia

    Class act as ever……..

  • coke

    Fun read on our beautiful lady Katie. So cant wait for Mad Money.

  • dean

    Hope you have a happy very lonely birthday KATE.
    You have turned your back on those that LOVE you the most. They will ALWAYS love you for your sweet KATIE WAYS. Just the way you were, they LOVE YOU! They NEVER tried to make you change. NOT EVER. They loved your hair, your shy smile, your sweet ways of talking, your youthfulness, EVERYTHING.
    They even loved you started the brainwashing with the tommy cult. They will ALWAYS LOVE YOU and BE THERE FOR YOU.

    Those of us that are able and allowed to think for ourselves know that money is NOT happiness. Tom and his money is NOT happiness. WE can see the sadness in your vacant eyes. Suri has that same shallow sad look.

    You have the look of a sad face 40 year old woman that is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. You are only in your 20′s. Hopefully sooon, you will break free and be able to regain your love for life.

  • Laura

    The only sad one here is dean.

  • Poppy

    I laugh at how some mock mothers just like John Jerry’s wife the lawyer mocked Laura Bush for being only a teacher,librarian and women that are just wives and moms. This arrogant self righteous attitude backfired on Kerry’s wife and even on their campaign.

    I know in God’s eyes everyone is equal. I know many that see motherhood,being a devoted wife and family person is very noble.

  • Sibi

    I want photos!!!!!!!!!

  • frenchy

    She’s got the glow and she is a different more stable,more confident and sure of herself Katie Holmes. Lovely cover btw.

  • jjfan

    very adorable :)

  • Brett

    Katie had me at HELLO!

  • tnt

    Thank you Jared. I love how the magazine from the Editor did a side by side layout of Katie’s Batman Begins photo shoot 2 years ago and to see her transformation today. Doubly beautiful.

  • texas

    ~~~~~~~~looove her and tom
    and the kids~~~~

  • Faye

    not a big fan but I think she’s a nice person and she’s beautiful

  • Liz


  • red cross

    I was wrong about her hair because she’s so lovely in long hair but this new cut really makes her so classy and elegant.

  • Inga

    utsukushii katie

    my cousins met her in Japan and promoted the ending there of Dawson’s Creek and Batman Begins.
    The crowd loves and she’s so happy and gracious to everyone. I hope she does Macross the movie.

  • Talia

    Beautiful and no surprising seeing how precious Suri is…….

  • Rob