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Mischa Barton Closes the Ring

Mischa Barton Closes the Ring

Mischa Barton promotes her new drama romance Closing the Ring at The Late Late Show in Dublin, Ireland on Friday.

The 21-year-old former O.C. actress plays the young, lively, and optimistic Ethel Ann, who falls in love with a young farmer, Teddy Gordon (played by Canadian new comer Stephen Amell).

Later in the evening, the 21-year-old former O.C. actress and her mother, Nuala, partied at Krystle nightclub.

Closing the Ring opens in UK theaters next Friday, Dec. 28.

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  • jillian

    Wow, she looks so different with blond curly hair. The colour washes her out a bit though. But still very pretty.

  • katie


  • Sara

    don’t like her hair colour

  • heather

    Eeew it looks like homebleach. Her hair is orange!

  • Madonna


  • kathastic

    i miss her brown hair, with its natural waves….

    she still a very pretty girl though!

  • susi


  • Just me…

    Oh NO your hair Mischa!!! :(

  • kathastic

    thanx 4 da link susi!!!!!!!!!
    zanessa r the cutest thing eva

  • canadian cutie

    Her hair looks horrendous! Blond with streaky orange, and KMart hair extensions. Misha is so brainless & boring.

  • cubanita

    The color(s) is horendous. Did she go to a Beauty School & get the girl on her first day?

    I see she’s also dressing like one of the Golden Girls again.

  • Ana

    yep her hair suck…

  • Brendan

    Why is everyone going blonde? Lindsay, and now Mischa! Lindsay looks better red head or wit black hair and Mischa NEEDS to change that hair color.

  • fuzzby

    Her hair’s disgusting. She looks awful. She was quite pretty when she was younger, but she’s starting to look really fake.

  • rincez26

    I prefer a darker blonde on her… Bleach blonde is more like… for Britney Spears. LOL

  • remember da truth

    She’s been staying over in Europe and avoiding the paryting and destructiveness of her former Paris, Nicole, Lindsay crowd. Is this movie a British movie? It says it opens over there and it hasn’t had anything said about it in the US. Also, she’s going on a nighttime talk show in Ireland, not here.

    Lay off her hair, idiots. If that’s the worst thing someone has wrong with them, that’s pretty good. Sometimes your hair doesn’t look so hot, either. If you want bad hair, check out Britney.

  • remember da truth

    I just hate the idea that once again, here is a young person in the spotlight out partying with their overbearing stage mom who is desperate to be as young and famous as their child they are trying to live vicariously through.
    Hopefully staying away from her former crowd in Hollywood has encouraged her to tone it down, and this isn’t a regular thing for her over in Europe, too.

  • Brendan

    Sorry #16 and 17, this hair just looks like an over-used mop. But I do have to say that she’s a breath of fresh air from the other party goers. She doesn’t look all that great, she’s looked a lot better.

  • sofia

    i dont like her with dark hair, but this is not a good color for her too
    back with the marissa color and you’ll be fine

  • blueangel

    What’s up with her hair? It looks like overprocessed hay.

  • Sasha

    why she did it with her hair???? just to be “blonde”??? geez… creepy!!!! get back your natural colour Mischa!!!!

  • Kourtney

    this is the ugliest shade of blonde I’ve ever seen. It’s like.. orange yellow and white blonde. Ew.

  • luckyL

    A bad hair day is a bad hair day. Now she needs to fix that **** pronto before it becomes an atrocious bad hair year.

    Still boring and average.

  • Megan

    reaaaaaally do not like her hair. i used to love mischa but she changed alot…
    i still miss the oc =[

  • dorian


  • isbella

    You guys are idiots, why do you assume shes going to keep her hair like that cause youse are all brainless its obvious shes just come from being dark brown so ofcourse its not going to come out really blonde at once and she can’t go straight to blonde because it ruins the hell out of your hair especially the toner so im sure shes still in the process well obviously and judging by the extentions she is going lighter blonde duh

  • Zephi

    She’s keeping a low profile and still working! Congrats to her! Plus what’s wrong with her going out with her mom? I don’t see them exiting the club drunk, so perhaps they went to relax and have a night out. Her hair is not bad, we’ve seen worse from celebrities – Gwen Stefani maybe? They just want to change it up a harm done there.

  • Meeee

    Yikes that is so ugly. I wish she’d go back to light golden brown like in the oc. She was so cute then..

  • CELEBREXviagara

    This girl is about 21 and she looks like somebody’s grandmother.. Another NO talent.

    You gotta hand it to Shitney Scares, she isn’t the beast singer, but she puts on good shows, except the last one..

    So does Rihanna. She is a good entertainer..

    But Heigle is a horrible actress on Grey, yet she is always parading around.. Nauseous!

  • andrĂ©

    awesome hair color..
    that dark colour makes her grease.

  • brian birchall, rancher

    mischa smokes marijuana in car while driving? why she date ugly man cisco adler who show his long ball sack to papparazzi?

  • ze

    Oh! give me a break. she is so ugly and cant seems to know how to choose the right dress! Be gone alreadi!

  • jayjay

    Okay, first of all mischa barton is not ugly!!! she is GORGEOUS. she could easily be a supermodel. I mean, she has one of the most amazing cheekbones in hollywood. women would kill to have her kind of bone structure. She also has piercing green doe eyes and perfectly formed lips. I do agree I prefer her with reddish/brown hair because it made her eyes pop out a lot more, but her blond hair isn’t that bad. And like other’s have said, it takes time to go from brunette to blond. Also those who say that mischa is not talented have no idea what they’re talking about. I don’t think that oscar winning director, Richard Attenborough, would give mischa a leading role in his film if she was not talented. She also has like nine films coming out, making her one of the bussiest actresses in hollywood this year. her costars include shirly maclaine, christopher plummer, tim roth, rupert everett, colin firth, hayden christensen, bruce willis, and many more! no talent? not working? oh please! Also the hollywood biz seems to think that she will become one of our generations next big movie sirens and i sure hope so because honestly, I’d rather look up to her and the likes of Scarlett Johannsen and Keira Knightley than lindsay lohan. She is so classy, intelligent, and naturally beautiful.

  • Cynthia

    Why is she still making movies? She looks just like et.

  • mimi

    maybe because she works hard and is talented. by the way, wtf does, et, mean?

  • molly

    i think she meant the alien- ET. Oh cynthia, u r such a nice person! not. mischa is one of the most beautiful actresses in hollywood. get over it.