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Rihanna Spice Goes Zig-A-Zig-Ah

Rihanna Spice Goes Zig-A-Zig-Ah

Rihanna takes it down a notch on Saturday arriving at Amika nightclub in Kensington, London.

At Friday night’s concert, Ri performed in a slightly more risque number.

Rihanna was seen last night at the Spice Girl’s first British comeback concert. Rihanna Spice!

Check out Rihanna‘s French manicure in black and red!

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Shana


  • Shana


  • OMG


  • mara

    pretty in blue!

  • zanessa110

    i likes vanessa hudgens manicure, in her music video come ack to me. tthey were black and gold

  • Shana

    I don’t like where her image is going, She is getting a little s*lutty

  • Shana

    zanessa 110 Go away and stop being random and go to a zanessa board for all I care

  • zanessa110

    be quiet shana, i like rihanna and vanessa, ok?

  • bovell

    Shana: I agree I saw the pic of her S&M thing and that was sooo not right, but don’t tell me that you don’t go out to town dressed like that?

  • crit

    omg why do you like zanessa so much that you need to hassle every freaking board? if jared would want them on his page, he would have posted the pictures allready!!! chill the fuck out!

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    WORST LEGS EVER! And i’m not talking about the chick in the red dress.. :P

    Rihanna has the worst legs on a young celebrity.. There’s no shape, they’re not toned.. its just EuuuuGH!!!

  • gabsterzzz

    look at those thighs.
    shes gettin fatt

  • gabsterzzz

    look at those thighs.
    shes gettin fatt

  • Shana

    I like her hair with long better.

  • caliluv

    oh yeah, she’s really fat. WHATEVER-the girl was donning itsy bitsy leather contraptions in the last post about her and she looks hot. There’s a reason she’s a maxim top 10 girl people!

  • lola

    Looking good as usual rih……

  • natal

    I think she looks better with the bob, it’s more stylish looking and it fits her face shape better. But she looks great here too.

  • margie

    who is that guy she is with? he looks like my old teacher!eww weird!

  • zanessa110

    doesnt vanessa hudgens have better legs?

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    she always looks amazing.

  • calico

    That’s a pretty dress-you guys are idiots for calling her fat. Look how little her waist is!

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    give us megan fox, pleas!

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    give us megan fox, pleas!

  • alexandria

    shes getting too hoish for me

  • heyheyheyheyhey.

    uh will you guys shut the **** up about that b&*%& vanessa? is this place some bashing site for mostly vanessa and about the celebrities but all I see is dumb comments its all about rihanna people? what kind of site is this seriously you jared’s picks favorites and puts negatives on the laughing stock, what the hell? what a dip. Zanessa can kiss my a$$.

  • dorian


  • Courtney

    She looks great, love her!

  • ugly betty

    she look fly but hate her hair the short hair is better on her

  • stella

    Love her. She rox

    and can we stop talking about vanessa gosh cant stand the girl and this is not about her.

  • Zephi

    Is she still going out with Josh Hartnett? No offence to her but she doesn’t seem like his type of girl. He seems homey and she seems ‘bit wilder and fun-loving. Maybe he’s ended it with her and that’s why she has dressed more risque or been going out more? Dunno…

  • Cameron

    Slightly risque is an understatement Jared.

    And does she never give her boobs a break from exposure, do u guys not notice almost everyone outfit she wears in some form or fashion, always cuts deep into her chest so her tatas are exposed. Literally.

    Unless she’s wearing a jacket.

    I don’t think she owns a top that starts at the neck and ends at the waist.

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    I never said she was fat.. I just said she had FUGLY legs.. and she does… I’m not a Vanessa fan either.. But I call it how I see it.. Rihanna needs to work on her legs.. :P

  • Meeee

    Yikes whats with the nails?! UGLY! And so trashy.

    Her dress/scarf/coat look okay but the tights and shoes are not cute.

  • sssssssss

    i feel like slapping tis tween fan of zanessa!

  • ugly betty

    beyonce and her stans are still jealous rihanna got them losing sleep and stressing and sh it

  • Cindy

    ugly betty stop showing your ungly personality on this site…and do us and yourself a favor and go back to school to learn how to speak and write in coherent sentences. Then maybe we could actually undertsand your pitiful rants.


  • Cindy


    talking to you got me talking your kind of giberish… I spelt ugly ungly….see ur stupidity spreads like a disease.

  • brian birchall, rancher

    Wow, those fishnets are hot! Is it true her and jzee are cheating behind Beyonce back?

  • Cynthia

    Her hair does look better long, but I like it with the streaks in it.

  • ugly betty

    beyonce and her stans still stress and losing sleep rihanna is just that fly she got chicks mad cause she hott and they are not

  • courtney

    love her! love the manicure. she is fab as always.

  • wth

    wth is with all you amish freaks? Da*n school marms always complaining cause the girl doesn’t dress like Little House on the PRarie.

  • hey zephi

    Uh, Rihanna is not known for being wild in terms of her personal life-she’s got her handlers who keep her on the straight and narrow still. Josh Hartnett on the other hand is known for being a big ho who parties it up in NY all the time while getting sloppy sexual favors in bathrooms of clubs. google it. He’s too old and pervy for her. She needs to get back with shia-he’s more her speed.

  • hey zephi

    oh ps: she was never dating josh hartnett. SHe confirmed all the rumors were lies, and that fact they are never in t he same place at the same time makes her point.

  • hmm

    Whoever it is saying her legs are big is an idiot. She’s famous for her long legs, that’s why she got that legs of a venus thing where they insured her legs for a million dollars. Bet no one is knocking on your door to give your legs jack shizz. Get back to us when you’ve walked on the runways of Milan and become a Maxim covergirl like her.

  • keely

    She looks good in blue. I like her hair when it’s shorter though-it shows off her features better. All that hair takes away from her face.

  • shia

    I swear she only started dressing more risque since breaking up with shia. And Shia la beouf only started acting like a douche after breaking up with rihanna, getting arrested and acting like a diva at clubs.

    Maybe Riri showing the goods is her way of communicating with shia how good he had it!

  • lauren

    someone said she seems a bit wild. But she really isn’t. You never hear about her drunk and clubbing night after night. It’s rare for her to be seen at clubs regularly even.

  • maile

    I thought she and shia were so cute too. I bet they could relate to one another cause it can be isolating to be famous and they both have similar childhood experiences with their families. I wonder why it didn’t work out-he looked like a love sick cow every time he was onscreen when she was receiving her awards at the vmas.

  • JOnis

    First off, just as Rihanna has never confirmed dating Josh Hartnet, she has never confirmed dating Shia LaBeouf, and Shia has never confirmed anything idea, I can’t believe people and their wild fantasies are actually taking that as the truth. They were seen in the same place once, and the stupid media makes the conclusion they are seeing each other. Nothing ever happened.

    Get a f**king book and read people