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Katherine Heigl is a Retainer Girl

Katherine Heigl is a Retainer Girl

Newlywed Katherine Heigl pops her Invisalign retainer back into her mouth before speaking with a salesperson at a trendy LA furniture store on Saturday.

“I got them because of this wonky tooth,” Heigl recently said. “It’s awesome because every two weeks you switch to a new retainer. Pretty much the perfect way to describe Invisalign is Netflix for your teeth.”

The 29-year-old Grey’s Anatomy actress later piqued paparazzi interest when she and her mom, Nancy, dropped into Between the Sheets and Amadi Carpets in Beverly Hills. As she finally left, Katherine still found time to pose for photographs with fans before heading back to her main man, musician Josh Kelley. Per her usual routine, Kat took a few cigarette breaks throughout the day. Puff puff away!

Watch the video below of riveting shopping time with Kat!

Katherine Heigl goes Rug Shopping

20+ pictures inside of retainer girl Katherine Heigl

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katherine heigl retainer 01
katherine heigl retainer 02
katherine heigl retainer 03
katherine heigl retainer 04
katherine heigl retainer 05
katherine heigl retainer 06
katherine heigl retainer 07
katherine heigl retainer 08
katherine heigl retainer 09
katherine heigl retainer 10
katherine heigl retainer 11
katherine heigl retainer 12
katherine heigl retainer 13
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katherine heigl retainer 15
katherine heigl retainer 16
katherine heigl retainer 17
katherine heigl retainer 18
katherine heigl retainer 19
katherine heigl retainer 20
katherine heigl retainer 21
katherine heigl retainer 22

Photos: Danielle/Bauer-Griffin, Gaz Shirley/, Mike/Fame Pictures
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  • jessie

    number one

  • the shiznack

    I dont despise Katherine, its just I dont think she is interesting

    she is too bland

  • tia

    I really do not understand the fascination the paparazzi has for this women. It is completely lost on me.

  • Kerline


  • anonymous

    she has girl next door charm…too bad she smokes in detracts from her beauty, not to mention her health.

  • anonymous

    I mean ‘it’ misspelling oops!

  • Taylor

    She’s really wearing them to protect her teeth from nicotine stains!

  • Jughed

    You’d think if she was so concerned about her teeth she’d stop smoking! Tobacco turns your pearly whites to a lovely shade of yellow.

  • Kara

    bad bad katherine quit smoking plz. u will look gorgeous for a longer time.

  • Helena

    Oh lovely! More pictures of her and her smug face while smoking herself to death! Botox, too!

  • Regina

    FĂșck me, picture 3 is scary. Did her face get widened or something?

  • inimitable

    I love her!

    She is so beautful, and she isn’t like all the other freaked out chicks in hollywood, like britney or lindsay.


  • j

    i agree with #5 that fact that she smokes destracts fom her beauty.

    everytime i see her smoking i always think what a waste, it is just not an attractive quaity.

  • jmo

    This is not a woman people should look at on a reg. basis. I think the media attention seeking bit needs to be toned down a couple notches.

  • God

    She lost her favorite show the Bionic women yet she keeps her spirits up. Now that’s true perservariance. :)

  • justjaredlurker

    Every paprazzi pic of her has her smoking. BAD ROLE MODEL!

  • alexandria


  • KHfan

    Ellen Pomeo smokes crack with her drug dealer husband. KH smokes cigs. Big Deal, at least cigs are not illegal.

    She looks great!

  • carlee

    Why every time there is a subject about KH, it end with bashing EP!!!!!

  • [~Famous~]

    damn this fish-faced bish is ugly.

  • lola

    She’s pretty, but overexposed- why so much fuss?

    –read my blog at

  • laura

    #16, she’s not supposed to be a role model. she’s an actress. who cares, really?
    i, for one, don’t care if she smokes or not.

  • jane

    I’m afraid for her, being so much exposed and playing friends with the paps, it’s going to bite her hard!!!!

  • gia

    she looks like a freak from straight on! she’s definitely not wearing the right hairstyle or sunglasses for her face. does she smoke with the invisalign in?? that would be super classy..not.

  • umm

    im surprise she doesnt have a ciggy in her hand.she looks weird.

  • h

    Go away, what a publicity whore!

  • sal

    she is really crazy to talk with paparazzi, she has no private life. she must to stop.

  • …….

    Jane, I agree but even if Heigl was rude or anything that won’t stop the paps. No matter how celebs act or behave the paps will be there. They just won’t stop. I find it sad watching the video.

  • BrainySmurf

    She is very charming.She handles the paps well, I think.I can’t imagine what I would do if all those people were following me.She’s beautiful, sweet, and very talented. Katherine’s a good egg.

  • blueangel

    IMO she is fug. Not as bad as Rumor Willis but close.

  • bataglio

    what IS w/her shoes?! and does she not own a mirror, or she just doesn’t look in it before going out in those hideous glasses??

  • anna

    she’s doing to much!!! Now everything is good for her, so she’s all smiling with the paps but when the table will turn, the paps will still be there and I don’t think she will be so friendly and she’ll complain about them!!! It’s call payback!!!

  • …….

    IMO Paps shouldn’t even be part of the Hollywood business. I don’t find it payback. I find it money-seekers looking for way to sell the photos to the magazines. Why is is payback? To live one life and shop for rugs for one’s new home…paps are out of line these days.

  • elisa

    those sunglasses look terrible on her.

  • yuck

    She so a plain Jane. Nothing special about this d-lister.

  • carry

    where did she get this sunglasses? She looks loke a fish!!!

  • Tim

    those glasses look horrible.





  • rae

    I’m so glad I got to see pictures of that. Maybe deal with your retainer in a bathroom, Katherine? I don’t understand the interest in this girl. She’s not classy, she’s pretty but not anything special, and she’s an okay but not that great actress. What gives?

  • Amanda

    Jese that pap vid is scary. I feel for her.

  • Maniston

    She is still a B**ch and the retainer sure is not working – she keeps talking.

  • Christina

    I used the invisilgns for a year, they were great! It’s not exactly cool to be 24 with braces, so it was a much better alternative!

  • denise

    i have Invisalign too!!! they’re awsome so much better than braces!!!

  • theoriginalbitch

    why the hell is this woman being pushed down our throats all of a sudden?! this really tells you something about the poor state of “celebrity” when so much time and white space is being paid to this mediocre, minimally attractive actress.

  • Carlisle

    She’s so white trash. Only a person with no class would remove her retainer or whatever like that. Gross!

  • anon

    At least she’s smoking a cigarette and not injection herione. That would be AWFUL……….

  • yl

    i dont like her she smokes ….