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What is Sexy? Katherine Heigl.

What is Sexy?  Katherine Heigl.

Newlyweds Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley keep each other close on the red carpet of Victoria’s Secret ‘What is Sexy’ Superbowl Party held at Taste Ultra Lounge in Scottsdale, Arizona on Sunday.

When asked what’s sexy about his wife, Kelley said, “She’s a tall, blonde, smart, sexy bombshell.”

In the VIP area, Heigl tossed back tequila shots with January Jones. ”

Kelley also performed two songs inside the Victoria’s Secret party.

25+ pictures inside of Katherine Heigl at the VS party…

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Photos: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
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  • sharene

    i bloody hate her

  • ugh

    I’m tired of her. She boycotted SAG’s. Arrogant woman.

  • isabela

    second :)
    vanessa hudgens and zac efron, loove you guys !

  • Ha!

    Could the boycott of the SAGs have had anything to do with not crossing a picket line and supporting the writers who are still striking? A lot of people did that. And should have.

  • winki

    she is not pretty

  • ………

    Finally new pictures :). Lovely, beautiful woman…..

    Um….we have no reason why she attended the SAGs. We do know she was moving into her new house before she has to go to Europe this week and Josh was touring. Not to mention she isn’t the only GA castmember who did not attend. While we know Patrick was at a race, and Heigl was moving into her new home(without movers mind you and btw hurt her hand) we have no idea where Kate Walsh, T.R. Knight, and Chyler Leigh were.

    Personally, I adore this actress for so many reasons. To spread hate is so IDK….fruitless.

  • erin

    And here’s what’s not sexy…her cigarettes! ew

  • TheTabloidsChic

    i’m not fallin for the hype for this one.

  • ………

    Man, I did a lot of typos in that post. I just find it odd to bring up SAGs when in fact 1/4 of the nominees did not show up….A lot of people did not show up at SAGs. Personally I think she didn’t go because she was so tired from moving in, and hurt her hand. In the end we won’t know what until she says something, but why isn’t this type of fruitless hate not geared toward other castmembers who did not attend.

    Again with the double standards. Why can’t we treat things equally is beyond me *shrugs*.

  • Beautiful

    Thanks for the pics JJ…I love this girl, and she looked amazing on Saturday :). The Kelleys are just adoreable…..

  • Mimi

    And here’s what’s not sexy…her cigarettes! ew

    Totally agree with you, Erin, #7.
    Who in their right mind smokes these days, especially someone who lives off her looks. Stupid woman!!
    Are her 15 minutes up yet?

  • sharene

    shes ugly and her husband needs to get an age appropriate haircut

  • to jughead

    she loves herself too much, her smile is too big, phony & arrogant………she projects this “I am soooo happy image”…….it’s
    a bit nauseating

  • Beautiful

    you know it’s not just JJ without the batch of haters….ah, thanks for boosting her thread’s post count. Haters also equal popluarity to a degree lol…..

  • Meeee

    She has a great figure… but this dress/hair look is all a bit 90s to me. Not cute!

  • ANNA


    Kate Walsh has been busy spending her time talking at Universities for Obama. She has no reason to attend the SAGs for Greys esp. when they were outsiders. She has her own show now anyway. I admire her for not crossing the picket line. She is hosting a fundraiser tonight in LA for the writers.

  • Nora

    What is happening to her?!?! She’s become this blatant ego boosting, big headed horse face, who can’t dress for crap. And to see this girl fill her days chain smoking, furniture shopping and of course dressing for the paps – ugh. What a “has been”.

  • mimi


  • Katie


    A hasbeen that has two box office movies to her name & whose last film DOUBLED box office expectations. The most successful Greys star.

    The jealousy of some people ! Who’s having the last laugh now ?

  • Dal

    She looks amazing.

    I cant believe the comments here. So many envious people!!

  • AMY

    Ha! @ 02/04/2008 at 10:21 am

    Could the boycott of the SAGs have had anything to do with not crossing a picket line and supporting the writers who are still striking? A lot of people did that. And should have.

    There was NO picket line at the SAG awards. The WGA granted a waiver for the awards show which is why the show wasn’t cancelled and many of the actors showed up. The people who didn’t show up didn’t go because they didn’t want to, not that they were showing their support for the writers.

    Making out on the red carpet… all sorts of lame but hey, this is Katherine Heigl.

  • Amanda

    Katie looks amazing! Thanks JJ.

    And the only reason why she didn’t go to the SAGs was because she was moving into her house that day, anyways why would should boycot them? the WGA supported the SAGs.

