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Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr (sans boyfriend Orlando Bloom) departs from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

Kerr, 24, recently landed the UK cover for Harper’s Bazaar. During her interview, the Harper’s reporter noticed the photo background on her BlackBerry showed her and Orlando kissing—and not in a “just friends” sort of way.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a phone,” she insisted. “That’s always my problem. I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr‘s LAX lift-off…

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miranda kerr lax airport 01
miranda kerr lax airport 02
miranda kerr lax airport 03
miranda kerr lax airport 04
miranda kerr lax airport 05
miranda kerr lax airport 06
miranda kerr lax airport 07
miranda kerr lax airport 08
miranda kerr lax airport 09
miranda kerr lax airport 10
miranda kerr lax airport 11
miranda kerr lax airport 12
miranda kerr lax airport 13
miranda kerr lax airport 14
miranda kerr lax airport 15
miranda kerr lax airport 16
miranda kerr lax airport 17
miranda kerr lax airport 18
miranda kerr lax airport 19
miranda kerr lax airport 20
miranda kerr lax airport 21
miranda kerr lax airport 22
miranda kerr lax airport 23

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  • ricki

    Cute! I wonder if she was going to visit Orlando! I think they are a really sexy couple and I hope that photo of them kissing becomes public.

  • The shiznack

    ever since some one mentioned she looks like a cabbage patch kid

    ive been put off heavily

  • haha

    you can tell when she walks through barefoot her legs aren’t really that long. She is only 5’7″

  • lol

    That outfit’s really unflattering too. Makes her look too bulky at the top, like a man.
    Watch her ‘profile’ sky-rocket with Orli association.

  • joe

    I met her at Sydney airport the other month and she really is tall and gorgeous.

  • Lc

    she’s not that great of a model, i think it’s funny that she’s only famous for “dating” orlando

  • anthony

    she’s adorable

  • to 6

    sorry Joe, she is only 5-7″. She was wearing heels when you saw her.

  • anyone

    Wow look at her smiling, she is soo happy that she being photogrphed by the paps like always, she is soo ugly look at her face is greasy and her hair looks bad pulled back lke that it makes her cabbage patch face look more round. And whats wrong with her chin it looks like there is a zit their or somthing.

  • too funny

    she was in LA but didn’t get to go to any oscar parties but even the dlisters tara reid and rumer willis did.
    NO WAY she didn’t want to go to that.

    Interesting, I can see why people would assume if she was in LA she was visiting him but then she was in LA the weekend of the oscars and he went to three parties without him and someone told the press he was in Asia. Hmmm???

  • too funny

    meant to say without HER, not him.

  • bataglio

    …surprised that there are no comments about how flat her asz is… c’mon

  • @13

    give it time.
    but it is funny that she is walking on her tip toes when she has to take ‘
    off her shoes. She doesn’t want to be busted for being short and she knows the paps are there.
    You can tell here her legs are not that long.

  • UYYUSy

    she is very charming. BTW,.. I have seen her BLOG on a celebrity site named ” M arryM illionaire . c o m”..It’s very hot there.

  • Jorgia

    She didn’t go to that Night Before Party either, did she?
    No excuse for that one even if you do buy the early shoot excuse
    for the Prince/Madonna one.

    Everyone brings their s/o’s to parties. It isn’t like a red carpet where its work. That’s so weird.

  • test


  • oscars

    I know, it wasn’t like he was working …like the baftas or anything like that. It was strickly a party! Why bf or gf would want to stay home both night?

  • Jorgia

    btw: How did they reconize her? These must have been call ins. No one knows her on her own, certainly not the paps yet.
    She isn’t that famous.

  • @ 9

    Height: 5’9” – 175 cm Bust: 34 Waist: 24” – 61 cm Hips: 34” – 86 cm
    Shoes: 7½ Dress: 8 Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Brown

  • Cranium

    why is she wearing sunglasses indoor? it’s not like the flash from the papz is blinding her or anything. geez.

  • karma baby, karma

    aren’t both their careers in the shi++er?

    What do either of them have going on?
    She’s on her way to host some dlister thing
    with Brody Jenner but thats it.

  • Lucy

    100% Not a beauty:
    A beauty is someone unique with a great heart and has that original look where you have to glance twice. They also have their own body type and some outstanding features. What does Miranda have??? Plain girl, no one would notice her. Dull and has no style sense on her own. I think all people can be pretty on the inside, but as a fan of fashion, I am madly disapointed in her ditzsy self centered comments and interviews. There is nothing that rocks or is hot inside her or out. No style. Whats so special? simply forgettable and boyish, messy, plain, boring, but i respect everyone

  • @20

    it’s called lying you fool!

    You can tell by the pics without shoes she is not that tall
    Reading what you got from some site of hers or whatever is like
    reading the weight on someone’s drivers lic.
    Do you think they always tell the truth there too? Duh!

    Besides, not only can you tell from these pictures but Orlando is at least 5’10″ and she is slightly taller or the same height when she is wearing her 3-1/2 to 4 inch heels. She is not 5’9″.

  • exactly

    no 24 year old is going to miss a Prince party.
    When you are that age you can stay up all night no problem.
    There had to have been another reason.
    Trouble in Kerrbloom? You stay home -while I go out and party
    with all my a-list friends.

