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Carrie Underwood & Chace Crawford Still Together?

Carrie Underwood & Chace Crawford Still Together?

American Idol alum Carrie Underwood and Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford are spotted walking around New York City on Friday morning.

Carrie, 24, was initially linked with Chace, 22, in October and photographed here leaving a New York City restaurant.

Earlier in the year Carrie was seen with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo attending the 2007 Academy of Country Music Awards.

And to complete the love triangle, Tony Romo has recently been seen with Jessica Simpson over the holidays.

Did you get all that?

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  • MirandaB

    AMAZING couple!!

  • April

    wooo confusion

  • Jennifer W.

    they look great together

  • Just me…

    I thought that it was with Miss Maggie Moo?!(the cow)
    Where is his cow dating?
    Where is sheeeeeeeee?!!

  • julia

    lol Jared I love Your commentary…

  • daniel

    i think he’s really hot but i hate that he wears that ring in his thumb …

  • Kay

    What happened to him and Leighton Meester? lol

  • lu

    hmm, maybe you’re right…no, wait! Yeah, she’s an uggo, she looks like a horse!

  • Just me…

    If she looks like a horse…
    Would that mean that Chace would date with all the animals farm?!!
    After the cow, the horse..whos next?! :D

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    chace needs to stop acting like a bish and man-up when ppl ask him about scarrie.

  • Rosa

    ehh I don’t know how I feel about this. Carrie get outta that place and go back to Nashville.

  • Cynthia


  • bella

    i love those two together. they’re so cute together. more pictures please!!!!!!!!

  • Nikki

    Umm, why’s everyone on her hating on Carrie (calling her a horse or w/)?? Why are you guys being SOO mean and rude !! He should date whoever he wants to… so stop saying that. I bet you guys arent as good looking so just leave ‘em alone will you ?

    I think they’re a CUTEE couple, so let them be…

  • http://yahoo d

    i love them!adorable!

  • Just me…

    Ha ha ha!!!
    And now she’s a GOAT!!
    :D :D :D :D :D

  • Kourtney

    Where’s Maggie Moo?! AH, I knew it he’s cheating on her.

  • Lucky Chace

    Carrie is beautiful, lucky, lucky Chace.

  • annoxious

    Charrie’s are forever!!!

  • Haylie

    Yuck. Chace is way too good for Carrie. He needs to hook up with someone prettier and with more personality like Leighton.

  • Kirsty

    EWWWW.. What’s up with Carrie’s hairline in that pic!??!?!?! She looks wierd!!

  • Haylie

    Yeah, you can tell Carrie did her own hair this time, she doesn’t know how to quite conceal her mega forehead. Seriously Chace, you are way too pretty for her.

  • melly

    I love Carrie, but I am sooooo jealous of her!

    i wish i was either the cow or her…lol….


    What I would love to do to Chase :D

  • Leanne

    He looks like her younger brother and she bores me to tears.

  • shawn

    Nikki, STFU. Not everyone loves Undersnore. Some of us like a little excitement and emotion in our music. Carrie Underwood is truly boring.

  • Jazzyjazz

    Carrie looks funky in that picture. And well, Chase, he is a cutie. Thought so when I first saw him in the movie The Covenant with other 2 hotties (Steven Strait and Taylor Kitsch).

  • Sophia

    if the rumors about chace and leighton were true then carrie is a definate downgrade

    what a random pair

  • Meeee

    Wait I thought he cheated on Carrie and they broke up? Lol..I’d also heard he was seeing Leighton even though she has a bf.

  • Omfg;

    hate em.

  • lenit

    love her.

  • ava

    carrie is the best!chace is so luckyyyyyy….

  • tina

    carrie looks like a man in drag in that pic with all that make-up. seriously, she needs an expert make-up artist to look pretty next to chace. heck, he looks prettier than her even with the gruff.

  • Diane

    i think carrie and chace make a nice couple

  • texasstarfan

    Carrie is a superstar. She’s everywhere. She’s sold over 8 million CDs. She’s on the cover over tons of Magazines. She’s smart and funny but in group she’s quiet and shy. Her life is not boring. She jets sets everywhere. Chace is getting his name out there with her. He thinks she’s a “sweetie” as he told Ellen De.


    Ok, first things first. We are not supposed to put ppl on a pedistal. God is Perfect. Ppl aren’t. Nobody is. Ppl change, make mistakes, and learn from them. Its not your place to judge. Carrie Underwood knows what she wants. She has said in SEVERAL interviews that shes DATING AROUND! Watch GAC and CMT more.

    Also, IF she IS dating this Chase Crawford guy, then thats her business. We know nothing on him. He has just started in this industry in 2006. He graduated from Trinity Christian Academy in 2003. Now that doesn’t mean he’s saved born again Christian, but that means he has been brought up right.

    Carrie Underwood has said that she knows what she wants in a guy. She has even told us some of what she wanted, so maybe she sees that in Crawford. She’s smart. She has a good head on her shoulder and if he is a player, she’ll learn on her own. I have EVERY magenzine she’s ever been in. None of them mention Chase Crawford and her dating at all. I watched ever interview on TV even and she didn’t even know his number. It’s not ya’lls place to call her a slut and make fun just cuz she’s dating a guy who MIGHT be a player.

    Give it a rest.

    Oh and Carrie is BEAUTIFUL. She’s not a cow, horse or ugly. You all jugde to much. Gods not very proud I’m sure.

  • hate beast bashers

    #35 i agree with you.
    calling other people names is not a very good a matter of fact,its a very rude and stupid act.