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Have a Happy Holloway Holiday!

Have a Happy Holloway Holiday!

Lost star Josh Holloway, aka Sawyer, and his wife Yessica Kumala depart from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The return of Lost is just one month away! The survivors of Oceanic Air’s Flight 815 return in the Season 4 premiere on Thursday, Jan 31, @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC.

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Photos: MO/Bauer-Griffin
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  • susan

    happy new year

  • Charlie brown

    why do white men love asian women?

  • t

    Why do asian women love white men?


    yeh why?

  • kyung

    well, is there anything wrong with that? i’m asian :)

  • alohaland

    I don’t care why white men love asian women or vice versa…I just love me some Sawyer! I can’t wait to see the sexiest hick on TV Jan. 29! I hope some shirtless Sawyer scenes are in my immediate future ;)

  • mimi

    He looks like Kevin Richardson.

  • Buh Bye 07

    perfect gambit.

  • blue

    wow she was able to land HIM?!?!?!? It give us plain Janes hope :)

  • lils

    hmmm…maybe he just likes her personality…could that be?!?! some people are so shallow….i like what i like…whatever the person’s race is.

  • Chloe

    He looks like a young Marlon Brando….so sexy!! She is one lucky woman!

  • the_original_nika

    hot! yeah blue, hope for us :P.
    lils, not everyone is shallow, even though, sometimes to me it seems like the great majority seems to be =X. I´m sure he likes her what she is, and not what she looks like.

  • sexrex

    ahh. he is the sweetest guy on earth.



  • mossy

    haha, i knew someone was gonna bring up the race issue. shows where this world, well, this country in particular is at. and you wonder why certain celebs think america is still an underdeveloped country.

  • mossy

    wait, not just celebs.. SO MANY PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

  • Lori

    I don’t think it’s about her race, more about her being plainer than expected. He looks kind of strange here himself, his beard is black and the hair is so blonde.

  • ashley

    I think he looks pretty bad here and I normally think he’s totally hot. The hair is weird, yes.. what’s with the different color beard/hair. And his wife couldn’t even bother with a smidge of makeup? I won’t leave the house without being a little bit “put together” oh well.. it’s their business..

  • LD

    Mossy – Don’t think the critical comments are just from posters from the U.S. I googled Josh once and came across a message board with similar pictures. Guess what? Most of the posters were from other countries and wrote 1000x worse things about Yessica than anything written here. So don’t think shallowness and race issues are only relegated to U.S. citizens.

  • Alina

    Well, mossy does have a point that this shallow and pretty hateful way of living IS prevalent here in the U.S. I’m a Japanese-American teenager, my dad is japanese and my mom is caucasian. I live in southern California and while I have a diverse group of friends, there are still people in California of all places who have something to say about my mixed ethnicity. Yes, this behavior also exists in other places around the world but it’s more common here and people seem to have no qualms about just spewing critically racial comments.

  • DUH


    That’s sad! And it’s true. What’s worse are those people who go like, “Well, it’s what we do.” But it’s more people in general, not just here, need to grow up. It’s never been just one race ever, it’s all of us together y’all! I mean c’mon it’s gonna be 2008 and some people are still acting like Nazis!

  • Shango_Hispanico

    It’s not that she is Asian, it’s that she is FUG!!

    But yes, white men have an Asian fetish. A lot of it is based on stereotypes: Asian women are soft, complacent, and would obey.

    I was watching an Asian documentary once and the Asian men complained that all the Asian girls they grew up with had white boyfriends. When the Narrator asked the girls about it, their responses were that they felt BETTER than the other Asian girls when they were with their white boyfriends.

    Sad, but true..

  • Elvis

    Uhh… what about white girls drooling over other races? Like rich athletes or musicians or whatever? I bet no one’s likely to comment about that, and it’s always a comment on the woman, not the man. So sad.

  • Jones

    #22 “Asian women are soft, complacent, and would obey”.

    you crack me up! oh no you didn’t. have you ever been slapped by an Asian girl? make you feel like you’ve got a microscopic peen?

    if not then that needs to happen to you, stat.

  • brian

    haha Elvis, good point.

  • well….

    So he dyes his hair blond or dyes his hair black and gray?

  • Crystal

    Goodness he’s beautiful. Those dimples kill me.

  • V

    SHUT UP about the race thing! We all people!

    But, honestly, she is not a pretty one.

  • ihavenolife

    didn’t any of u get the memo? asian women r good in bed. :D haha anyhow, i think she’s adorable.