  • Lucy

    100% not a beauty (with respect)
    forgettable, not unique, no… as in no…. great features, plain, messy, boyish, no style, no inner beauty, not a fashionista/artist, and fans have been disapointed in her ditzy interiviews self centered comments and unoriginaltiy as a person…yawn

  • Lucy

    100% not a beauty (with respect)
    forgettable, not unique, no… as in no…. great features, plain, messy, boyish, no style, no inner beauty, not a fashionista/artist, and fans have been disapointed in her ditzy interiviews self centered comments and unoriginaltiy as a person…yawn



  • to 27

    you forgot short!

  • Linda

    I agree with the not at all pretty comment and overrated. There is nothing wrong with being very short or very tall or height. Its all in how you work with it and carry you’re body and personality. This miranda girl is an embarresment to that, she works nothing. beauty =not even there

  • @ 24
    I believe her managers site over some teeny bopper guessing roughly her size from pictures on the web.

  • josh

    never been to this site before, but this girl has nothing, nothing, zip, natta, no one would look at her, and i have read some of her comments and they are self centered, silly, and kind of mean,
    nothing super about her, won’t have a career, exact opposite from pretty
    try to be nicer who ever you mir-an-duh! or who????

  • eric

    never heard of her and never want to
    boring—-not pretty—and mean

  • to 31

    LOL! You must not be following along. Her people also lie about her age all the time.That is an open joke so of course they would also lie about her height and measurements.

    believe what you want.
    I know what I can see.
    Why don’t you just try and tell me Tom Cruise is 5’11″

  • riki

    She wasn’t in LA during Oscar weekend. She was in New York and shot an add on Monday. People always forget these little details in their moments of jealousy. At least he’s had sex with her.

  • ed

    #35 a lot of ppl have had sex with her… and??

  • silly girls

    The same rag that said she was in LA is the same one that said Orlando was in Asia. How stupid do you have to be to believe any of their claims? Oh yeah, I forget who I’m dealing with. Nevermind.

    She was working in NY, and wasn’t in LA on Oscar weekend. It’s kind of hard to go to a party if you’re on the other side of the continent.

    Her career is taking off, and he is getting ready to sign for another film (in addition to ‘An Education’), now that he is back from his break.

    I guess all of you haters are happy to have another post to bash on. Did that last one ever make it to 1000?

    Hateful, sad, sad, people.

  • rhoda

    And this proves she is with orlando- how exactly??

  • Huh?

    How can you girls claim that she is 5’7″?
    If she was that short, she would never have been able to do runway. And she has done a TON of runway.
    The only way a 5’7″ model could do runway, would for her to be such a big name, they could ignore the height problem. So what’s it going to be? Are you going to admit that she is indeed, 5’9″, or are you now claiming that she is a big name in the industry? Hmmmm?
    Can’t have it both way, haters.

  • ed

    #37, er… we aint all girls here u kno!

    u dont sound hateful in the slightest honey *rolls eyes*

  • @38

    It doesn’t.
    Neither does all of your hatred prove that she ISN’T with Orlando.

  • eric

    Orlando has done some interesting works and been a kind humanitarian. Who knows if they are together…who cares? she is nothing special and not pretty inside or out. exact opposite of beauty and not unique. trashy very trashy mir. girl

  • ed

    maybe thats the reason we never see her outta 4 inch heels!

  • @ 37

    Sorry! But the paper that said it was her pet rag the DT. She talks to them all the time.
    There was even a small interview about her and some other chic that she was spending time with there. IF they are in her favor why would they make that up out of the blue?

    Even the people that came to her defense said the shoot was in LA on Monday.

    What makes you think she was in NY on Sunday?

  • @ 37

    also IF she was in NY doing a shoot she could have EASILY had the dt fit that into one of their daily spots on her. That would have cleared up alot.
    Even the LA times who claimed they spoke with her said it was because she had to get up early for the shoot. Not that she was in NY for it. It was the LA times-not NYPost.

  • @ 39

    Its easy. Look at the pics of her with no shoes. You can tell her legs are not that long. She looks like Kate Moss height.

  • Sellout

    It’s not hard to figure that she’s been in LA with Orlando. She lives in NY why is she in LA? She didn’t go to any of the Oscar parties because this is the foolish way he calls himself keeping his privacy. He lets the girl do all the exploiting while he plays Mr. Privacy. She’s probably headed to Miami there’s some D list party she’s hosting there according to this blog

    She appears to love the paparazzi and attention she’s getting off his name which is a huge turnoff but the company you keep speaks a lot about you and it turns me off more regarding Orlando. I think he’s nothing but smoke and mirrors. He seems like this superficial LA guy. A Hollywood sellout with all his cheesy Japanese commercials.

  • rhoda

    she is so a booty call- god obvious!
    hate? nah. thats way too strong.

  • DT?

    Soooo you’re claiming that she gave her her “pet” rag false information about Orlando being in Asia? How does that even make sense to you?

    And to #46. I’ll bet Miranda’s people will be thrilled at the comparison to Kate Moss. I guess that she IS a big enough name to get away with only being 5’7″ on the catwalk.

  • rhoda

    is orlando in la?