  • sharene

    she does not look amazing, shes looks like some skanky 90′s throwback.
    Tone down the look, you’re not Diana Ross

  • Didi

    I cannot stand this woman either. What is it about her face that’s so f*cking punchable?


    I think she’s gorgeous!

  • mercredi

    She finally fixed that tooth of hers. Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ver

    Her chain smoking is definitely making her look older by the day. I like the old Katherine. She’s very talented and all but I think she’s turned into this egotistical celebrity. She was nicer when nobody really paid her much attention.


    she looks so elegant!



    she looks like a S.L.U.T., to much make and the dress, well a S.L.U.T.!!!!


    she looks like a S.L.U.T., to much make up and the dress, well a S.L.U.T.!!!!

  • Eva_baby

    Eh, don’t hate her, just don’t get why she’s the next best thing since sliced bread either. She’s a dime a dozen actress as far as I’m concerned.

  • _

    I don’t necessary love her and her hair is odd/dated in style (perhaps it would look better straight or up loosely?) but the dress looks amazing on her. If Nicole Kidman was wearing the same dress (and she has in terms of shape) everyone would talk about how elegant she looked.

  • paul

    Always making the show, she had to chose the dress which can make her spotted from the moon!!!!
    Any actress or anyone who would have wear this dress, with this make up and this hair, would have make too much!!!
    She’s KH so I’m not surprised!!!

  • CelebreXXXViagara



  • The Arab Aquarius

    Red is definately a good color on her. She looks stunning

  • the_boyfriend

    I like her, she seems like a lot of fun.

    Her hair here is horrible, it’s like Donna Mills doing her own hair.. circa 1987

  • Helena

    No she’s not. And she boycotted the SAG awards? What a loser! That show wasn’t even picketed.

  • AnIntelligentMind

    She is really looking great

  • Lynn

    i like the dress. but the hair is bad..

  • Dr Jube

    1995, anyone??

    She’s too cheesy and an attention-whore. Can’t stand her.

  • ……


    The reason I brought up Kate Walsh because every single member of the GA cast was on the nominee list for GA. She was on the list along with Reaser. I’m not saying she should go or not. I was just mentioning the ones on the nominee list from GA who did not attend, and like others said there was no picket line since SAGs received a waiver. Personally, I don’t see a big deal either way since people from the movies did not show up either.

    I wasn’t trying to compare per se. Just pointing out there were others who did not attend is all……I love majority of the GA cast especially Dane, Heigl, and Knight *nods*.

  • xxxx

    i agree with most people here, she has really become this obnoxious, egotastical, self centered, arrogant celebrity.
    i used to like her when grey’s first started.

  • ……

    Um….most celebrities are like that, however; I know people off and on the set who know Heigl and they say nothing but loving things about her. If you want hate fine, but I usually I dislike someone when I have credible info to back up…whatever.

  • Nic

    She trying to channel the sexy look of Angelina Jolie..Angie has that dress in black..she wore it at the Critic awards..She is i guess trying to be like Angie…She is definitely not Angie..But she looks good..I can’t stand her though..i think she is very arrogant..

  • xxxx

    true, some celebrities have big egos but most of them don’t come of as obnoxious or arrogant as her. i don’t care enough to despise her or anything, she just really annoys me and she seems to have the same effect on many people. If you like her, that’s fine too but I don’t need to justify my dislike for her either, even though i kinda just did. anyway…

  • kittycat

    Please let her 15 minutes be up soon!

    So tired of her ungrateful attitude

  • zoe

    wrong hair but pretty dress. katherine has talent and is totally gorgeous. i hate her cigarettes though. oh and btw, not only did she boycott the SAG…so did george clooney, johnny depp and a few others…

  • ……


    I think to not like something one does to a degree have to justify themselves. I know JustJared is another place like Deframer or Popsugar, and whatever. No matter the celebrity you will find lovers, haters, and people are indifferent. Just because you see a few posts in JJ threads or whatever means everyone thinks that way. Or vise versa, and btw I’m in the hollywood biz and let me tell you a lot of celebs are just as you describe them ;). People you would think it are, and let me tell you many of those peeps are attending fashion week just to be noticed. While “Who Is Sexy” party was actually for people who were honored by Victoria Secret……fashion week for celebs who want to be seen and noticed and fauned over.

  • wtf

    OMG I CAN’T STAND HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jane m

    She is gorgeous and funny. Love her.

    SAG award shows have never been a biggie. The only reason the show seemed important this year is cuz all the other shows have been cancelled. Otherwise, we’d never have even heard about it. There were hardly any big stars there unless they were up for an award. I watched because I wanted to see Javier Bardem. What a hottie.