  • J

    #8, omigod he absolutely would make an excellent Gambit!

    In other photos that I’ve seen his wife is actually much more cute than these pics show. Lots of people dress for comfort and forgo makeup when flying.

  • Madonna


  • http://yahoo Yes

    Let 2008 be a great year for you. Do not spread hate on threads (all threads). Learn to respect cos if you do so, you will always be respected.

    Dont leave in the past cos if you do there would be no future.

    Happy 2008 :D

  • drainbreath

    Oh my goodness someone forget to tell me that I could train my brain to know certain facts about a WHOLE group of people from a certain location on the planet and then I will automatically fall in love with one. Wow! I didn’t realise love and attraction was all so logical I must have missed that class at school. Oh and I also didn’t realise Josh Holloway represented all pale skinned men and is the king of the pale skinned man…thank you again, I am so ignorant of so many facts thank you for enlightenment and clarity.
    Some of you people are cave dwellers who really shouldn’t come out into the light.

  • hudgensboy


  • Jane

    Well, it doesn’t matter who he marries, he has been married before he became a big star in ‘Lost’ which proves that she never married him for the money. And the thing about Asian women being ‘soft blah blah’ well, that is STUCK in everybody’s head, it isn’t really like that anymore.
    I don’t know, even the otherr hottie, Matthew Fox ended up marrying an Italian..who doesn’t exactly look good :P Well, it just increases hope in all our (girls) hearts that we can get nice guys who look hot :P
    And I was once reading about Josh and Yessica and how she has ‘kissing cards’ where every time he kisses any girl on-screen, she gets a ‘kissing card’ and can kiss anybody she wants to, granted the guy she wants to kiss wants to kiss her back lol. I don’t see submission and all that here in their relationship :P
    P.S – Just so you know, I am not an Asian since you might think that’s the reason why I ams aying all what I did.

  • mimi05

    It’s not always the looks. Maybe she has great personality or a rocking body. I also know a couple, white male and asian female. The man is hot but her girlfriend is not blessed in the looks and height department but she has an outgoing personality and very sexy.

  • Hilary

    Wow haters of his wife are pathetic, you are a bunch of low lives with out open minds, go back to kindergarten!

  • bubs

    I can’t wait to see season 4 of Lost! Sawyer is easily my favourite character and I’m loving it that he’s married to an asian woman in real life because I’m asian as well. Score!

  • lula29

    I think he just loves his wife and thinks she’s cool.

    There are asian women who only date white men, but then there are a ton who don’t and would never.

    And there are more Asian men dating whoever they want.

    I think there are stereotypes involved in interracial hook ups a lot of times and that’s sad, but it’s hard to know in this case if that’s what’s going on. I think he just love his wife and nothing more.

  • lena

    people, people, people, get over the race/ethnicity thing, in 200 yrs, (my scientific calculation) the whole world is going to be beige…you may not like it, but the swirl of whatever is going to continue to happen

  • Ann

    Josh seems to be one of the happiest men in Hollywood. He obviously adores his wife and credits her with being the brains in the family. Nice to see an entertainment couple who act like REAL people and a man who didn’t pick a trophy wife but one he loves and respects. The fact that he is sex on a strick doesn’t seem to impress her and maybe that’s why she impressed him. I think they are adorable and I can’t imagine why anyone has anything nasty to say about what appears to be a genuine love match. I’m happy for them. How she looks doesn’t seem important to him, I would imagine he finds her beautiful, love does that you know!

  • lily

    he looks like he just got out of jail or something, he needs to clean it up.

  • Marley

    Yeah Sawyer is hot..but his wife is all kinds of fugly…still there must be something there we just don’t see. LMAO at all you white women who think you got the lockdown on men in general. NEWSFLASH..Your white men ar every interested i NON WHITE WOMEN.
    Deal with it.

  • Rosie

    What a gorgeous, gorgeous man.

  • Jamie

    Josh is the hottest man alive! I can’t believe thats his wife! I love me some Sawyer!

  • alicia

    it doesnt matter what race his wife is, its nice to see that they are happy together .
    Happy new year everyone!

  • SPG

    all i can say that lucky yessica and i’m sooo jealous….

  • gilwoman

    Good Lord she is UGLY!!!!

  • Raichill

    I am sorry but I just don’t believe that he is faithful to his wife. She might be a lovely woman but with all the gorgeous women throwing themselves at him, I don’t see how he could possibly resist them.

  • skah8cheat

    go yessika!! go!!! show d world that luv is more than looks!!